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Russian media have reported an alleged incident
involving two U.S. F-35 Lightning II fighters and a Russian Tu-160 bomber. The incident has is reported to have taken
place in the neutral skies over the Sea of Japan. Time and again since Nov 8 this report has
come up in several Russian media outlets like RIA Novosti,, and, government
newspapers Rossiskaya Gazeta and Trud as well as two military websites — and But the credibility of the report has been
contested. In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
Russian claims that American F 35s were not able to interpret Russian Tu 160 Bomber maybe
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in the description below. So, take the plunge and join the more than
20 million players from all over the world! According to the Chinese edition of Sina,
the incident occurred on November 3. As per it, the Russian strategic bomber Tu-160
in the sky over the Sea of Japan was able to instantly escape from the pursuit of two
F 35 fifth-generation American fighter aircraft. According to the publication, American F-35
fighters tried to catch the Tu 160 but it abruptly changed the sweep angle of its wings
and managed to instantly leave its pursuers from the USA at supersonic speed. The author of the material from China noted
that the speed of the Russian aircraft was about two “flies”, and expressed the opinion
that the incident “dishonored” American fighters. According to him, the pilots of the American
F-35 did not even have time to react to this maneuver of the Russian Tu-160 Viewers can check the link in the ‘Description’
section below. The Sea of Japan is the marginal sea between
the Japanese archipelago, Sakhalin, the Korean Peninsula, and Russia. The Japanese archipelago separates the sea
from the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by Japan, North Korea, South
Korea, and Russia. Aerial face-off around the waters is not uncommon. In the last several years there have been
many confrontations. Missions are flown by countries for a show
of force as well as to probe reaction times of rivals. Japan and South Korea have reported increased
Russian aerial activities in recent years which has resulted in them carrying out a
record number of interception missions. Tu 160 is the largest combat aircraft in the
world, with a maximum takeoff weight of about 275 tons. It is named as ‘White Swan’ in Russia and
has NATO reporting name of Blackjack. It can cover a distance of more than 7450
miles or around 12,000 km without refueling. The record distance it covered during one
flight was 11,185 miles or 18,000 km spending more than 24 hours in the air. As of 2017, the Russian Air Force, Long Range
Aviation branch has at least 16 aircraft in service. The bombers proved their effectiveness during
Russia’s air campaign in Syria as they took off from airfields in Russia to strike terrorist
targets. The aircraft employs a fly-by-wire control
system with a blended wing profile, and full-span slats are used on the leading edges, with
double-slotted flaps on the trailing edges. The Tu-160 has a crew of four. The Tu-160 is powered by four Kuznetsov NK-32
afterburning turbofan engines, the most powerful ever fitted to a combat aircraft. The Tu-160 is a variable-geometry wing aircraft,
which it wedges against the fuselage when switching to supersonic speed. Tu 160 is considered to be a knock off of
the American B1 bomber. But unlike the American B-1B Lancer, which
reduced the original Mach 2+ requirement for the B-1A to achieve a smaller radar cross-section,
the Tu-160 retains variable intake ramps and is capable of reaching Mach 2.0 speed at altitude. The Blackjack is deadly since it is capable
of carrying up to 40,000 kg (88,185 lb) of ordnance in its two internal bays. Apart from traditional bombs, the payload
can include 12 Raduga Kh-55SM cruise missiles or 24 AS-16 Kickback short-range nuclear missiles. The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II which
is a single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole fighters is undergoing final
development and testing by the United States. The Pentagon began the F 35 program in 2001
with an aim to develop a cost-effective replacement for the U.S. military’s F15 fighters, F
16 and F18 fighter bombers and reconnaissance aircraft and A10 close in support warplanes. The F-35 has three main models: the conventional
takeoff and landing F-35A (CTOL), the short take-off and vertical-landing F-35B (STOVL),
and the catapult-assisted take-off but arrested recovery, carrier-based F-35C (CATOBAR) Apart from the United States, the primary
customer and financial backer, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Turkey
(now removed), Australia, Norway, and Denmark are also part of the program. Many other nations like Japan and Israel are
also deploying the fighters. The 9 major partner nations, including the
U.S, plan to acquire over 2,000 F-35s through 2035, which, if delivered will make the F-35
one of the most numerous jet fighters. The fighter aircraft are expected to remain
in service till 2050. F 35 is powered by single Pratt & Whitney
F135 after-burning turbofan which generates 28,000 lbf (120 kN) thrust dry and 43,000
lbf (190 kN) with afterburner. The fighter has a combat range of 669 nmi
or 770 mi or 1,239 km. F 35 has a max speed of Mach 1.6. According to Polygraph, a fact-checking website
produced by Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that is dedicated
to researching global disinformation, the story may be fake. It stated that there is no such incident reported
by the U.S Department of Defense, Japanese Self-Defense Force or any other credible source. It indicated to the fact that the defense
committee of the State Duma (the lower house of Russia’s parliament) told the weekly
newspaper Voenno-Promyshlenny Kurier (Military-Industrial Courier) that there were no Tu-160 flights
over the Sea of Japan in November or any other time during 2019. Polygraph also stated that the spec of the
aircraft and their capability were wrongly described in Sina which makes the authenticity
of the report even more suspect. Viewers can check the link in the ‘Description’
section below. Though this particular incident may be incorrect,
but it is a fact that F 35 has a max speed of Mach 1.6 which is Mach 0.4 slower when
compared to Tu 160. So, in several scenarios, it is possible for
Tu 160 to outrun the F 35s. But it is to be noted that when it comes to
a real battle, F 35 will be able to knock out a Tu 160 since it is armed with Air to
Air missiles like AIM 120D which can fly at Mach 4.



