Republicans Prepare To Throw Rudy Giuliani Under The Bus To Protect Trump

November 9, 2019 posted by

For weeks, Republicans in the house of representatives
have been struggling to come up with a unified message to protect Donald Trump from the impeachment
inquiry. They have reached out to the white house. They have begged them according to a report
saying, give us the talking points. What do you want us to say? But now, this week, right before we head into
the public impeachment hearings, next week, Republicans finally think they have come up
with a plan that is going to save the president’s job. And that plan, which is what we and so many
others predicted, is to literally throw everybody else under the bus. Starting with Rudy Giuliani, according to
a new report in the Washington post, the new Republican plan is to center everything around
Rudy Giuliani. And here’s why, because Gordon Sunland in
his revise testimony where he did say there was a quid pro quo, he said that his orders
were coming from Rudy Giuliani and he assumed, he assumed that those orders from Giuliani
came from Trump. As in Trump told Giuliani, Giuliani told Sunland. And that’s where we ended up here. Republicans are trying to say no, no, no,
no, no. Folks. Trump had nothing to do with this. Rudy Giuliani, Gordon Sunland, and probably
even Mick Mulvaney, they’re saying acted on their own to pursue their own agenda because
the three of them somehow had their own Ukraine policy. They were trying to make happen. Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense because Giuliani
Mulvaney and Sunland, the three people, they’re saying they’re going to throw under the bus
and pin it all on the, they don’t have any authority to do any of the things you’re saying
they did. Right. Like to what extend would Giuliani want them
to dig up dirt on Biden did. Does Giuliani just have a scrapbook of the
Biden family and he just wanted to add it to it because Giuliani has no authority to
enact any kind of official policy, nor does Gordon Sunland and neither did Mick Mulvaney. So how does this new conspiracy theory that
it’s all Giuliani’s brainchild, play out Republicans? You didn’t think it through. Now you got up to the point where you said,
okay, look, here’s a plan. Here’s what we could do. We can pin it on all these guys. Fantastic. What’s their motive? Cause you don’t have it. You don’t have a motive. You just have a plan to blame all these other
guys in the second they come under questioning or Democrats or reporters or whoever it is,
says, okay, well that’s an interesting theory. Why did they do it? Then suddenly you’re all going to be sitting
there like Matt Gates with a dumb look on your face. Like, uh, can I just go to the bar now? Not how it’s gonna work folks. I applaud the Republicans for finally coming
up with some kind of message and as expected, it’s just as dumb as everything else they
have done. But to hit back on another main point here,
Giuliani, we told you so bud, a lot of us told you so the second it looked convenient
for them, Republicans were going to throw you under the bus and even though you are
still technically the president’s attorney, it may be time for you to come forward and
take the stand yourself and tell us what really happened. Because if you don’t, these Republicans, your
so called friends are about to let you become the fall guy.


100 Replies to “Republicans Prepare To Throw Rudy Giuliani Under The Bus To Protect Trump”

  1. Lynn Bushell says:

    Guess we need a bigger bus, right?

  2. morlockmeat says:

    Sounds like there's sure going to be a lot of Republican road-pizzas all over the place.

  3. Gale Chambers says:

    I KNEW IT !!

  4. Marley Bee says:

    I think Rudy, like Cohen, has probably covered his ass. I can't wait to hear the tapes. You know he's got some.

  5. VoiceOfTheEmperor says:

    How often do you make your staff laugh?

  6. BackAndStillBgMsDangerus Dangerus says:

    Cohen tried to tell them, out loud, in Congress, on tv. They didn't listen. Thought it would never be them. We've had to listen to the BS and watch the mad scramble in defense of trump too long. Time to bring this insanity to a screeching halt. This country and our sane citizens have had to put up with too much far too long. So have our allies, if we still have any.

  7. Leila Anne says:

    again people around trump are being thrown under the bus but not him….

  8. Rokusho 66 says:

    Except trump was making the phone call…not Giuliani so how does that make sense…

    Not to mention Giuliani is not nearly smart enough to pull that off.

  9. J. Thompson says:

    Lol, if Repubs continue to throw people under the bus, Fox "News" won't have any more "guests" to parade onto their shows to defend Trump! Maybe just Don Jr. and Eric, lol!!

  10. Barry Werdell says:

    Wow! These Republican Strategists remind me of an old tootsie roll cartoon commercial
    where 3 bumbling outlaws are saying "Whose got a plan." -"I got a plan."-"Man's got a plan lets frisk him."

