Royal baby's christening draws privacy questions

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46 Replies to “Royal baby's christening draws privacy questions”

  1. Laura Ragazzi says:

    Are Camilla and Charles wearing the same clothes they wore at Prince Louis Christening?

  2. Yleana Gareca says:

    Meghan still think is in freaking Hollywood!!!

  3. Surferant666 says:

    Why is there a servant in this picture?

  4. afshan bagum says:

    Are yoo in the world or out of the world.. $

  5. 101 Life says:

    What a commoner's name. She got it from archie bunker?😂😂😂 👍 Low class.

  6. Scot Douglas says:

    That awkward moment when you’ve been entrusted to protect the nation, but you’ve spent all of your energy deciding which hats are proper for appearances.

  7. Edward Gross says:

    Pity the Queen and Prince Phillip were unavailable, mix up of schedules I understand

  8. Aiq Fyan says:

    Some people want this guy to be KING! This is bloody hell ridiculous!!!

  9. m d says:

    This is ridiculous. You want to be private, fine stop all the hand outs! Why are you living in a rental home for NOTHING and asking to be reimbursed for the monthly rental? Hmmm? Answer that one MEGAIN, instead of trying to incite race wars on Twitter!

  10. Christine Rowe says:

    I say allow Archie to become Prince Archie and allow the public to see baby Archie.

  11. Edie OCONNELL says:

    One can see the first picture of all together is photo shopped

  12. Elect Lady Gloria says:

    Its really sad that the Godparents of this innocent child wanted to remain private. The media has sympathy for no one and most of the people who read what they publish really believe what they publish. So no I don't blame the Godparents for wanting to remain private. Imagine not being able to go anywhere without the media watching their every move, wanting interviews. That's crazy.

    Why would anyone put themselves out there like that when they know that the media and the people reading dislike them. People dislike people for all sorts of reasons and then will get mad because you won't allow them access into your private lives. This woman and her child have received nothing nice from the media nor the public. People saying the the child had downs syndrome and then posting a pic of someone's child that really has downs syndrome to make a point is low. So no I don't blame them for keeping the matter private.

  13. Michael Miller says:

    They do, and Dutchess County are not private. However, their child needs to be. The London press, and the idiots who like to talk badly about duchess Meghan don’t deserve to have access to their child. The renovations, to their home, belongs to the queen. She still owns it, so the bill was hers accrued by the public. Why blame Harry and MegHan? The press or just angry because they don’t have access to Archie, so they can’t make money off of him. You talk really badly about this family, now they keep things private, and you still want to talk badly about that. I hope they never allow access to their son, because you guys don’t deserve it, after the way you have treated them.

  14. justiceforall says:

    The Duke and Duchess go to work for the Monarchy when they are supposed to. Their baby is not being paid to appear for public scrutiny. I don't blame these parents I would not exploit my child either.

  15. Catherine Pizzotti says:

    Please show Princess Diana with Baby Harry's Christening!!!!!!

  16. Valerie Ciancio says:

    Prince Harry is never going to be king therefore he can live a more private life. He isn’t obligated to divulge his private life.

  17. Sophia Adams says:

    Harry and Meghan carry out their duties.. they are really hard workers and really passionate about their work. they deserve a private life too . and their baby is their baby they don't have to share there baby Archie with the public he's only 8 weeks Old they should protect their baby. The way they did it you can see precious baby arches face and see how happy the three of them are. So well done Harry and Meghan.

  18. dee dee Nash says:

    you British people are ridiculous just because they paid for a run down building that needed to be repaired any way you don't own them they go every for their country, seem to me you need to be speaking to the queen for this mess, she gave them this rundown building to them did they expect them to live in a shack? you complain more than a sore tail cat,i'am sure they have given back to your economy, stop whining, do you know how you sound, like a bunch of kids on the play ground.

  19. Goodwillgirl nifty thrifty 1983 says:

    She’s private cause the baby is a fraud she’s public when it suits her

  20. Goodwillgirl nifty thrifty 1983 says:

    Here are your answers one markle is the biggest fraud in the history of frauds two the photo was fake three no one wanted to be there and four well refer to the others

  21. Ingrid D Strudwick says:

    Yes they live off tax payers money,but they work and work very hard. The media can have access to them when they do public work . Why should they know every detail of there private life so they can sell trash news papers.

