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– Mike, one of the things that
we have heard a lot of times from our listeners, who are in security sales, is that they don’t want
to do certain behaviors, and they’re being told
by their management, “No, this is how you sell.” And then they show our show, and they say, “You see! We shouldn’t
be (laughs) doing this.” – Yep. And I heard it, actually, when I was just in New York recently. What is, specifically, the things that they’re being told not to do anymore, yet they’re being directed to do? – I think a lot of it is, application of traditional sales models to the cyber security world. And, not recognizing that
we’re different personalities. – Yeah. – That we’re different creatures, when it comes right down to it. And, I think a lot of people are told to sell on FUD because that’s what they see in the news. – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. – That’s what they’re seeing in the news, and that’s what appeals to them. And so they think, “Well, I can sell on FUD to security people.” – By the way, I should argue, I bet you, there are some
sales people out there and, by the way, this is a call out to you, that actually have stats that
show that FUD selling works. And my guess is, that’s
why they keep doing it. – I would love to see those stats, right? – Yes. So– – Because I’d love the
opportunity to refute them. – Well, but the thing is, they may– Here’s my feeling is, FUD would work on my mom,
it doesn’t work on you, kind of a thing.
– Exactly, exactly. It’s misplaced. And again, it’s a traditional sales tactic used against a set of professionals who that doesn’t work for. It’s all back to, target
your sales to your audience, but I think they have a lack of understanding of the audience. – All right. The reason I’m bringing
this all up with you is on Friday, September 20, I am leading a, essentially a roundtable
video-based discussion on a platform called Crowdcast. Which, I have two panelists I’ll mention, just a second part of this discussion. But anyone who’s an attendee can be in on this conversation. What I want to do is, explore what are the current incentives? What do they believe are
hurting or helping the industry? Because, I really don’t know, and I know you’ve talked about this. – Yep, yep. – We’re really kind of clueless at what’s going on in the inside a vendor, in terms
of how they’re pushing the sales. I feel some of them are
hurting, some are helping, because there’s some, a lot of creative, and information that’s coming out of vendors,
and is very valuable. And the other thing I want to do is, I want a massive brainstorming session. – Yeah.
– And, by the way, I am okay with bad ideas,
(laughs) because bad ideas often
lead to good ideas. And so I was saying, “I’m going to give
credit to both of them.” So, it’s called, Cybersecurity
Sales Incentives: Are They Helping or Hurting the Industry? And, my two panelists that
are going to be joining me are Carl Wright, with AttackIQ, and Manooch Hosseini, who is with Optiv. So, they’ll be my two panelists, but literally anybody who can join in, have a webcam and a microphone, you can be part of the
conversation, as well. I’m going to have a producer
who’s going to manage it. Actually, our audio editor is also my great producer.
– Great. – So, please come and be
a part of that as well. And, by the way, you don’t need to be in security sales. You could actually be a practitioner and learn something of what is going on, so you’ll understand why they’re behaving,
sometimes, the way that they do. – This sounds like an awesome webinar. It really might finally
get to those questions of why do people sell
the way that they do. And we can provide the guidance and the feedback from
the practitioners’ side, “This doesn’t work. Let’s stop it.” – Well, I think we kind of do that ongoing on our show(laughs),
for that matter. – Yes. – But this is going to be one hour honed on just this discussion. So, please join us, September 20. It’s going to be 10:00 am Pacific, 1:00 pm Eastern, and please be a part of it. You just go to and wherever you’re seeing this video, I’ll have a link directly
where you can go register.

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