Question: How Do I Create a Successful Cyber Security Business?

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so this question comes from Cheryl II my name is Cheryl II and I'm a long-term unemployed corporate IT individual unfortunately I do not have any IT certifications nor an undergraduate degree cybersecurity is the area of expertise I ultimately want to be involved in I've done so much research into vocational schools college degrees etc I'm going until I'm beyond insane your videos are very easy to follow therefore I would appreciate if you could give me some guidance as to how I can take my knowledge and experience turn it into a successful and profitable consulting business and ultimately become a cyber security expert hmm what is it with you guys in cybersecurity how about you give up the cyber security cyber security cyber security faculty illa I want to be a father security act fit um if you won't be happy give up the whole cyber security thing Oh golly I don't know it's funny why does everybody think cyber security is the way to go I mean it is if you're actually security expert with with a clearance or whatnot but but going in the door trying to be a cyber security expert yeah if you really want to be a cyber security act we're all you people out there that really want to be cyber security experts honestly honestly I have to say this from the bottom my heart probably your best bet is to go into the u.s. military well if you're in the u.s. um that would be the best bet um if I was really gonna do like really if I really want to do cyber security if I was all shy for security um I would go into the military now depending on what the current benefit packages are and all that would depend exactly what I would go for but I would go for a technical program that gives me the highest level clearance possible if you're gonna go into security world clearance clearance is is what's valuable like having a real secured real security clearance especially in the modern world that is a very valuable thing and it's one of those things that's exceedingly difficult to get unless you're already in the whole military you know government complex right you know if if you if you go in the military they basically hand out these security clearances if they're like bubblegum but if you're a civilian and you want to get a clearance it's a horrible tedious process so even if a company wants you you know Lockheed Martin or whoever wants you to actually go out and get a security clearance is a big pain in the butt but really the clearance is gonna be one of the things that that's gonna be very valuable for you to get things like like clients and and all that other kind of stuff I don't know why do you wanna be you don't want to be a security yeah-ah you're scared I think this is gonna like one of those videos or like half them to just stop this and then half tempted to just keep going cuz it really is like you don't want to be security expert you don't it's something flashy it's something that looks cool looks sexy but here's a problem with going out there and being a security expert especially if you want to be a security consultant is you know what the problem is nobody wants to pay for you nobody wants to pay for you they want to pay that much for you right if you go into the normal IT world man the c-level executives they don't want to even pay for new servers and routers and switches right they don't they don't even know why they have to hire another mcse they're pissed Wow why do we have to hire another one of these dumbass network engineers that don't bring anything to the bottom line and then the man it didn't the IT manager is like well because they keep your entire infrastructure up and running yeah but they don't bring us money well except for the fact that they keep infrastructure up and running which basically means the business keeps running so theoretically they break they help bring us in all the money oh right I mean companies don't what companies don't want to pay for their infrastructure and the security don't just just like my brain I'm just like right right you won't be successful you want to make a buck you want to get somewhere in the world don't worry about cybersecurity I really you know yeah I mean that's a thing like if you really want to be a cybersecurity do you really want to be a cybersecurity expert what I would argue is you probably go into weather reserves National Guard maybe Air National Guard Marine Reserve you want to be really cool we go to Marine Reserve Marine Reserve you go for technical mo whatever the hell they call every job specialties get the highest clearance possible since you're in the reserves you then come back out you go to college you get a computer science degree that's highly focused in security computer science not IT and then and then you have the base for by being a cyber security consultant then you go out there you probably work for companies for a couple of years to really get it under your belt and then you go from there that's what I would say best it's long hard and tedium at that's that's an 8-year process that has you joining a military organization right but that's it really honestly because I mean you have to understand there's so much involved in Cyprus there's there's a lot involved in cybersecurity that people don't think about is one company simply don't want to pay for you I know you hear all this horse crap out there like we need so many cyber security experts yeah we do need them unfortunately as a matter of businesses don't want to pay for Europe so one they don't want to pay for you too you have to know so many of these systems inside out and backwards so you need that real solid technical skill level and then three you also need all the legal information that goes along with it you know what if you go in there and you do penetration testing against the company you certify them and the next day a hacker takes out their entire infrastructure because you didn't analyze some little thing that you should have analyzed right there's just um I talking about mobile app development iOS development I'm telling you there's money there there's money in iOS development yeah I don't know yeah they're real you can that's a nice part thing about doing this question answer video you can actually see it on my face and so as I do this in one cut you can see all my little thing and I'm just like no I don't I don't know what it is with you guys in cybersecurity hey again if you were coming out of the Marines like I had that I had one guy ask and he would have been stationed over in the Middle East for like his entire tenure in the Marines he was a marine IT professional with security clearance and he asked me how to get cyber security and I answered it way back when and with him him I had advice for right because marine IT warzone security clearance mmm you ah go for app development seriously go for a people app cannot make make you money go out get a get an Android Android a book for dummies or an iOS book for dummies learn how to do that you can do that on your own you can make a crap ton of money doing app development and you'll be a happy person cyber cyber security is just upon the marketing is

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20 Replies to “Question: How Do I Create a Successful Cyber Security Business?”