  1. Art Phinney says:

    I am starting to think that I have been pronouncing words wrong my whole life.. arch-a-PELago??? how about archipelago???

  2. Ashish Patel says:

    Seams fake. Lol.
    If the media over seas is fake news. Especially state controlled media.

  3. Ron Lawson says:

    Thirsty !!!!!

  4. Stu Bur says:

    F-35 can do interceptions but F15X is a better choice of aircraft for intercepting Russian bombers. For peace time interceptions in particular, stealth aircraft are not ideal for interceptions because the point is to let them know you are there and sometimes even get into close visual range to encourage them to turn away. An F-15 can carry external weapons and fuel to increase range and firepower which are helpful for being a potent counter to encroaching bombers. It is however potentially helpful to have some stealth aircraft somewhere in the area silently doing over watch as backup to the F-15s for interception missions.

    The additional max speed of F-15 is of course also helpful although the F-35 still has respectable speed. For these missions, this speed is primarily for quickly traveling the distance to the area the intruders are in, not so much for combat maneuvers. If the bombers can penetrate deep before being intercepted, then it is a win for them. They likely would use cruise missiles so they do not have to necessarily even fly very close to the target before turning away. This makes it especially important to intercept them as early as possible and high cruise speed can help with that.

  5. BoilerBloodline says:

    Clearly Russia isn’t too happy about the F-35’s & F-22 capabilities. So much so they’ve fed their media BS to report.

  6. REYLAT 360' says:

    White Swan is never alone though.

  7. Steve Soltysiak says:

    Sounds like the writer has no “Honor”. Hahaha

  8. Your Fubar says:

    for future videos could you leave turkey out of the line up when talking about the f35 its pointless to keep talking about it

  9. Adrian Chong says:

    Quick check on Wikipedia:
    Tu-160 max speed Mach 2.06;
    F35 max speed Mach 1.61.
    The TU-160 can outrun the F35b no problem.
    Noe the F15 max speed Mach 2.5;
    and the F22 max speed Mach 2.25 can catch the TU-160.
    The F35 main claim to fame is stealth not speed. Remember it has to open its bomb baby doors to fire its missiles, not good if the F35 is flying supersonic.

  10. razony says:

    NEVER trust a Russian!
    Russians don't even trust Russians!

  11. Omer Dillon KJ7ABD says:

    Nobody knows the top speed of the individual F35s except Americans with a proper clearance and a proper and desperate "need to know". Without a need to know, asking around will only strip you of your clearance. Anybody who lives by a fighter base that fields the F35, you know them suckers are m2+. Except, I'd believe the USMC VTSL version probably is not capable of over 1.6. But then, speed is not what the Marines are after. The F-35 A, we will come to know in 20 years that they scooted across the skies at much faster speeds.

