Risk in Defence and Aerospace

October 24, 2019 posted by

Hello my name is Tolu Coker, I am currently
Group Risk and Compliance Manager for Ultra Electronics a FTSE250 Defence and Aerospace organisation. I did the IRM International Diploma in the
early noughties, and I found it very useful in my career. It was very hard work, which I think most
people will tell you. It has been very useful in broadening the scope
of my knowledge of risk and helping me to understand how to apply
risk in lots of different circumstances and in a growing world where risk is really important, including compliance,
business ethics, health and safety, corporate social responsibility. The IRM Diploma was slightly ahead of the curve
at the time, and all of these aspects were covered when I studied, including Corporate
Governance. So I encourage you very much to enrol for
the Diploma in Enterprise Risk Management, it’s going to be a career-enhancing experience. Thank you.

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