  22. Dee Smith says:

    Media get over yourself. You do not OWN people. Get a life or film somewhere else and leave the Sussex's ALONE!

  23. Merlene Taylor says:

    Renovations cost taxpayers nothing.

  24. Carinna chua says:

    This picture all photoshop is done by meghan she will paid for what she has done in uk people are damn angry wth her

  25. Bart Simpson says:

    The tax payers should decide if they want the monarchy abolished or not. If not , then keep on paying and shut up! Everybody has the right to have their privacy respected.

  26. Cornwall 59 says:

    William was surly, Harry didn’t deserve that.

  27. Deborah Pearl says:

    Where's the baby's grandfather, pls?

  28. Olga Frias says:

    Tax payers' money to renovate a property that belongs to the tax payers. The Queen didn't want to attend, why should her subjects be invited. Meagan is so mistreated by British press why should she bend every time. She paid for her food and shelter before marrying Harry, you know.

  29. Assumpta Kitengayire says:

    Morgan 👎👎👎👹👹👹👹

  30. S. G. says:

    Wie alle Baby's dieser Welt ist auch dieses sehr süss, sonst: sehr unnatürlich, sehr gezwungen, "gift und galle" Atmosphäre… bei Kate und William war es so entspannt, so einfach und dabei so traumhaft schön und das schon 3 mal…das ist kein Zufall, das ist Kate…

  31. Alex MacKenzie says:

    A very good looking little boy, Parents and two grand parents present, more than many children have.

  32. z says:

    Abolish king and queen..

  33. Sharmaine Morris - V&S Blogs says:

    People are different and it not nice to compare them.

  34. Zdena Maria says:

    It is their decision and I respect it ,I am sure that the pictures they allowed to be published should be good enough for those ,who cares about them. Duchess is adapting to royal family ,new baby ,and new country .Just watch them if you care .Beautiful family .

  35. Benita Beaubrun says:

    Duch & Duchess are lovely , thank for let us see baby Archie face today he is very very handsome

  36. Idalina Oliveira says:

    It's a shame Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace
    They asked for privacy and you can't even give him that
    Because we all know that you pay the media to sabotage them and to tell lies about them
    All the Royal reporters that work for Kensington Palace you need to go back to school and educate yourself
    You need to know the true meaning of a true journalist
    A true journalist is one that states the facts the truth and not the lies

  37. Shelley Mourer says:

    I know there’s going to be backlash but I think it’s wrong that Harry and Meghan haven’t shared their beautiful baby with us. I’m thrilled for them and I think it’s a beautiful compliment that people would love to see Archie. They cost you guys so much money with their lifestyle, the least they can do is share a little more of their life. I think this is going to backfire if they don’t include the public. Just my thoughts

  38. Diana Burnett says:

    Very private people?? Are you serious??? BEAUTIFUL baby ❣UGLY LIARS POSING AS THE PARENTS!! 🤥👺. PITIFUL SHAM!!

  39. Charlotte B. says:

    Vieux imbécile de Piers Morgan !!!! Piers Morgan est complètement obsédé et frustré !!!! Piers Morgan est idiot 😜 bléser car la Duchesse Meghan ne le veut pas comme ami et Piers Morgan est un petit mec sans intelligence !!!! Et un gros lard sans personnalité !!!

  40. K. Day says:

    The baby is adorable!

  41. Angeliquelovely says:

    We got a picture ppl what more do you want? Back off

  42. Lynda Johnson says:

    Leave them alone.🙏🏿😲😲🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👪👪👪.

  43. nina Chumnanvech says:

    IT is a " SAD DAY " (for the Markle families)

  44. Felix Nurwahid says:

    Finally diversity in british royal 😂😂😂

  45. Sharyn Bushby says:

    They do deserve their privacy,; however, why then does Meghan seek out the cameras? In doing so, she brings the focus on Prince Harry as well. ??????? They will never have the privacy that Prince Harry wants as long as things continue as they are, sad to say. God bless baby Archie.

  46. Charlotte B. says:

    Imbécile de Piers Morgan !!!! Piers Morgan est tellement impétueux, frustré !!!! Piers Morgan est un idiot 😜 mal dans ses baskets 👟 et pauvre con !!!!

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