  1. Rhambus says:

    I've always loved your advice, but your advice couldn't be more wrong in this video. Most companies do not have the skill set needed to provide exceptional cybersecurity service. So what do they do? They outsource it by hiring a security company, or sometimes just a single consultant who knows security really well. Some organizations do not have an active security staff either way. Eventually they bite the dust and become compromised. What do they do when that happens? That's right — they hire a consultant to come in and straighten their mess up, then they hire a security company to monitor and maintain their security.

    C-level execs are hardheaded. This I know from first hand, but even the most hardheaded of execs are going to find budget for security when their departmental file shares become encrypted and they are losing $20,000 a minute until resolved.

    The organization I work for was paying over $200K/year for security. That's right … two-hundred-thousand dollars a year. This company had us by the balls. The organization I worked for previously? They were paying 25K/year for infosec services, and literally all they did was send us reports (occasionally) and performed Cisco IOS firmware updates when we requested. That's an easy 25K/year, and that's just one client.

    You also do not need security clearance to work for yourself unless you plan on having clients like Lockeed Martin.. Company A who just got breached and needs to harden their infrastructure? They don't care if you have security clearance — they just want their security increased so they don't get compromised again.

    Cybersecurity is a VERY lucrative industry. Stick to giving advice on topics you know about (eg: PC repair) and leave Cybersecurity to the experts.

  2. Ghost Ghost says:

    Video too Negative!!!

  3. CommonCents2001 says:

    3 years later and I'm sure this mindset has changed. Or at least it should. As someone who's been in Cyber Security for almost 4 years, skip this video and go for it if you have a passion for it. It's worth it

  4. Musab Moh. Salih says:


  5. Omar Elebiary says:

    are you stupid? That's the worst video I've ever seen

  6. Zak Bcd says:

    Terrible and discouraging. I'm so thankful I didn't watch this video when I was thinking about quitting my job & making the jump.

  7. Sights and Sounds says:

    As someone with experience in this area, I disagree. While the military and the cleared world are a good way to work in cyber security/ information security, it is far from the only or best way. A clearance can help you get a job, however employers are still going to want to see relevant knowledge and experience. It can be easy to get that on the civilian side through certifications and CTFs and local infosec groups.

  8. Marcus Savina says:

    If you don't recommend security then what computer science consulting company would you recommend?

  9. Marvell says:

    Almost funny how wrong this video is 3yrs later. Don't be discouraged!

  10. Ronnie Watson says:

    You are a disgrace dude quit your day job.

  11. LyncSoft Services says:

    He asked about doing business you are talking crazy and craps

  12. 115breno says:

    Hello sir. Can i still make the money with android development? Where do i go to make the money? Upwork?

  13. Mansoor Syed says:

    Worst video I have ever watched …. feel bad for the guy who asked the question… this guy probably one of the guys who is always bringing everything else down…

  14. Elementsage says:

    He is right though, for anyone still watching this video. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines offer cyber programs. The Navy has a big extensive cyber programs such as Cryptologic Warfare, Cryptologic Technician and Cyber Warfare Engineer. The Army has a whole bunch of Cyber jobs and the Air force. The Marines have one in particular I believe. The military does provide a good foundation to not only enhance your own knowledge but give you certain experiences the civilian world can't give you. I can say that with confidence.

  15. Chad Whetman says:

    Almost 8minutes of explaining that you are ignorant on a topic.

  16. Lonnie Gardner says:

    This is going to be long, and opens up like some other commenters, but I DO hope the person that asked that question is following the comments here and reads this. I am an independent security researcher specializing in malware reverse engineering and vulnerability analysis mostly for the private sector. Why? Well, I hate to disagree with the channel host here but the jobs are not with the government except under certain situations. But for the most part, it's in the private sector. The private sector is where the valuable targets are and the government is in no position, nor should they be, to protect the private sector. The problem is that cybersecurity job openings extremely out number qualified people to fill them. Don't worry about Security+, GIAC, CISSP, CEH, etc certifications. Your biggest asset is going to be an excellent problem solver. Being able to properly frame a problem and steps to solve it. On the computer side of things, I would say learn C/C++ language, x86 Assembly, and run a few programs, such as Notepad, through a debugger. If you can't get through these 3 steps, or you get bored, and this gets too difficult, then you know right away that this field isn't for you.

  17. Danial Khan says:

    where is Cybersecurity squad at???

  18. Lady T says:

    U a fool😘 Haaaaa Now I want to be a cybersecurity expert. how about it? I got a MS in CSEC 😆

  19. Falcon X says:

    So will doing Real Estate, social marketing and stock trading get you money?

  20. Arturo Avila says:

    Give advice in areas that you're familiar with. You obviously have no clue about infosec.

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