Reconnaissance And Vehicle Surveillance

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– [Man on Radio] We are
looking for a blue F-150 in the vicinity of the Long
Beach Walmart parking lot. Do you copy? – Our primary mission is
homeland security and support. Today we went out and we
did a reconnaissance mission and vehicle surveillance. The mission today consists of a scenario in which we were
supporting law enforcement to find a target vehicle and
follow that target vehicle because the law enforcement
didn’t want to tip off that they were being
followed for whatever reason. – We are
looking for a blue F-150 in the vicinity of the Long
Beach Walmart parking lot. Do you copy? – We use
individuals within our unit to help us with this training. We use Cadet Harmon who
drives the blue truck so that way, we’re not
out surveilling citizens of the United States. The reason we go out and
train on vehicle surveillance is for missions such as the
one at the southwest border. Sometimes we have to
support law enforcement, essentially the Customs and Border Patrol, following suspect or target vehicles, and assist them in locating that vehicle when they can’t follow it on the ground. The aircraft that we use to support our mission is a UH-72 Lakota. It is an Airbus commercial,
off-the-shelf helicopter that the Army has purchased
for quick fielding to meet the needs of
the Army National Guard and aviation support. Some of the equipment that we use to assist us in this, it’s a MX-15 camera. It has a series of three
lens: electro-optical, wide, narrow, and it
has an infrared camera. It’s important to do this kind of training because it’s very much proficiency-based. We’re required to go out
and train these tasks several times throughout the year, and annual training
allows us to come together collectively as a unit and do things that time won’t allow
on our drill weekend.

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