Protection From Situations: 16a: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

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How do we look at situations in the world of people’s behavior as detached observers? If I try to be detached, I tend to have a careless attitude. I say, “Let it be, just leave it, I have nothing to do with it.” Watching it as a detached observer means The quality or energy of the situation That should not become my energy. Suppose it is a simple thing like I see two people fighting. Sorry, I meant that when somebody said something to me or is making a mistake Let us go to one stage before this. Somebody saying something to me is still a little difficult. We will take that in the second stage. Suppose we just see two people fighting. Or like how people say – somebody is harming somebody else. And simply watching it itself makes us uncomfortable. Somebody is harming somebody else. So the energy of those two people which is there in that scene or situation Is negative. But that situation’s energy soon becomes my energy. It becomes my thinking. It means I was not detached from that situation. I got influenced by the situation. That situation was actually not even connected to me. It was just outside. Some people say, “When I see so much suffering in the world I become very sad.” Right now there is no problem in my life. There is only pain in the world outside. We tend to say that is compassion. It is not compassion. What happened here is, yes there is pain. But if we also create more pain We are adding pain to pain. If it was compassion that there is pain, then do what you can do, to heal the pain. If we create pain and they are already in pain, both of us are ill. So who will help whom? Pain in the world is a situation. Why the vibration spreads is because all of us create the same vibration. Which is the vibration of the situation. Yes we are seeing a lot of pain in the world. We can see poverty and diseases. Exploitation is also visible. Even as I see all that, the situation’s energy should not become my energy. This is detachment. Where there is detachment, there will be compassion. Indifference or detachment? When it is Indifference and the situation affects me. But I am not powerful, so I just move away from you. I am separate. I have nothing to do with it. Let’s take it as a simple example. Suppose you get injured physically while you are here. One is – seeing you in pain, I become sad. So this is the effect of situation on me. Second is – about Indifference. You are injured. Yes you are injured. What can I do? I have nothing to do with it. Indifference But compassionate or detachment means “You are injured. What can I do for you?” But if you are injured and I outwardly ask you what I can do to help, but create pain within. So I also create pain and you were already in pain. What we do physically is the same. We will still heal the wound and administer medicines. But remaining in pain while healing means we also create a vibration of pain. Detachment means vibrations of the situation Do not become my vibration. I choose my vibration. “There is pain here but I am remaining strong.” “There are hatred and anger here but I am remaining peaceful.” By remaining detached, my state of mind will influence the situation. When somebody who is with us is in a bad mood, if our mood is good, we will gradually change his mood also. My state of mind influences the situation. But if we get stuck in the situation Our mood also goes bad along with theirs. The situation influences our state of mind. This is detachment. To practice this the whole day, we need to make ourselves stronger. Like how we saw last time You mentioned that we need to add these things to our lifestyle Information early morning and late night What we read or listen is important. At the Brahma Kumaris, this is a lifestyle change that we have brought in, and have practically benefited from it That every morning between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m, depending on every city and centre All the brothers and sisters gather at the meditation centre. A spiritual session is held for 45 minutes There will be a lesson and meditation. Once this is completed by around 7:30 A.M or 8 A.M. After that you leave for the day from there – for your business, job, family and everything else. But the foundation in the morning Is set by that layer of information. Earlier we used to read the newspaper at that time. And now we are taking in information of the absolute opposite quality. Knowledge imparted by God, spiritual knowledge. If we fill ourselves with it the first thing in the morning. Information has changed, so thoughts will also change. When our thoughts change, gradually our personality will also change. Because we changed the quality of the raw material. If all of us today, having heard this since so many days Create a thought, ” I also want to bring about a change.” Let us do this one thing. We will not start our morning with news but will replace it with something else. We will not take a wrong diet, but will eat what is right. Is it not? Choose whatever you like. A good book or a good article. A good cassette or anything. We have to choose. Even a Satsang or a Discourse morning. Even newspapers have columns on spirituality. But do we read it? Our focus is mostly on the first page and second page. Let us read that in the morning. Let us do this for a month. See the difference. See how the thoughts will be a part of you throughout the day. There is a simple checking. Suppose a child does not come home in the evening on time, from school or college. If his phone is also not reachable And we tried