  12. Rob Is says:

    arch-a-PELago…..bring back RoboVoice!!

  13. Etech2x Won says:

    I recall a few years ago someone(?) boasting that the TU160 could outrun any aircraft the UK had. Lets see the bitch outrun a missile, then I'll be impressed.

  14. Rob Is says:

    I'm waiting for the pic of Putin flying the TU-160…..SHIRTLESS!!! lol

  15. mac22011964 says:

    Ok…..too many adds and gratuitous content to get add revenue….I’m out.

  16. BigFoot Too says:

    "F-35 not able to interpret TU-160" interpret?

  17. Peppi Poohductions— Waka’s hunt and fish says:

    What a waste of money those f35’s are, our Aussie tax dollars in work

  18. Patriot says:

    They are on drugs. Why not say it out ran a f22 then lol.

  19. jason miller says:

    the russian bomber is an incredible plane whether or not the story is true . imagine a plane in the air for more than 24 hours without refueling . not to mention the other features .wow

  20. CAG Hotshot says:

    What difference does that make? It just means the Russians ran away. They do that a lot. They had to get visual on the F-35s to know it was there… They could’t have outrun a missile. They never do that well..

  21. Doug Kennedy says:

    Russians turned and ran. Mission accomplished. They scared them off.
    It it where war bomber would have been shot down without knowing f35 was there.

  22. Ashton Robbins says:

    A friggin voice says interpret as well as opposed to intercept, making whatever else you say redundant and pathetic.

  23. Jeff M says:

    Hey! Where is the missing F35 Japan?

  24. Brian Daigle says:

    Tu 160 is a beautiful plane. So is the f35

  25. BillyC NYC says:

    The story “may” be fake? Russian military claims have been overblown since the days of Stalin. There has never been an incident or situation in which Russia has or ever would acknowledge that US or NATO military equipment is superior to Russian equipment. The TU-160 is a 1980’s technology and the F-35 is a 5th generation multi role combat aircraft. The TU-160 exists in a grand total of 16 aircraft and the F-35, when it’s done being produced, will make 2,000+ aircraft for the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. Even if Russia wasn’t lying about this incident, how an aircraft with less then 2 dozens models available is a threat to an aircraft that will number in the thousands is something only gullible Russians would buy.

  26. Med dy says:

    👎🏻Waste of my time BS!👎🏻

  27. Person of Interest says:

    Citing VOA and RFE as credible sources? Defence updates you can do better!

  28. Jt Williams says:

    Seems totally plausible to me. The TU 160 has a top speed of Mach 2+, the F-35 only has a top speed of Mach 1.6. Of course it could outrun the F35s

  29. scott besemer says:

    Thank you for using a real voice.

  30. jason4275 says:

    One country Jail and murder their journalist, the other puts millions in prison camps because of their religions, Because the world knows how reliable China and Russia intelligence is.

  31. Roman D says:

    Russian minister of culture and education = most educated and cultured person in russia said that russians are so good and patriotic because they have extra special chromosome…. And that explains a lot. An extra chromosome, without a pair, usually is evidence of down syndrome. Thats what top educated and cultured russian said… Got to belive him.

  32. Hajduk Besmrtnik says:


  33. S Bains says:

    Tu160 is a Mach 2 bomber
    The su35 is a barely supersonic pos

  34. ahvlog says:

    yes the Tu swept its wings and instantly out ran the F-35…lmao how does that make sense

  35. Michael Kaliski says:

    Russian aircraft are more than capable of outflying American aircraft. Russian pilots can easily outfly their American counterparts. They are fitter, and can withstand far higher G forces than any US pulots, 9G continuous versus 6G continuous, 15G instantaneous versus 9-12G instantaneous. Then there is the cost of the aircraft, with Russian aircraft costing a tenth of the American equivalent for the same or superior performance. F35 is good, but not the best.

  36. Bryan Bolton says:

    Did the TU 160 crew detect the F35 with their radar, or was it visual only. Being to late in real situation.