  11. TheScholar74 says:

    Giuliani won't mind being a sacrificial lamb. As long as it saves the Grand Drag… I mean POTUS it's all good.

  12. Rick Ledford says:

    I used to have respect for Giuliani right after 911 but the as soon as he got around Trump he turned evil seems like anybody that is around Trump becomes evil I'll say this and it comes from my heart I do truly believe that Trump is of hell and anybody that gets around them is going straight to Hell 2 there is something about that man that I cannot understand he destroys lives left right up down and sideways I can't wait till he goes one way or the other

  13. Barbara McCormack says:

    Michael Cohen put out the warning right there in Congress, in front of the Investigators and the world, and nobody listened. Now history is repeating itself with another so-called lawyer. They value Trump's questionable friendship more than he value theirs. Someone should learn by now, shouldn't they? Trump really has a knack for picking all the people with criminal minds, but thank God there are a few who decided they didn't belong there, and did the right thing.

  14. US of Israhell says:

    That will be the best thing. Immagine Gooliani testifying against Trump. Goooliani will not hold back a spill everything. Like he's not already on FOX. 😂

  15. Mr. Smith says:

    There is no Honor in Pathetic pRESIDENT Frump. He will throw his Russian Mail order wife under the bus.

  16. Brian Kitchen says:

    No retreat No surrender No Plea Bargain.

  17. Uwa Diercks says:

    A bus is to light, put him under a semi trailer, it has more wheels

  18. davescotts says:

    At all costs the repugnant party has to protect fat ass donnie because they cannot afford another nixon debacle if they impeach him. He could be found guilty of treason and could be executed for that crime. By inadvertently protecting him, they protect their party, which also shows their treason allegiance to themselves and not our country.

  19. Amigo21189 says:

    Trump train's runnin' out of cars…

  20. Elijah James says:

    Giuliani will squeal like the dirty pig that he is. I doubt Giuliani being as much as a narcissist (I am being nice) as Trump will not sacrifice himself for an ideology. Very rarely do you find honour amongst thieves

  21. Steve Langland says:

    I have a feeling that Trump believes he's done nothing wrong, other people make mistakes, commit crimes and will never be as smart as he is, but he doesn't do those things. If you get caught then your not smart enough and Trump will suddenly forget you exist. Sooner or later he's going to be backed into corner and the only way out is prison.

  22. Mark S says:

    sigh. I like Farron but they're not literally going to throw Giuliani under the bus. That would be murder.

  23. josh gordon says:

    You don't get it. It's not as if this were going to play itself in a court of law. All the Republicans need is any defense that might work no matter how nonsensical it is. They could adopt the rogue underling defense ala Iran contra, that could work. What you missed is that trump never directly orders anybody to do his illegalities. He sends word that seeps through the infrastructure of his organization ie Corey Lewandowski and Don Magahn. This is Mueller hard a time directly connecting trump to anything. This modus operandi makes it difficult to trace things directly back because it assumes an unbroken chain that automatically creates plausible deniability. This is why it's so hard to get mob families and why we a RICCO statute. I'm getting a little tired of the thoughtless shoe string analysis on channels like yours.

  24. Wu Li says:

    The only way to encourage the rats to abandon ship any faster, would be to set the oval office on fire.

  25. mercoid says:

    Ohh! I didn’t know that Rudy had access to a massive number of Javelin missiles!

  26. Jeff H says:

    Trump and Rudy aren’t the problem, the Republicans are the problem. Trump and Giuliani are symptoms of a very sick morally bankrupt Republican cult. Take them all out. Vote in 2020.

  27. Jim Bob Barton says:

    It happened before with Olie North and Ronald Reagan

  28. LouistheHedgehog says:

    When have they NOT thrown people under the bus?

  29. DIY-FIXIT says:

    He deserves it! But sadly to say He didn't make the Phone Call Himself.

  30. Alex Westman says:

    Rudy knows all of Trump's dirty secrets and there is lots of room under that bus for Trump and his buddies too

  31. darkashtar says:

    Throwing Giuliani under the bus is only going to tie things to Trump even more, it's going to force a subpoena for an actual transcript.

  32. Viv Pace says:

    Oh Farron don't help the republicans think. They are finally running out of road.

  33. Steve Hirsch says:

    They just keep passing it along. I think eventually there won't be anyone left. Lol. Then what🤔

  34. TX Rick says:

    Rudy is going to sing like a canary . He will spill the beans to save his worthless ass.

