Question: Is Tails a More Secure Way to Use TOR?

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  1. Cudder str8 legend says:

    i agree the government is allowing all the deaths of fent and allowing the sites to pop up like DREAM witch then allows you to find vendors that's sell fent on usa soil threw the usps. Trump has not banned any drugs and almost everyday there is a new analog. The government controls the black market for money in my opinion.

  2. Brian Rehi says:


  3. Adam D says:

    Just use a VPN with Tor. Then even if the nodes are comprised, they'll only be able to see the VPN's IP.

  4. falafel dürüm says:

    The first thing mentioned is done using cookies in the most simple case. Or with malware, that's true. But using Tails you don't ever disconnect from TOR..
    Nothing is secure, right, but even if you can't defend yourself from NSA you can at least make it very hard for non-NSA-grade companies that wanna track you

  5. eChild says:

    Dear FBI: I only wanted to see what the big hype was about on the dark web without catching a virus while being on the dark web. I’m not worried about the US government seeing what I do bc I’m not doing anything illegal. I didn’t want another person hacking my lab top.

  6. John papichulo says:

    Shower thought: what if NSA has created the tor to make it easier to catch all the criminals at one place.

  7. ExiledHunter93 says:

    Tails OS is good for encryption though as it encrypts the files and storage.

  8. Phoenix Ace says:

    TOR doesn’t work…I am being stalked by the state the scummy creeps and let me tell you they can view what you are viewing on TOR easily. I am using Mac btw.

  9. HACKKER says:

    Say please, I have already installed tails and I settes up a storage for it, I have 16 gb usb flashdrive and I want to install it alongside Tails, and what to do if I in future want to made from it a simple flashdrive again, like reset…

  10. SamsonTheManson says:

    1) TOR is not secure because most users don't update their servers.

    2) Servers are compromised most of the time

    3) If you are going to use TOR get a dedicated computer for using only TOR and nothing else.

  11. The Gaming Theorist says:

    You just lost a subscriber… sorry, but I just cant do this anymore.

  12. jerry mander says:

    Interesting discussion,,,, what do you think of Qubes ?

  13. haput macatiag says:

    so much misinformation in this video

  14. Mel Torres says:

    You know I own a cyber cafe in Mexico and even over there an ID is required to use my cyber cafe.

  15. fozzy forster says:

    Tor doesn't make sense?in all fairness your not making sense, its like you have some weird hang up with tor but not really giving a viable explanation as to why, the reasons you gave were far from adequate and im sure both the writers of tor and tails stringently checked everything before saying it was a safe and secure piece of kit

  16. akywon says:

    Even with a proxy sever your packets would go to your isp first and your IP would then be remapped to traffic packets(let's say your country censors a website). You could IP spoof, honestly unless you are a great mathematician the only thing you can do is create a long encryption and delay the time in days if not months for the intelligence community to solve. Let's not mistaken delay with invulnerability.

  17. Are you Real says:

    He’s just been honest he don’t want you to use it for you to do bad things .. but he sound like he don’t know about network but he knows a lot I have been watching him for long time … but for those who don’t know much about this will believe what he saying and that’s he’s point

  18. Tim Crouch says:

    VPN + TOR?

  19. fecklar jenkins says:

    So 2 questions 1. Would you think tor would be more secure than normal browser safari ie whatever for banking online purchases etc?
    2. If you add a vpn server on top of that does it add much protection or just make for more potential security leaks ?

  20. Buddy says:

    Off-topic : The question wasn't « Is Tails or TOR 100% secure? » it was « Is using Tails more secure that using the TOR browser bundle? ».

  21. Buddy says:

    @Geek Field Notes : if you don't belive in TOR/TAILS, it does not mean TOR/TAILS is uneffective.
    If the entry and final node are sniffed, you cannot decrypt data, so what is compromised ? It shows how much you don't know about your subject. On the other hand, I agree that no security is 100% reliable. This is a consensus on IT security.

  22. Pixel Martyr says:

    Privacy is not a crime. Being invisible to those who could do potential harm, be it individuals or governments is not a bad thing. I agree, there is truly no real privacy on the internet. If you use the internet at all, you leave a trail everywhere. It may not have your name on it, but it leads back to you eventually. That's exactly why Hillary Clinton can't be president. At the same time that's the beauty of the internet. Bleach bit in reality is a pathetic attempt to cover her tracks. Although my hat is off to her, George Bush Jr. couldn't even do email at all. What pathetic leadership the US has had in the 21rst century. The myth of anonymity can be a good thing. It exposes wrong doers.

  23. Doonsbury says:

    Nobody nodes the troubles I've seen!

  24. Craig Severance says:

    This guy wants us to believe he is the authority on all things Tor. How about using a private Dns or other non local DNS that your ISP does not have access to to stop the "leak" this guy is a blow hard.

  25. Shaun4BigBlocks says:

    How about double VPNing, running Linux in Virtual Box, then running tails in a secondary Virtual Box… but I agree the E-biometrics combined with hardware and data ID's will get you everytime… so wisely obtain AND use hardware/software along with using an on screen keyboard…

  26. Hackerjutsu says:

    3:25 TOR does not leak DNS. Tor transports the hostname (inside the Tor protocol) to the exit relay, which resolves it for you. The exit node "handles" everything, including DNS, for the nodes behind it, because of the nature of being a proxy server. It then transmits the DNS information backwards through a Tor circuit. Theoretically you would only need to "resolve" the address of the first node of the circuit. But you don't have to do that, because Tor already has that information in its configuration files. Also typical DNS requests use UDP but TOR only only supports TCP thats why the hostnames are packaged within the TOR protocol and resolved at the exit node.