  37. Michael Ripperger says:

    The real question is .. can the bomber out run the missile ?

  38. Putin The Great says:

    Presented to you from the lying U.S. MIC chanel. When 1.6 mach is faster than 2.2 mach

  39. john Gason says:

    Yes I'm sure it can but can it out run an Air to Air missile.

  40. ** says:

    idiots fight for no reason… F35 top speed is 1.6 mach while TU-160 top speed is at 2.2+mach…..just declare war… and find out which country will perish… Russia.. on one side against US and NATO… so stop the bullshit

  41. User Name says:

    Mach 2.3 vs mach 1.6 and you doubt that the F35 were outrun?

  42. Screw You says:

    More russian/chinese b.s.

  43. Screw You says:

    Russian copilot to pilot: kapitan we got a mosquito on radar. O wait it's not there now. Must be malfunction. KAPITAN KAPITAN!!! THE MOSQUITO IS BACK AND IS NOW TARGET LOCKED ON US!!!!!!!!

  44. crazyt1ger08 says:

    The first hint the four little Ivans on the TU 160 would know that there was a couple of F 35 on them would be as the F 35 pilots were waving a 'hello comrade' as they fly next to their cockpit…….

  45. sloan osborne says:

    well the missle the f35 uses better be a damn good one hecause otherwise this plane SUCKS its a turkey and wouldnt win a dogfight with a ww1 era biplane but at least its cost effective right? f35 is a major fail

  46. Chase Mccall says:

    Would love to see a maverick hit Black Jack fully loaded with all 88k lbs of it what a boom

  47. R Mack says:

    Russians lie? OMG! I'm soooo shocked.

  48. Jack Sparrow says:

    Yes, a twin engine variable swept wing bomber that is intended to go very fast can outrun an F-35. F-35s aren't supposed to be that fast.

  49. AkBorealisdev Davey says:

    The blackjack can’t track the 35 so I call bullshit.

  50. Elie Abi-lamah says:

    Everyone knows it’s fake ! that statement is so typical propaganda as if they have decided to pursue with an air race ! we know exactly how that propaganda works by now.

  51. Elie Abi-lamah says:

    and they réalèased that propaganda just weeks before their military drill with Iran n China ! Make me laugh plz .

  52. Jack says:

    Sounds fake as fuck

  53. kenneth connors says:

    F35 not as fast as Tu160 which can easily outrun the F35 ,check the facts

  54. Ralph Stewart says:

    How did the TU 160 know the F35s where in the area?

  55. Frankie Ford says:

    This sounds like a BS story…Japan operates a large # of F-15s and only has a few F-35s at this time…The TU-160 wouldn't even know the F-35s were there…The F-15s could easily out pace TU160 with its Mach 2.5 speed..
    A fairy tale….

  56. Doug Underwood says:

    Supposedly the Russian bomber can go Mach 2.05 and the F-35 can go Mach 1.6. The F-35 isn't designed for speed. The F-22 Raptor can outrun the Russian bomber as it has a top speed of Mach 2.25. Those speeds are what both countries claim, but the Russians usually claim a higher top speed and we claim a lower top speed to keep our enemies guessing. That said, the Russian bomber can not outrun our missiles so the point is pretty moot.

  57. Serge Fa says:

    Next you'll measure pilot's dicks to see who' better.

  58. Henry Hodgens says:

    Do we have anything in our inventory that CAN catch blackjack??? Might be important some day.

  59. Will USA says:

    No that's about right Russian bombers running from top-notch us fighter and that's about right just my opinion don't anybody get mad at me

  60. Brian Cooper says:


  61. Douglass-hull says:

    moron robot

  62. American guy says:

    Okay why russia is in the UN? All they did was create tensions with America and Europe while America started all those wars only to protect themselves and their allies.

  63. Harry Neff says:

    The F35 is not a speed merchant, it is a stealth attack aircraft. You want speed go with the F22.

  64. Alexander says:

    And the TU-160 burned out its engines and will require Weeks of maintenance.

  65. jeremiah christe says:

    F35's are not made for intercepting. Would the bombers have detected the F35's? If they were seen visually, they would out run them. This story sounds fake.