  35. BeachBum says:

    Like this wasn't predictable.

  36. Josh V says:

    Poor Trump. He's the victim here. All these people around him keep breaking the law. Worst luck ever.

  37. Jim Shue says:

    Trump said Rudy is a crime fighter ! And that's why and that's all the trumptard need to hear ! Because they would do anything up to and including give up their young daughters ! Just as soon as their just old enough to breed ! And I'm praying for mass suicides also !

  38. Christine W says:

    It's getting crowded under that bus!!!

  39. Asher Tye says:

    Throwing another of his fixer style lawyers under the bus? Wonder if Guilliani will be angry about that.

  40. DesertEagleV says:

    The 3 wise men will not find what they expected.
    Orange tumor already trying to throw them under the bus.

  41. Charles Merritt says:

    The repubs are going to have to have a complete fleet of buses to insure there enough busses for everyone involved to be thrown under.

  42. BeachBum says:

    Even Rudy is smart enough to have figured that out and essentially said he has receipts in his phone. I'm curious if Dems will have the Ukrainian/Russian that was arrested and is flipping, testify.

  43. T W says:

    Forget a bus, throw his butt under the train. A New York train.

  44. Goahead says:

    It's Giuliani's own fault for being a lawyer for the US mob boss dictator president.

  45. Tom Peters says:

    I love this shit. Its getting better Giuliani's for a lawyer is a disaster and he talks to much

  46. Karen Bishop says:

    Hell just say anything, lies on top of lies. The GOP cult will drink all the koolaid.
    Yeah Donald just sat back and had 3 people do his dirty work…like a mob boss,
    The blame game, another rabbit hole, and then Donald pardons them all.

  47. Charlotte Jarvis says:

    The Reptards are going to go down down down the rabbit hole

  48. Verlene Howard says:

    Just a few weeks ago after firing Bolton Trump said on national TV that he makes the decision, not Bolton. Trying to look like he is in chrage. So now the lying Republicans are saying that all three men Giuliani, Mulvaney, and Sonland went rogue? Trump knew nothing about it. Next week they will be changing their lie.

  49. Diego Conde says:

    Stupid Republicans don’t they know that the Atty do what the client want? I guest they are as moronic as trump.

  50. Philip Lombardo says:

    The more republicans protect Trump the more chances they will lose their seats in Congress and the Senate, America is not buying their bullshit anymore.

  51. kenxzero says:

    Republilkkklans? Thinking? Lmao 🤣

  52. MrOvadose101 says:

    The Wheels on the Bus…..

  53. Truth Teller says:

    I love when mobsters start turning on each other

  54. onefatstratcat says:

    The Short Bus 🙂

  55. Al Pal says:

    Rudy Judy is the fall guy

  56. Mandy B says:

    They're going to throw him under the bus? Literally? Can we watch?

  57. Rebecca Conn says:

    Renazikkklans are psychopaths in over their heads.

  58. Kano71 says:

    They’d sell their own mothers for gain. Disgusting people.

  59. Magik Storm says:

    Bet Giuliani has himself covered well against that! LOL! I mean who would trust his pal Trump?

  60. TheKaiTetley says:

    I think Rudy Giuliani has been playing in the bus lane for a while now. It’s only a matter of time before he is hit by a bus.

  61. evalyn kulp says:

    Rudy will sing like Pavarotti!

  62. EdDueim says:

    Literally? Fine with me.

  63. Susan Rolstad says:

    Wait.. did Trump just hire him as his newest scapegoat? Aww I almost feel sorry for him if it wasn't public knowledge that this is trumps M.O.

  64. adam woodfin says:

    COVER YOUR ASS, RUDY! Throw your burnt orange boss under the bus….along with his Republican followers.

  65. stephanie_barrett says:

    "Why'd they do it?" to reelect Trump. Same reason Trump was doing it only in their theory they were enacting the illegal scheme without Trumps knowledge so they can get Trump off the hook. Simple as that. Just trying to create plausible deniability for no votes.

  66. D.A. Rudi says:

    tRump is heading this turd train.
    Those living in tRump's "Alternative Reality" need to get their heads out of his "Black Hole of Corruption" ! Eventually…tRumpocalypse, Barrmageddon, Pompeocaust, Giulianihilation…WILL END EACH OTHER!!! Republicatastrophes & BaseLess Disasters Included!

