Recent innovations in Colombia’s social protection programmes

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To tackle the problem we have verified among young people, who graduated from high school within theMas Familias en Accionprogram the conditional cash transfer program has been designed for youth who want to continue their technical and technological education. The idea is that these young people will continue with their education, continue to improve their human capital and, thereby, improve their chances of employment, given the high rates of youth unemployment and informal employment, which basically create a poverty trap from which these young people cannot escape. Therefore, theMas Familias en Accionprogram is an incentive for them to keep studying so as to improve their chances of being hired and finding better-quality jobs. There is technical and technological training at SENA, where all courses are free of charge and there is a vast array of training options, from training in computer systems to specific topics in mechanics, – which depends on the industries of in each city, all the way to complimentary topics, such as cooking, as… it is very particular, it really depends on the demands of the industry. The government funds conditional transfers in full. Education is also funded through State funds, as this is a public institution. However, the idea is to achieve a high level of participation by private companies in all topics having to do with labor practices. So these young people may have the opportunity, before finishing their technological or technical training, to accumulate prior working experience, which also helps in the connection with the private sector. As for training in soft skills, we will work, especially with municipal authorities, to get them to participate in topics relating to community welfare, supporting activities and communal city activities, to allow young people to develop skills that are crucial for labor engagement and are not consultative Therefore, we can say that they are the two additional players that participate in the program.

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  1. Just Gooz says:

    This is very encouraging.  Foreign Aid to Colombia should be much more geared toward Education and Social Empowerment and less toward military or arms aid.  The end result of an educated and prosperous society is the end of war and armed conflict. This programme of " Familias en Accion" will create a sustainable chain of events that can alleviate the effects of poverty for many families. The continuance of these social programs will also embolden the technical and industrial strength of this important, strategic partner in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a win-win situation for all.  Great to see that some light shines through the end of the tunnel. Kuddos to Colombia for trying!

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