Romu: A Robot for Environmental Protection

September 12, 2019 posted by

Soil eriosion is a major
ecological problem and
construction challenge, which typically requires heavy machinery to mitigrate. To address these problems, engineers at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University are developing Romu, an autonomous robot that drives sheet piles into the ground. Romu maneuvers through natural territory on its four wheels. It then leverages its own weight with a vibratory hammer to drive interlocking
steel sheet piles into the soil. The structures that such robots build could one day function as retailing walls or check dams for erosion control. The researchers also envision teams of Romu robots operating collectively to stabilize soil in a set area more efficiently than an individual robot. Soil stabilization with automatically deployed sheet pile driving robots could help sustain ecosystems and aid in land management for construction, mining, and agriculture. [end credits]

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