REALTOR® Safety: We Shouldn’t Have REALTORS® at Risk

December 15, 2019 posted by

Now, I try to be jokey a lot, but I’m very
serious right now. I just read the news article about the REALTOR® who’s gone missing in Arkansas. Y’all, say a prayer for her and for her family. This message is not only for REALTORS® who, come on guys don’t you know by now you don’t pop-tart, you think you want that sale. The good clients, they come to the office. They let us check their ID’s, they are good and honorable people. But for the public, please y’all, stop asking REALTORS® to jump out and run around we haven’t even met you Come on, come to the office and show what’s your ID. You’d have to do it at Walmart when you buying things there. So, why wouldn’t you show your ID when you’re looking to make a large financial purchase. Y’all, we shouldn’t have REALTORS® at risk, we shouldn’t have the public at risk. I mean there’s REALTOS® that are crazy too. But we really need to be smarter about
conducting our business. And members of the public, please consider that when you’re spending this much money it’s reasonable to check an ID so that we can be kept safe. Y’all, be safe out there and carry conceal Bessie Mae protects me, you should all have protection.


7 Replies to “REALTOR® Safety: We Shouldn’t Have REALTORS® at Risk”

  1. Tim Ogle says:

    Completely agree Leigh, Walther always accompanies me when I'm out showing, protects me and my clients – knowing your surroundings is a HUGE part of that as well.  Praying for her and her family.

  2. Nathan Hepler says:

    Praying. And i Agree, concealed for years now. You just never know.

  3. Coach Kim Knapp says:

    Thank you Leigh for saying it straight! Prayers to her and her family.

  4. Conversations That Matter says:

    Amen! Be careful out there!

  5. MaryAnne Clark says:

    Just last month in the Tulsa area we started a facebook page Stay Safe-Realtor Alerts. Every maket should have one. We all get these crazy calls to meet people in empty homes. I wanted a way to share those with other agents. Be the first in your city to have a page.

  6. Tatersalad19 Cars says:

    get a concealed carry for sure ! nothing says BACK OFF ! like a loaded handgun ladies smith & wesson are your best friends in a crisis situation

  7. Eloise P Wexler II says:

    In addition to carrying, I have often wondered if one of those medical alert 'I've Fallen and I can't get up' transmission necklaces /bracelets that also pin points your location (the new ones work outside your own home these days) may also be a good "back up" notification device…. If you're over powered, I mean… just think how strange it would be for your attacker to hear that voice from command central announce that HELP IS ON ITS WAY….

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