Redmi Note 8 Pro Durability Review – Most Powerful 15k Phone | Why is it a Partial fail?

November 4, 2019 posted by

Xiaomi is back with the Redmi Note 8 Pro just
6 months after the release of the Note 7 Pro and this time the Redmi Note 8 Pro has a few
“First-Time” features up its sleeve. It is the first smartphone in the World to feature
a 64MP Primary Camera and 2nd in India after the Realme XT. It is the 1st device in India
to be introduced with Alexa which is built-in and integrated within the phone. It is the
1st Redmi Device to come with an 18Watt Fast Charger in-the-box. And lastly the Redmi Note
8 Pro is the 1st Redmi device to have an Official IP52 Water and Dust Resistance Rating due
to itz P2i nano coating technology and rubber sealants in both the SIM trays Apart from these awesome features, it has
other cool features which include Dual Pyrolytic sheets and Liquid Cool Technology, a 4500mAh
battery, Corning Glass on both sides, Dual SIM with dedicated MicroSD slot, IR Blaster
and Widevine L1 Certification to stream HD Content, among other things
The Attractive Lookz is due to the Aura Design at the Back which reflects light and the Quad
Camera Unit placed at the centre. The Glass Sandwich Design with the plastic midframe
does not have a heavy in-hand feel though it weighs-in at a higher 200gmz and seems
to be doing ok in my usual Trial Bend with a bit of flex
Before moving onto the Scratch Test, letz have a Quick look at the Heavy Gaming Performance
for you Heavy Gamers out there deciding to buy this device. Xiaomi is in-fact marketing
the Redmi Note 8 Pro as a Gaming Device with a minimum of 6GB RAM with the new Mediatek
G90T Processor in combination with the Mali G76 GPU. And it does beat the competition
with the highest AnTuTu Score at the 15k price range which is evident when it defaults at
High Graphic Settings in PUBG and also can be played at HDR Graphics which is not yet
available in other Devices. And as you can see the Note 8 Pro has absolutely no issues
in handling the Graphic Intensive PUBG at HDR Graphics with no frame drops and enjoyable
smooth Gameplay To find-out the Quality and Scratch Resistance
of this Corning Tempered Glass Protection you’re paying for, in the Scratch Test, by
rubbing it with common items found in Pockets and the Blade of a Heavy-Duty Box Cutter.
The blade is alwayz able to damage lower quality tempered glass protection with ugly scratch
marks in some budget devices of Oppo & Vivo and every Realme Device tested on the Channel
with the exception of Realme X and XT. Though it is not able to damage Higher Quality Glass
or even basic Corning Glass found even on the cheapest Redmi Devices which have never
failed my Scratch Test As expected, the Tempered Glass Protection
on the Redmi Note 8 Pro is of the Highest Quality and passes my Scratch Test with no
damage suffered Starting the Water Test as usual by checking
the layer of Oleophobic Coating on the Tempered Glass Protection. This Oleophobic Layer is
pretty common even on Super Budget Redmi Devices but is absent on many budget devices of Oppo,
Vivo and Realme except the X and XT. The Oleophobic Layer helps to lessen fingerprint smudges
on the Display and its presence is proved on the Redmi Note 8 Pro when the water rolls
off the screen as Droplets instead of sticking to the surface As mentioned earlier, the Redmi Note 8 Pro
is the first Redmi Device with an Official IP52 Rating which makes it basically resistant
to dripping Water due to the P2i nano coating and the rubber seals and we’re here to Test
that out with light and Heavy Splashing. Usually devices with no Water Resistance suffer from
Low Distorted Audio from the external speakers which lasts for a few seconds in some devices,
to many hours and can damage the Sound or the Display Unit. Besides that, there have
been instances of Screen Flickering Issues, the Screen going Blank for several hours or
Total Display Damage like in the Asus Zenfone 5Z
The Redmi Note 8 Pro actually does a great job at handling much more abuse than Dripping
Water in the form of Heavy Drenching and easily passes my Water Test Next up starting with the Sound Test, to find-out
the Audio Quality of the bottom firing External Speakers The Audio Quality turns out to be pretty decent
with Clear Vocals and Sharpness, it may not be as typically loud as other Redmi devices
but it gets the job done and has good clarity for consuming media
Performing the Drop Test on the Redmi Note 8 Pro was a bit of a nervous experience specially
after the last Practical Drop Test of the Samsung Galaxy A70s which was a disaster where
the Display had gotten totally damaged. Anyways letz get started with the Drop Test with a
Glass Case and 11D glass The Redmi Note 8 Pro seemz to be doing fine until
now after 6 hard dropz from Pocket Height. Now continuing with the 7th Drop this time
from 6 Feet Head Height Apart from the slight glass crack at the left
and the total shatter of the glass case, the Redmi Note 8 Pro itself does not suffer any
cracks 0r shatter to the rear camera, display or any internal damage. Itz a huge relief
that the Note 8 Pro passes my Drop Test with flying colourz
Now moving onto fun stuff with Value, the Bend Test, letz find-out if the Dual Glass
and plastic midframe Design of the Redmi Note 8 Pro suffers from any Structural Weakness
or not? There are about 3 cracking soundz in the 1st Bend itself, from the Display side.
The Note 8 Pro suffers from a significant amount of flex and the 2nd cracking sound
which you heard was the one which caused the breakage near the 2nd SIM Tray but beyond
that it locks-out without any damage. The 2nd Bend from the backside also causes the
Structure to flex a lot but fortunately does not cause any further damage. The 3rd and
last Bend causes the maximum amount of flex near about the SIM Tray where the thin area
of the midframe had already cracked. I guess this is kind of a Partial fail since it did
break near the SIM Tray but did not suffer more external or internal damage. The Redmi
Note 8 Pro is definitely not going to win any awards for Structural Strength but it
does manage to just about Pass my Bend Test!


