22 Replies to “Rat Guard & Rubber Guard Basics | MMA Fighting”

  1. ValhalaFiveSix says:

    Love being Gay.

  2. DEVØN says:

    looks like sm for gays

  3. peepsmaster22 says:

    This is the best porn you're gonna ever see on Youtube.

  4. Kaye330 says:


  5. BetterWalkthrough says:

    Justin Bieber and Ricky Martin

  6. Chilllaxxinn says:

    and yet you watch a video that CLEARLY has gay tendencies. but don't worry. Your secret is safe with me

  7. p0rk019 says:

    There is nothing gay about this video.Only MMA techniques you hippy.

  8. ValhalaFiveSix says:

    R U Gay? Call me little sister 555-555-5555. giggles


    forgot the minute 2:00 to show another perspective, I could not see the various ways to grab the leg. thanks for the video anyway!

  10. sc0pl355 says:

    Sponsored by brazzers

  11. paul banner says:

    then why you watching it bitch!! you closet queer!!

  12. f3ck it says:

    everyone posting gatly slurs … ima just be the one to say that this is really helpful for back fighting and i hope u have more ground positions on your channel

  13. Joe says:

    difference is this rat guard is based on creating space, whereas rubber guard is all done from the clinch..

  14. Jon Mcmann says:

    no homo……but at 2:34 dude said chad pulls out and they are grinding junk……………….but that's none of my business

  15. Aryan Khan says:

    Sparring with someone is good but when you have to explain someone step by step slowly It looks really gayish.

  16. Kama Jiu-jitsu says:

    Rubber Guard means condom in Australia…

  17. Pete Z says:

    this was actually good

  18. Dustin Hansford says:

    Felt like the rubber gaurd was a bit sloppy in the setup, no double bagging left a gap for him to posture up or slip out. Otherwise solid techniques with multiple options to work from.

  19. Chris Tse says:

    I find the rat guard is a very good entrance to a tight kimura

  20. jaimeneves says:

    Very Good this rat guard

  21. Tyler sunshine Murphy says:

    Knee pads lmaoooo

  22. Tyler sunshine Murphy says:


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