Pump protection panels without level sensors for submersible pumps FANOX

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demo equipment PS11-R
Pump protection system The Fanox demo equipment for pump protection is composed of the pump protection panel CBM pump and network analyzer the panel internally provides a starting capacitor automatic switch contactor protection relay PSR 11-R and a start/stop switch the relay PSR 11-R comprises of a relay’s state signaling led and two signaling leds of tripping cause It also provides input of the pump supplying cable and output of the pump supplying cable supplying terminals of the relay in itself and tripping contact For the settings it contains three potentiometers, where we will set The nominal current of the pump The tripping value because of undercurrent and the reset time after the undercurrent trip One of the most critical situations for the performance of the pumps takes place when they work with no load we’ll simulate the response of a pump working without load in order to do that, we will start the pump and we’ll see how the water’s level decreases gradually until the pump reaches the point in which it starts to work with no load we will also see how the pumps consumption cuts down the consumption from 6,5 Amperes to 4,2 Amperes When the relay detects this situation It trips so as to protect the pump with the pump stopped the relay will wait the adjusted time to permit the well’s refilling once the relay will have reached it’s adequate level of water and having passed the adjusted time the relay will permit restart again the pump in the case that the well does not have enough water the pump will be stopped again after having expired the adjusted time and being the well full the relay permits re-start the pump again protect the pumps against the no load working without the necessity of using level sensors.


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    The artificial voice ruined the video. It's unbearable to listen, it would be thousands times better to listen someone who isn't native English speaker than this.

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    Munna mistiri

  3. Arslan Ahmad says:

    I was looking for this thank you

  4. Arslan Ahmad says:

    May we use this relay till 100 amps….

  5. Arslan Ahmad says:

    I m not getting the point on which this relay is working without current transformer

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    please can i find how to connect the realy???

  9. Ashish Maurya says:

    Timing reader stater please advice me some feather

  10. Grin Dein says:

    ребята вышлите мне такую рэлюшку бесплатно ,а я вас буду рекламирэвать и хвалить вашы ролики для вас одна рэлюшка ничего не значит ,а для меня вещь очень нужная.

  11. Unique Wisdom says:

    Great job guys

  12. Ayman Biomy says:

    Is this undercurrent protection is sufficient to protect the pump ? what about dipped water electrode(dry run sensor) or float switch which used for dry run protection, is it suitable for well pumps? how it could be installed within the well ? what is the best protection you prefer for well pumps against dry run ?

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