  27. SXXXLT says:

    use library computer

  28. Unknown user says:

    4:17 sleep time

  29. Piyush Pandey says:

    Send letters the best encryption 🤣🤣

  30. Rashid Safi says:

    9 Years of practical experience in Tor and all related shits. It's my first time hearing so much bullshit from this idiot. Why don't FBI and NSA just go and catch those Baddass Badboys. Most of big Cyber Criminals are caught up of very tiny mistakes. EX: Ross Ulbricht posted his private email address and if he didnt do that I swear FBI, NSA would have wet asses sweating and searching for him and they could only kiss his ass. FBI and NSA are nothing special when it comes to TOR. They are just waiting for your tiny mistake than give a bunch in your ass.

  31. Dimmak says:

    I notice all the books in the background are books for dummies. Hmm… this guy knows what he is talking about.

  32. silinmiş üye says:

    what if we forward all the traffic on windows to tor and on virtualbox connect to tor once again?

  33. Danny C says:

    So what f they can track the nodes. Still have to get through encryption.

  34. Michael J. Caboose says:

    use a vpn and tor but its still unsafe

  35. fug off says:

    So there's a CCTV camera pointing into two crowds. One crowd's full of people wearing masks, one isn't. The CCTV operator can tell someone to go into the crowd, but which crowd would you rather be in, the one with or without masks? You'd have to be VERY important for them to invest all the effort required to find a masked man in a crowd of masked men….

  36. Artur Głogowski says:

    It's my first ep.
    Iv've decided stop and ask you.
    What do you think about MINIX? would it be good topic to the next ep?
    I met MINIX in newspaper NEXUS today.
    4 release 2018 , 7 page in polish edition

  37. Xandr017 says:

    That was informative but I think he is ignoring a lot of middle ground between still being vulnerable to a targeted attack by the KGB and being completely exposed

  38. Mr HunterF λ says:

    Your on YouTube, of course you don't believe in Anonymity.

  39. Druid 369 says:

    Im sure the authorities and government are perfectly aware of whos doing what on their internet. And im sure its them who profit from it. Theres no way you could have illegal goods passed through customs without ever losing a package. Its an inside job. Ive heard all kinds of creation stories for TOR but the jist of it is the fuckn government made it. And, they can't just shut it off? They cant prevent you from downloading TOR off the regular internet? Updating it? Providing you with TAILS downloads to further hide what they're doing? Its a win win for them. They bust you, they get paid, or profit off you in the long run. Im sure if they didnt want you on it, you wouldn't have it. Its fuckn crazy

  40. Dingle Barry says:

    This dudes right on point! I'm not an expert in computer security, however I am an expert in common sense and an expert when it comes to being aware of the state and it's history.
    People are insanely naive if they think that the Tor has a one up on the state. If the internet really was anonymous from the state, it would be outlawed. At this point in time though, you're likely not going to get messed with when buying drugs and what not on the dark web unless you're on their radar for whatever reason (which could be as redic as just being a member of a libertarian organization or something), but if they wanted to they could nab you.Their capabilities are more advanced then obviously what gets reported to the public.

    It always boggles my mind how painfully stupid many people could be. For instance when it's presented/announced to the general public that Dolly the sheep is the first clone, people actually think that's where cloning technology stands at that point. I can't think of a more top secret subject than that and they're seriously going to announce it to the public? If they're announcing Dolly the sheep, it's because they've been cloning mutherfuckers for 50+ years. And as it turns out the only reason why they announced Dolly is because they had an agenda to pass legislation/s that prevents the little man from messing around with cloning,

    Mutherfuckers seriously think that Satoshi is behind Bitcoin rather than the banks/state/powers that be? Oh yeah as if the same state that tells people what they can and can't put in their own bodies would be laissez faire about what currency the people choose to trade in. It would be the same idea as drugs, sure how is anyone going to know if you do a line of cocaine in the privacy of your house. They won't persay, however if you're caught with it and/or trading with it they will put you in a cage. That's what they would have done with Bitcoin, but they didn't so they're certainly behind it.

    People are so blindly trusting of the state when the state has an atrocious history of establishing any trust with us.
    I recently watched a murder mystery about some chick who was murdered. It was a big case and they even brought the FBI in to try and solve it, to no avail. To make a long story short 3 years later a judge ruled to release the evidence in the case and make it public, at which point we find out… apparently the victim had "butt dialed" and managed to capture the audio of the entire murder and everything leading up to it (5-10 minutes). That's one huge coincidence. Since they brought the FBI in, i theorize they accessed the secret NSA files from our cell phones which are recording us at all times whether in use or not.That's really not much of a jump from what's already been exposed. As of now such files typically aren't accessed in an unsolved murder case, this one however they brought the FBI in and I believe they did. Of course it was disguised as a butt dial , they even altered the time stamp to a time when the murder couldn't have occurred when the chick would have been at the club.

  41. supersonic118 boi says:

    I find your lack of faith in tor disturbing

  42. dararebreed says:

    first time seeing this guy. He just seems like he's lying. Mixing truth with lies. He also really looks and talks like a law enforcement agent. I'm not saying that any of these statements are true. I have no idea. Ijs…I definitely wouldn't sell him a bag of weed.

  43. thenodfather says:

    It sounds like TOR is useless if it just sands all the information of where you've been when you log off.

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