Protecting The H2 Paintwork | DIY Stone Chip Film

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welcome along guys back to the garage the new bike it's time for to go under the knife already as you know just exhale build it's more that's done now we've got the carbon wheels on it we've got the full Brock's titanium system on it we've got the cruise control that from the cruise control from MC cruise we fitted to it louis moto louie moto seek cover lots of stuff on that bike if you interested in GSXR i'll put a link to the build series of the GS x out at the top but we there's a new girl in town a new girl who needs some lovin and this bike is not leaving the garage until it's got some paint protection on it so let's go [Applause] so in this episode a couple of things I'm going to fit to the bike first of all as I mentioned I've got some R and G second skin paint protection film this is basically a pre-cut kit for the h2 obviously do other bikes as well this is the h2 kit so sponge vinyl basically pre-cut for the bike for you to fit yourself because it can be very pricey if you go to a professional to get this installed so this is our Angie's DIY kit so I'm going to give it a go and I am rubbish at stickers and vinyl wrap so if I can do this anybody can so the second skin kit this is it basically let's have a look inside so you've got instructions of what to do it you know just to have to prep everything really you've got the actual film and stuff itself you've got a little squeegee bottle with also a some fairly liquid or soapy fluid which you add water to this to spray on to the great thing you need and a squeegee for working out the water in the bubbles and somehow could whole whites because everything has to be clean obviously before you start or you're gonna trap muck underneath basically and all that so and of course some that compulsory stickers so here's the bike looking at a beautiful so I guess first of all is to give the bike a little wash down just to clean it out I think there's twenty or thirty I think it's about thirty different pieces or film to go on you know a little bit of film here set up a bit of film here because obviously it's in quite small pieces and strips because you can't bend over creases and stuff so yeah so you got all little bits to actually fit individual areas of the bike set up it I think I start on the mudguard it seems sensible to start on the mudguard on an area which isn't quite as obvious so I'm going to start on that in case I do this up if you look at the instructions it there's the map of the actual where what's what and then where it goes on the bike so I'm going to cut it off on the sheet identify what's what and where it goes and then go from there find the mudguard pieces which I think us at eight seven eight around that area and then identify them and then fit those first those two fits at the front edges of the mudguard yes so what I've also done I've got just a bucket or a jug of warm water and a brand new sponge just to wash things down before I start I've also bought myself my own spray of alcohol rubbing alcohol so you get a little bit with the kit I'm not sure it's gonna be enough to the whole bike and I probably ought to bear do the whole bike in one sitting so that White's gonna dry out once I start so I've bought one of these for me back costing cost eleven quid worth having just in case I need any more I don't know how the cameras gonna get on with this bike because it's so shiny hello it's a bit of a nightmare but that's the first piece so you can just about maybe make out a bit of protected film on them on the backing piece so this bit goes up around the mudguard here up inside the my god bear I think it could be this side yeah that's it that goes up like that there's a little piece goes in there so I'm gonna start with that there's also a bigger piece which goes around this section but I think I'll start with that little bit in there start easy work their way up slap it I hope he wiped it down with my own spray so I'm gonna just add a bit of water just to wipe off because obviously the alcohol will get rid of any wax any protective oily coatings but with the microfiber cloth I used I left a bit of hairs and a few little hairs which you don't want to get under the film so just a bit of water will wash off any of those hairs which I put down with my microfiber must be a shitty microfiber because it shouldn't have any hairs on it now using the spray with the bit of solution which they've provided I'm going to spray that down spray you've peel this off the backing film sprayed front and back and position it over there and then using the squeegee work out any bubbles out of it as it's quite small hoping it's gonna be not too quite easy this little bit I'm hope because I'm rubbish at this so let's say it could be a complete disaster this says keep your fingers wet nice so there's your tools of the trade so just to recap what I've learned after doing the mudguard first of all clean things down with the alcohol either the white provided which I don't think could be enough to do the whole bike in all honesty so get yourself some some more alcohol 11-pound from ebay your liquid which comes with the kit so just you just fill with water a sponge and water just to wet stuff down once once you've cleaned it with the alcohol wet it down in cases any bit of dust or fluff come off your microfiber so that's the way to do it that's rested once you've got it on bit of hair dryer just to set the adhesive on the year on the film so it says either hair dryer or heat gun or C but not too hot just give it a gentle bit of heat just to set the glue because I've got a little bit here so it's trying to just rise a little bit it's not setting me down hoping a bit of heat will get it to sit probably back to the Old Faithful mud guard done very happy with how it's gone even a complete stick a new idiot like me has managed a pretty pocket job have a closer look oh is fitted you can just about see oh it is is it very hard to get this to focus with this mirror finish pipe you can just see very lip of it they're tiny lip of it here you can just see the slight lip of it around there and it's got lovely little cutouts around the bolt holes cos like cutting out around there I'm very impressed with actually you can see it down here and down this edge here that along the bottom and it's even got a piece which sits right in the bottom here but I'm really happy with the job it's done it's not too bad take your time keep your fingers wet and then you don't get anything I did find out a few on one little bit the other side here tiny little fingerprints with my fingers weren't wet enough when I peeled it off so keep your fingers wear plenty of water take your time and you can do it now I'm gonna do the front end I'm gonna do the front end once in the lips as the pace of distances but getting it round bends and stuff is a bit tricky and into these it's got a heavy crease along there well that's the whole front end the little scoops done all this area done it must be about how many pieces there are eight or nine pieces on here and it just you can barely see it and it's had gone on really well I'm I'm so happy and I really don't know why I haven't done this one of my bikes before obviously we do it when the bikes new before it gets down gypped that's the best time to do it but I guess you can do it at any time but would be interesting to see how this holds up over time but in this split here I mean that I've had a tight I've had a tiny little bit of my little tiny little mark there where something's just damaged to film slightly as I've been doing it really hard to see but even that looks a damn sight better than a stone chip you know what I mean so yeah I'm really happy well sit guys all done all fitted there's also some pieces which go on the back of the bike but I am showing all that you know it's the same process there's nothing on the tank unfortunately I could do it's a tank protection but there's bits that go on the back to protect the back end when you get on and off the bike and you scuff the tail and stuff like that so it's a really comprehensive kit allow yourself four or five hours for installation it takes quite a while to get it installed because you have to take your time you cannot rush it go to our DS website upper link below you can see the range of bikes they cover with this kit but it's impressive very happy to have on my bike to know that I've got protection so when you hear those stones hitting the front of your bike you're thinking oh my film do your job but that's it guys hope you enjoyed that I will fit the tale tidy and some other bits and bobs to go on the bike there'll be another episode now this one's ran on long enough so I'll quit my rambling leave me a like if you're not already subscribed subscribe to the channel I'm going to be doing lots of stuff with the H to the H to the H I hate the h2 it's pronounced H not this is power level 1 which is full power jet can hide this thing is absolutely bonkers


