Question 7 – Jenny Marcroft to the Minister of Defence

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question number 17 mr croft Thank You mr. speaker my question is to the Minister of Defense and asks what recent reports has he received of the New Zealand Defence Force delivering value to the community nation or world the Honourable Ranma Speaker in the government’s new strategic defense policy statement 2018 the Defence Force delivers value to the community the nation and the world recently I received a report from the Defense Force delivering value to the community by providing nurses to support the Ministry of Health and district health boards in particular Radio New Zealand national carried a report this morning where the nurses organizations industrial services managers said the New Zealand Defence Force nurses helped keep people safe and the deployment didn’t undermine what the nurses were trying to achieve I commend the New Zealand Defence Force for being ready and able to provide support despite the National Party’s rather cynical posturing supplementary as the minister aware of any recent efforts by the Navy that delivered value to the community nation or world yes HMNZS Matata was also you was used recently and to assist zeelandia century and mapping a lake floor in Wellington this will play an important conservation role for the lake by helping eradicate the introduced carp and sadly HMNZS mata TOA was called upon recently to assist police recover the body of matthew wallace from lake wanaka the team helped locate and lift the wreckage which enabled police to return Matthew to his family our condolences and deepest sympathies go out to them during this very difficult time rameen tree is the minister aware of any other work work where the New Zealand Defence Force has delivered value to the community nation or world yes last month I told the house about successful work HMNZS Topol is doing on the world stage with operation Wassa Wassa and fiji i can advise mr. speaker that they have helped Fijian authorities to retrieve over 12 kilos of cocaine from a remote island only accessible by ship through the combined patrols which began in early June the New Zealand Defence Force has been helping fiji authorities and force regulations for influential fishery a-fishing protect the fishery resources and police that south pacific country’s borders i congratulate and the whole of the government congratulate s’ the New Zealand Defence Force the group for the great work they are doing every day in support of our communities our nation and the world question number 8 Thank You mr. speaker to the Minister of Defence before he approved the deployment of nurses into district health boards to assist with the June 12 nurses strike did he satisfy himself that the parties to that dispute had fulfilled their obligations under clauses 11 12 and 13 of shit’ll 1b of the Employment Relations Act unless unless the member tells me that that is a requirement of the defeat sent I’m going to rule a question out the speaker it it would normally be a requirement under section 9 of the defence Act to make sure all laws are complied with before a defense force personnel was deployed in New Zealand in peacetime I’m just asking the minister with he was satisfied that all of those boxes had been ticked yes and I think I think that goes further than the section 9 requirements it’s not it is not the responsibility of the Minister of Defence to one seat once he’s received a request to go down below the surface into the negotiations and make legal judgments in that area as it is an area that speak well some of us have looked at in the past one of all they put a port of order the Honorable Jerry Brown but as you know mr. speaker the defeats Act has been changed what was the code I mean did update it and it is a responsibility for the defeats forced to provide proper health and safety conditions for New Zealand troops on shore and there was you will remember a number of your colleagues at the time being quite concerned that those provisions might extend to deployments as well but it is abundantly clear that the minister ultimately making a request would have an obligation to ensure that people were being treated properly with inside the provisions to help the Safety Act in anything there’ll be no that’s easily resolved of a year other sections that mr. woodhouse quoted anything to do with the Health and Safety Act in respect of the code of good faith in bargaining but I would in support of the shadow leader there are general obligations I think on the minister of defense to ensure that the deployments are consistent with other laws I I don’t see how the question can be ruled out if he doesn’t know the answer or didn’t get it that advice that would be a perfectly appropriate answer but I don’t see how the questions out of order well well I’m rolling it out of order because I’m saying that those provisions of the Employment Act and not the responsibility he has a he has an obligation my understanding Brazil as I say I have had some familiarity to get to get an undertaking there that’s that the appropriate procedures have been put in place as far as employment relations are concerned but not to dig down into the detail of the negotiations which those Clause those sections relate to any through the subcommittee Cristina bright the Honorable dr. next month the speaker my question is to the Minister of Justice

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