Question: Should I Get a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering or Cyber Security?

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26 Replies to “Question: Should I Get a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering or Cyber Security?”

  1. Tasnim Islam says:

    What about Information technology: software track ?? Do you need a masters ?? I’m planning on getting masters on software engineering. And my minor is business analytics. Please make a video about this

  2. Minhaj Barya says:

    Hey I am from Pakistan… My graduation in bachelors in Computer science and 1.5 year experience in the field of computer science… My question is should I go to MS Data science or should I go to MBA supply chain field..? Plz reply me

  3. KOWSER Gure says:

    Those two which one is good and makes good money

  4. KOWSER Gure says:

    To study should I go into cybersecurity or web development

  5. Devante Swing says:

    A little bit of social engineering on the police officer, Eli? Haha!

  6. Erik Russo says:

    He's so anti cyber security, I think he has some secrets haha

  7. Jeath Tunes says:

    Im doing my masters because i sit with no job for 2 years with bachelors degree in computer science

  8. Someone s says:

    Cyber security is in mass demand now, hope no one listened to him in 2015 lol, hopefully its still in demand in another 3 years

  9. Shaun Browne says:

    Here's a question…i want to make a career change and get into computers like ethical hacking and or cyber security…buuuuut I'm 36 years old, so any advise

  10. Default ¿ says:

    so is taking a masters in computer science also good ..?

  11. Johnchris Uche says:

    Thank you so much the advise is helpful

  12. MrJamkev says:

    What’s your thought on master degree in software engineering? I already have a B.S. Computer Information Systems, I have been out of college for 4 years

  13. Jdbxhx Bsbsbsjxhd says:

    Just graduated with a B.A in Political science. And am realizing how worthless it is. I can't go back to school. How do i get into Cyber Security.

    Should i start with certifications ? Or is not possible.

    Any advice would help thank you.

  14. Ondrej Belan says:

    What about data science.

  15. Green apple ss says:

    Thank you eli !

  16. Charles Grey says:

    Whoever asked this question, I hope you listened to his advice!! Not everyone will tell you the truth, most people just say things you want to hear (marketing gimmicks, etc.). Wish someone had told me this before I did my Master's degree. This stuff is invaluable; the early 20s are very precious, and earning a solid work experience during these years will pay back over the years even though it might not seem like a lucrative option at the time. Accept those minimum wages/internships, whatever comes your way and GET INTO THE FIELD!! Keep build your resumé, but never stop learning either!!

    Like he said, the best option is to take up a Master's degree while working, so you have a secure job and looks great on your resumé too!! Even better if you manage to make your employer sponsor your tuition (partly or in full), etc. That's the safest way to go imo. Academia is mostly just a booming business these days 🙁 so if you REALLY want to get an extraordinary learning experience and develop bankable connections/grow your network while doing it, your options are VERY LIMITED (I mean in single digits ;)). Anyone reading this, wish you all the best in your future endeavors!! Carpé Diem!!!

  17. rajnesh chaturvedi says:

    its cybersecurity not cyber crime,..many things come under cyber security than cyber crime.

  18. apacheslim says:

    Don't compare a cyber security master's to a degree in criminal justice. In a cyber security degree you actually learn skills that make you useful to society.

  19. Davegbuf says:

    Eli, if there is any single thing that I can appreciate most in all of the videos I have seen you do is sharing your real-life wisdom. That example of the advice the cop gave you after pulling you over is one of those many eye-opening experiences that many of us would never have thought about. Great channel, keep up the good work, and thank you so much for everything you do for us.

  20. Nicholas Burkhart says:

    Is an online bachelor's degree in computer science going to be worth it?

  21. Thinking Smart1 says:

    I subscribe to your channel every time,you are so funny and real lol man ppl have no confidence

  22. ironwaldo says:

    Hey guys!! I am about to make a decision whether to do an Msc in Cyber Security or in Data science-Big Data!What's your opinion?I find that Cyber Security is sometimes more theoretical and about applying rules whether on Data science is more like fun.Please enlighten me a little bit.

  23. FOX RIDER says:

    Hello I am in india
    I wand different between

    cyber security vs software engineer

  24. ashraf kasem says:

    why people ask you? do you have a phd

  25. Danial Khan says:

    So if I am majoring in Cybersecurity, do I need CompTIA certs?

  26. Prasad Lets Unlearn says:

    Which Software do you use to Record Video and Remove Background Noise

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