27 Replies to “Protecting The H2 Paintwork | DIY Stone Chip Film”

  1. Chukky aka Ian says:

    More patience than me😩👍

  2. Hippo-Drones says:

    Nice job LCR, you have way more attention to detail and patience than I do, looks mint!

  3. Mp Mp says:

    Admire your perseverance and the like chops. For me lifes to short for this fucking about. Still I appreciate your efforts 😎

  4. Lyn Smith says:

    Good video Lamb Chop don't think I would have the patience to do that

  5. SkuStyle says:

    Chop's you should of said at the end of the video, '' that's a wrap! '' Cheese can please lol.

  6. Ian Reeves says:

    I am sure it doesn’t but the sun always seems to be shining Henry’s world.
    Really enjoyed these two editions. Well done TMF. I am thinking of starting a channel soon. May be I will be approaching you for such an interview in the future.

  7. Martin Smith says:

    Your a friggin hero buddy

  8. Dock Station says:

    🤔…Heych-2… 🤷‍♂️
    Chops is now the next Ghost Rider! 💀

  9. WeeemRCB says:

    My Acra fitting is tight to the point where it makes contact with the swingarm when the suspension isn't loaded.
    I got a sheet of VentureShield or VentureGuard (whatever it's called) and cut a small section to put on the swingarm to protect the carbon on the Acra.
    It's been brilliant and in the last 6 years I only had to replace it once when some grit got under it and the Acra started to lift it off.
    Great stuff

  10. Alpine Larfs says:

    Not worth it at all – the bike will be sold in less than 24 months. Life's too short – ride it instead.

  11. Graham Leigh says:

    Impressive chops… I’m sold 👏👏

  12. Husky 701 says:

    You'll sell it in less than one year, not worth the faff and the grubby edges. But you do love an accessory so crack on…..

  13. Mark Gunn says:

    How does this affect the finish? Can you barely tell that it's on? I like the idea of this, but I wouldn't be seen dead with a screen protector on my mobile phone, so if it's anything like that then I think I'll give it a miss!

  14. Paul Bernard says:

    I bought a version of this before I picked up my Gixxer 1000R. Got it home and was the first thing I did. Spent 2 hours and it came out better than I’d expected. Like you, I did the dry finger print on the edge of one piece. Hardly noticeable and you wouldn’t find it if I drew you a map……. but I know it’s there and it fucks me off. 😂
    Other than that, excellent stuff.

  15. Gary O'Brien says:

    Lol @ ‘haitch’

  16. shaun says:

    Do not try this at home fuck sake

  17. Ian says:

    Nice job chops

  18. danny curtis says:

    Chops you are brave. I paid my local bike shop to do mine thay said after i picked up bike " don't ask us to do that again it was a nightmare to do " that was on gsxr 1000 thanks Danny 😀

  19. Apex says:

    I can't put a screen protector on without having a fit over seeing bubbles. How the hell you done this I don't know. I take my hat off to you.

  20. 2Wheel4Fun says:

    Whew…seems like a lot of work, but I'm sure it's well worth it…Good Luck with the project.

  21. CosmicMidget says:

    I love my bikes but i just can't imagine myself doing this. It takes SO MUCH time and patience to put those small pieces all over the bike.
    Like H2R but i'm not going to buy one just because i don't want to be so obsessed with scratches on the paint.

  22. What Would Grant Do says:

    looks well,
    Just don't drop it again please

  23. Dale Hawkes says:

    You made that look reasonably easy Chops I’m going to give it a go bet I screw it up though did you get any quotes to have it done for you ??👍👍👍👍

  24. Windy Run says:

    Great job Chops! Nice of R&G to include all the equipment needed — did they also provide the Abba Skylift ? Looks like a key piece of equipment 🙂

  25. Kenneth Engström says:

    Nice job😅👍I have it on my beemer. Very good product, recommended👍

  26. Gren Phelps says:

    Chuck that sponge in the bin….and get yourself a Microfibre wash mitt, if your gonna do it, do it right….

  27. Halfdead Rider says:

    4:27 😂😂 Was not expecting that, back to the video 😎

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