  66. Darren Rushworth-Moore says:

    Russians do this all the time, they frequently fly into British aero space to test response times, then get out. They are not looking for a fight but seeing if a nation is getting lazy or slipping in sending aircraft out. Russia Sends around 30 a year to Northern England and Scotland. RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Boulmer typically launch air response jets, and you frequently hear sonic booms as they proceed to intercept and escort them out of our territory if they haven't already turned tail, it's not about shooting them out of the sky but to show them the door. They do this all over northern Europe.

  67. The Artificial Society says:

    Well we are not getting a lot of positive news about the viability of F35. Does anyone think its a good weapon or is it an over specified mess?

  68. Joe Hayward says:

    It’s true the Marines and Navy can only run full out for 45 SECONDS the afterburner starts melting the rear wings . Like 2 or 3 months ago there was reporting on how the F35 can go full afterburners for long time

  69. Robert Zeurunkl says:

    This thing isn't a "cost effective replacement" for anything, except possibly the United States Gross Domestic Product.

  70. Freedom Fighter says:

    All I have to do is look at the video of the plane that things got everything in it

  71. Phillip_IV_Planet King says:

    Russia is one backward nation.
    They have become a second rate power.
    Russia has a history of lying and faking shit.
    They did it back in the day with their Bison bombers.
    They would fly them in circles during parades in particular in July 1955 Soviet Aviation Day to give the illusion of numerous bombers LOL.
    It's called the bomber gap.

    Russia is a complete joke.

  72. John G says:

    Sure Russia..

  73. DrforkintheLung300 says:

    Real question is ,can f-35 out run su-35?

  74. Marc Bu says:

    Who cares..

  75. Lisa Bednaroski says:

    USA F-15 Eagle jet fighter can faster as can catch Russia TU-160 bomber aircraft but F-15 Eagle jet fighter has powerful Mach 4+ air to air missiles . F-35 jet fighters will get new much powerful engine give F-35 jet fighters fly as faster but F-22 Raptor jet fighter get new two powerful engines as more miles range also fuel saved improvement , still fly faster but top secret Mach speed reasons , can catch Russia TU- 160 bomber aircraft no matter . F- 22 Raptor still carry powerful highly advanced technology Mach 4+ air to air missiles but newly Mach 8+ air to air missiles for F-22 Raptor & F-15X Eagle but new missile in drawing board until get new powerful laser weapon can destroy TU-160 bomber aircraft easy . Russia TU- 160 bomber aircrafts aren’t stay longer because parts as rare getting hard to find since Ukraine aircraft company decided destroyed all unfinished TU-160 aircrafts in line and aircrafts parking leave 16 blackjack bomber aircrafts by Ukraine government ordered it due nuclear plant accident happen destroyed environmental and forced people fled from their homes and buildings , business due deadly radiation poisoning in northern & eastern Ukraine & Russia . None of Russia blackjack TU- 160 in Sea of Japan because F-15 Eagle jet fighters of USA and Japan .

  76. smokinhabanas says:

    LOL bomber has no payload. So it can burn fuel to zip away YAWN bet neither planes had their EWS suites on and our planes presence said it all. These intercepts are Common both sides keeping it professional. Next vid please haha

  77. Reyter says:

    F-35s are the greatest scam in modern military history.

  78. R T says:

    Lol. They should spin it like Russian media does. Tu-160 gets scared, and chased out of its mission area by Japan’s new and stealthy f-35. 🤷‍♂️

  79. Oljunka Puvelkrag says:

    I am not able to interpret the F35 either. Also my fastest speed every was one fly. So the TU160 must be pretty fast. Another thing you need to work on is "archipelago". Are you a product of the american education system? Come on lift your game. Your blithering stupidity is letting the team down.

  80. Jim Hanna says:

    Lets look at this Russian report in depth shall we. According to official documentation the top speed of the TU-160 is 1380 MPH. The top speed of the F-35 is 1199 MPH. So it would quite natural for the TU-160 to outrun the F-35. But let's look at it again but introducing the detail not even mentioned in the report. The report said that the TU-160 accelerated away from the F-35 WHEN IT SAW IT SHADOWING the bomber. As we all know the F-35 is a fifth generation stealth fighter / bomber it's job in this situation would be destroy the TU-160 long before the TU-160 knew it was even in the same airspace. The very fact the TU-160 only saw the fighter WHEN IT CAME INTO VISUAL CONTACT tells you the F-35 DID the job exactly the it was designed to do. That being, if required, kill the bomber without it even knowing the little guy was there. So well done Mr Lockheed the intercept went by the bock. Shame on you Mr Tupolev imagine running away from a much smaller opponent.