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  1. Febin Sebastian says:


  2. Gurkirat Singh says:

    This one does has a lot of good features, only if it had a flagship processor, it would've been perfect for me.

    The only thing I don't like is too sensitive touch screen. It already caused ghost touch problems in poco. And even if it doesn't I use features like double tap to wake and too much sensitive screen can be a bummer in that case.

    I mean IDK if this a good thing that they use better (too sensitive) screen or not. But at least they should add a software feature to decrease the sensitivity.

  3. Ujjal Boruah says:

    Should have drop with the provided case

  4. Stranger's Love says:

    🔥 you are on fire bro🔥🔥

  5. CNTechRoom says:

    ..another 1st is the Introduction of a Mediatek Processor in the Note Series

  6. Nilmani Chandra says:

    I had also bought note 8 pro.It looks very premium and very fast..

  7. Sateesh Patil says:

    Scratches you made don't appear under direct light. You must cover it via different angles.

  8. yogesh mishra says:

    Durability test is awesome

    I did not buy the phone because I was waiting for your durability test

    Should I buy this phone or not?

  9. Vishal Giri says:

    Great video bro

  10. Jugad point says:

    Water want to play pubg lol 😂

  11. siddharth diwedi says:

    Perfect! totally unbiased drop test keep doing good work.

  12. S M Shakhwatul Islam says:

    i was waiting for this. thanks a ton, man

  13. Gur Simar says:

    Everyone in the video is fine until you seem to try hard to get it broken in pieces by falling it again and again and bending in the last. Who bends the phone bro ? We pay from out pockets and but from hard earned money not to bend it hard to experiment. Overall nice video

  14. Stranger's Love says:

    Yet bend test makes me little worried..

  15. Jonel Ignacio says:

    Awesome bend test and drop test 😎

  16. Jo ker says:

    Is that metal frame?

  17. Tomislav Bošnjak says:

    Better than JRE lol

  18. Zachary Gratschmayr says:

    I thought the rear glass had cracked. Why would u use a glass case

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