looking for him everywhere for one or two hours. We asked everyone around but nobody knows. What kind of thoughts do we start creating? What will we think? No idea what has happened. Hope he has not met with an accident, hope he is not in trouble. Why did this thought come? Because the whole day we hear about such information – of accidents Or bomb explosions or terrorist attacks Children are getting kidnapped. This kind of information. So when there is a situation That stored information gets triggered And that thought comes. Suppose we had been taking in very powerful information for a month in stead of this. “Nothing can go wrong with me. Everything is accurate, and beneficial.” “God is with me. All the good karma that I have done will give me only good results. So everything is accurate.” Now we can see what happens if there is a situation (child has not reached home). That negative thought won’t even come. Not that it comes and we need to change. That thought does not even get created because that information is not there. You will only get a thought to tell your family, “Don’t worry. Everything is fine.” “He will come back soon, let us wait.” The waiting period itself is critical. Waiting period in such situations is very critical. When information changes, our thoughts change. This is the most powerful factor. If we want to change our thoughts. The second factor affecting our thoughts is past experiences. Like how we say first impression is the last impression. Not true. Yes it is not true. If we want to make it like that. If somebody met me 20 years back and meets me today. So it is not possible that way. But when we see somebody, we will remember for example, that it is the same person who had fought with me. Or he is the same guy who was very egoistic. But the reality is that each one of us is changing. Everyone is changing. But until I change myself, I cannot feel the changes in anybody else. That they are changing. There is a beautiful message being taught to us. To practice with attention that Do not hold on to the past on the soul. Past is passed. Full stop. Finished. Make this a practice. That if we have held on to some issue about somebody Make it a practice that the next time when we meet him Let us meet with a clean slate. Let us take a new impression. We do not know whether the second impression which we get now Whether we will like it or not, we don’t know. Right now we do not know how our second meeting is going to be. But make it a practice that our second meeting If our first meeting was not pleasant Let us not start the second meeting with the impression of the first meeting. Suppose I go to somebody’s house and see that their dog attacks or barks at visitors So when I visit them the next time, I will still be scared of the dog, is it not? Likewise when I see a snake or touched an electrical point and felt a shock. Then every time I cannot change my impression, is it not? The thing is, a human soul Is constantly changing. Like how you share your experience Electricity is matter (inanimate). So whenever you touch it You will experience a shock which is okay. Of course, it is also possible that the faulty point is repaired. But human soul or human being Is changing every moment because of information, because of experiences or because of a desire to change. The change could be this way or that way, we don’t know. Because suppose we do not work on ourselves We don’t know. But that is not the point. The illness may increase if not treated. We do not know. Important is When we meet today, or when we meet again next month or next year By then there will be many changes within us. Because we are a bundle of thoughts. But Sister, I disagree a little bit here. If I talk about myself, when my brother expired I saw him breathe his last, when he was lying in my arms. So as a person who I was in the 1980s A totally different man. I used to speak very lovingly to people I was very philosophical. Did not pay attention to wealth. My attitude was very different. But very gradually over a period of time After about 1.5 to 2 years I changed back to who I was previously, to the person I was before the accident. Right Used to create even more of the same anger, same nature and the same irritation. So the change in me was temporary. But you had changed is it not? That was because of a tragedy. Never mind. It was just for a few days. Important is not that. Important is for me when I am meeting you. Yes, even if a person changes In my case I hardly changed, it was very little. It was only for 2 days. For example, if a person is hospitalized and he has a near-death experience there. He changes for a while as soon as he gets discharged. But soon after, he will be back to who used to be earlier. That we experience even if we attend a funeral. Yes, I am saying the same thing. There is a little change. Okay, suppose I met you before 1985. You were a different person then. And then there was this tragic incident in your life. It shook you quite a bit. You changed. Next if I met you 2 years from then You said by then you were back to who you earlier were. We are not talking about the direction of the change. We are not here to analyse people. Important is that people are changing. So when we meet them Let us meet them clean. So that we are able to see them as they are. When you have put such a lot of effort to change yourself Over the last 2 to 3 years you have worked hard to change your sanskars, especially on your anger. But I do know how you used to be earlier to that. If I see you today with that perspective Then I cannot see the new changes in you.


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