31 Replies to “Public Photography PINAC, Security owned while filming in public.”

  1. Marti Blagborough says:

    *CONFIRMED* Jamie Woodward has been sacked less than 24 hours after this video. See my community post for his words.

    Update video will come tomorrow to show you the chat history between me and him.

  2. Michael Stevens says:

    We're you the guys that performed oral acts at previous temp jobs – you made a video that might have implied was the case.

  3. em cee says:

    To be fair the guy is doing a shite job. Probably all he can get. It is a shame that his bosses sacked him. I feel sorry for him and his family. I ain't saying he is right but…

  4. gamernetwork D says:

    Then Martin begs us pay his fines

  5. em cee says:

    Wow Marty, you have such an eventful life. Crazy things (courts,confrontation) at every turn.Still ýou inevitably land on your feet.
    Good luck to ya.

  6. Templar Knight says:

    Maybe he can join you at golf now he has no job and no extra money coming in. Or maybe he can rent a cheap room from you when he gets evicted because you helped get him sacked. Going after " Filth" I fully support you as they deserve it , but going after inexperienced young guys with no clue what they are doing is not the way mate.

  7. big brock says:

    that stupid cunt looks like shreks throw back fucking daft cunt should have went to school

  8. Blue Nose says:

    I've come across many nuggets like him from working the doors, can't hold his emotions and loves beating drunks up where their is 5 of them on the doors and 1 drunk that's the kind of man he is mate, he'll shit it 1 on 1 away from the cameras mark my words!

  9. lee smith says:

    In this day and age, with every phone having a camera, it boils my blood that security companies are not training their guards better, I can not understand how or why they allow guards so poorly trained to work in a place where they will have to interact with the public.

    You have no expectation of privacy in public, the eyes can not trespass, private security have no authority over members of the public outside of the property they are hired to protect.

  10. Paul Lowe says:

    Sure I saw them in a comedy series Paddy and *** by Peter Kay

  11. Blondie says:

    Should of sacked baldy as well.

  12. Say What says:

    It's a shame Jeremy Kyle has been cancelled, I reckon you had a bright future in TV if he wasn't.

  13. Paul Lowe says:


  14. Kevin Chamberlain says:

    When you have no skills, don't qualify for benefits and have a bad attitude, then you will become a security officer.

  15. lisa clarke says:

    You also asked them not to swear at you but you're using foul language also.. 🤔

  16. lisa clarke says:

    Why waste your time filming.. this is absolutely pointless. Few guys thinking they know the law picking on security. You went out looking for trouble by filming this.

  17. John Oleary says:

    Type 2 diabetes & the swearer.

  18. EAST-END JUSTICE says:

    It "literally couldnt give a shit"??? Wht does it being constipated have to do with the question, and if it has this serious of a problem where it literally cannot shit, why is it even bothering with you guys? Is it hinting around asking you guys to serve it an enema?!?!? I think it "literally" doesn't know the meaning of the word "literally".

  19. Vanman1965 says:

    Fat bold bastard and silly the kid, what a fucking pair of clowns.

  20. EZKILL P says:

    Yo Marti, my main man. Security Jay here again.
    Where do firms find these people.
    Regardless of how well dressed the bigger fella is, standing outside chewing gum with his gob wide open is not exactly promoting a positive company image.
    Glad the other one got sacked, hopefully it wasnt for something else, more serious.
    What a pair of wallies.

  21. paul raycraft says:

    Ignorant self entitled arseoles…put them in a cotume eh…!!!!!!!!

  22. Brian Fisher says:

    Fat, foolish, hairless, gum chewing plonker assisted by a moronic primary school drop out

  23. Bob Wehadababyitsaboy says:

    I think you've hit on a very important aspect of human nature in this video. In a lot of situations, we have an overt and a covert reason for doing something. The overt reason is often a fake reason disguised as the real reason. Here the security guard is "enforcing" a rule or law; that's the overt reason. However, when you educate him on the truth, the covert reason is exposed. There is no rule or law that applies to this situation and yet he still insists on being argumentative; why? It's because the reason he's doing this is to be above someone. In his world, rules and laws are just pretenses, excuses, for one person to be better than another. He believes in the feudal system where a person has authority over another, not by virtue of skill or knowledge, but by title.

    People have an innate need to venerate others. It's an old system and it's a bad system but somehow, somewhere, it was a survival technique and that's why we continue to use it. In the vast majority of confrontations like this, the overt argument pertains to rules and laws but in reality, it's nothing more than establishing dominance. By filming the security guard, you were challenging his dominance and he reacted like an animal.

  24. jace ace says:

    Dozens of people were killed by a white terrorist in Christchurch new zealand

  25. Tommy M says:

    More of a retarded fool than a delinquent.

  26. Paul Ammon says:

    Knowledge is power.
    Yeah ask them what they're are doing as that is fair enough.
    I know you need to ask permission to use company logo's in art work and displaying it the same way that is all.
    So if students were doing that i always said have a look online for the head office and ask to use it, as at least that way you can't be done for any copyright infrigement.
    A simple warning for that and i would leave them to it, and that was like 10 year ago so yeah lol.

  27. king77703 says:

    Paddy and Max.

  28. David Woodings. says:

    Come on Marti, there is a fine line between a proper audit and baiting , I think you crossed it on this one.

  29. Thomas TheWankEngine1 says:

    "*CONFIRMED* Jamie Woodward has been sacked less than 24 hours after this video. See my community post for his words." He should have chosen his words more carefully then.

  30. Thomas TheWankEngine1 says:

    Simple Marti, they both wanted to be rozzers but they were both stupid and one was an really overweight fat useless pig and Jamie couldn't tuck himself in. Please share this comment with them next time you see them and make sure you film it and post it up.

  31. Andy Greggs says:

    fucking luarel and hardy

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