  67. Sml lig says:

    Just like poor cohen… all his lawyers go to jail. Smh…crooks

  68. Sylvia Metos says:

    ANYBODY who works for Trump should expect to be thrown under the bus!

  69. Bob leroy says:

    Everyone told trump last year Bozo Rudy was making him look bad. Now a year later trump is forced to dump Bozo

  70. CanadianRaven13 says:

    Rudy can only be killed with sunlight, fire or a stake through his heart. A bus just won't do it.

  71. Wheat Germ says:

    Did no one ask how Giuliani was supposed to hold up the military aid all on his own? Gee, it must hurt to be that stupid.

  72. ken palmer says:

    Why am I not sad,this time,when Trump,threw someone under the bus?

  73. Gail Em says:

    Let them. Give them some time to think about it in prison and hear bedtime tales from Michael Cohen himself of not following Trump blindly.

  74. Cowboy Bebop says:

    Trump and Dana White are racist.

  75. Elizabeth G Enat-Hung says:

    HA HA

  76. Tomas Short says:

    Cohen behind bars, Giuliani not far behind… I hope Jay Sekulow is paying attention.

  77. Chip Walter says:

    It's time for Rudy to go to jail.

  78. Just For Fun says:

    Even if these stupid GOPers try to blame others, that still doesn't diminish the relevance of trump's infamous coercion conversation with the Ukraine president. And there are LOADS of witnesses to THAT smoking gun….with trump's name all over it. As was expected, trump's BIG MOUTH will be his demise. He's talked like an ass, behaved like an ass;, and now he's going to be impeached and indicted for being _an ass!

  79. Ollie Wolf says:

    Republicans are quickly becoming obsolete by their own hand. Great to watch!

  80. Jonathan Still says:

    Rudy Giuliani is already under the bus, so is Barr…. and so are most of these Republican
    Conspirators who are actively participating in the Cover -Up ! That spells :
    CONSPIRACY ( to defraud the American Public )
    ,short and sweet.
    No way can these be called ethical, legitimate acts by Government ( for the People, remember ) Representatives or Congressmen or dutiful Senators. Hang 'em all as the
    traitors to the
    Constitution and their lawful oaths to uphold it !

  81. Ollie Wolf says:

    Republicans are very used to covering their own criminal asses. Trump is not only the same but a scapegoat as well to help continue the facade. That deflection could have only gone so far. Times up!

  82. Max Doubt says:

    Sorry Dongleberry. The buck stops with you!

  83. Cye Lannford says:

    Oh, I doubt that… Rudy is a top NWO/Globalist team player. Rudy even gave one of the NWO-NYC World Capital speeches at the United Nations. Rudy is protected…

  84. Tom Poster says:

    The Trump Family Circus is leaving town. Fire all the Clowns.

  85. etee7114 says:

    Something tells me this going to be a box office hit.

  86. waffledude111111 says:

    yeah, if you decide to be involved with, or decide to work with Trump, this is eventually what's going to happen. He'll just throw you under the bus.

  87. susan knutie says:

    We already knew he would that to save himself

  88. COWBOYS fan1980 says:

    That's the lamest thing I have ever heard

  89. Grand Man says:

    These guys deserve what they get and they must be crapping themselves

  90. Lucious H. Dorsey III says:

    they gonna put Rudy on Budy Dudy?
    I guess they not thinking about him getting ready with 3 lawyers…

  91. Nick Messner says:

    Wasn't Trump on the call with Ukraine? How could he NOT be complicit?

  92. Mr. D. says:

    It is for the American taxpayer to say whose wages they pay. The elitist corporate puppets with power need to be reminded it is the people as a collective who are the country, not the vested profit driven oligarchs.

  93. Stephen Haggarty says:

    Watta bunch of douchebagz!!!

  94. Stephen Haggarty says:


  95. abumwithmoney says:

    Eric Ciaramella

  96. Debra A. says:

    trump is guilty and nothing is going to change that. This is extortion and put our national security at risk not to mention the Ukraine people and military.

  97. Debra A. says:


  98. Jonathan C. says:

    1/2 of the population won't even understand what u r saying. So their misdirection will work.

  99. Russ Martin says:

    Anyone that faithfully hitches up to the trump train, they get what they deserve. I'm john Q Public but even I know that hes a goddamn virus

  100. Oma Cool says:

    But of course they will. NOTHING CAN SAVE HIM. HES CRIMINAL #1.

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