  81. Julio Avalos says:

    As the Russian arsenal becomes obsolete, their BS gets smellier.

  82. JAG says:

    "Dishonored"? That's a good one coming from a country who cannot build safe submarines and whose "Bear" bomber crews have to wear noise canceling headphones or risk being deafened by the noise of their own airplanes. American interceptors say they don't need radar to find the "Bear". They can hear them coming from inside their airplanes. The Russian technology looks and is portrayed as superior. If so then who are they trying to convince? Us or themselves?

  83. Kelvin Matingo says:

    Why would the F35 want to shoot a Russian bomber in international waters? Fact is this bomber can outrun an F35, in a non- combat interaction

  84. Michael Berman says:

    I for one believe absolutely nothing that comes from state run chinese or russian news, or political puppets of either country!!!
    Oh and did I tell you about the 22 pound perch I caught the other day, sadly my line broke and it got away, go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. megamillionfreak says:

    How is a European country full of White Christians my enemy, again?…

  86. ba sook says:

    some Russian bombers can reach more than Mach 1.3, so this can be possible

  87. joe cucch says:

    F-35's don't drag race. they blow other airplanes up.

  88. AdamosDad says:

    Even if the story were true the TU 160 is not the F35's mission.

  89. blxtothis says:

    This is such a trash jingoistic, clickbait channel, what the feck does “As per it” mean.

    The writer of this tosh requires a lesson in English and the rubbish narrator ought to read his script thoroughly before committing this garbage to air, wouldn’t help much but might make it sound like a human being is reading.

  90. Chur Bro says:

    I remember when this channel wasn't propaganda

  91. HC Misra says:

    Well common Physics will tell you if the Russian bomber increased their speed to its maximum then the F 35 which has a reported top speed at less then the top speed of the bomber would not be able to make up the distance separating them from the bomber, since they have to take off from their base and then climb to the bombers altitude while chasing it .. even at their reported maximum speed they would not be able to make up the distance since the bomber has reportedly increased its speed to either that of the F 35 or greater then the F 35. Why this is anything great is kind of silly, the American SR-71 employed this same tactic of acceleration when chased by MIG 31's even though they both were capable of speeds over 2000 mph by increasing its speed to that of the Mig, they kept distance between then or pulled away.

  92. gary perry says:

    Still playing games take no notice russia plays games turkey shot there plane down they did nothing quantity dont mean quality

  93. Cliffco says:

    Now Russia will fly a TU 160 OVER THE SEA OF JAPAN. JUST TO TEASE JAPAN AND AMERICA. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. Core 308 says:

    Moot point. it does not have to outrun a F35… it has to outrun a AMRAAM…

  95. SpraYeRS77 says:

    I believe it, f35 is shithouse.

  96. SpraYeRS77 says:

    This channel is retarded. States tu 160 top speed is mach 2 then states f35 top speed is mach 1.6 too much banker jizz beyween the ears.

  97. Мордорский Тролль says:

    fighter is slower than a bomber, slower bomber. buzzinga

  98. Josh Miller says:

    wait a minute, the speed is not an issue at all here,
    my question
    is, how the hell they were able to intercept the F-35?!

  99. jason Brittain says:

    The TU-160 wont carry out missions on its own the F35 should look out for SU-35 & SU-57

  100. TheAndimilan says:

    North Korean ATC footage

    F35: Lower your speed!😡😡
    TU160: What's up? why follow us?🥺🥺
    F35: Oh alright. No, nothing. Sorry, please go and have a nice trip😊😋

    SU35: (behind F35), turn around and go home!😐😐
    F35: Ah we are just kidding .. can we go Comrade?🥵😊😘
    SU35: Ok, say hello to Trump from Putin.😂🤣

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