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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has
threatened to close down two U.S. military bases in Turkey. The two bases are in Incirlik & Kurecik. Erdogan said during a TV interview,
“If necessary we’ll close Incirlik and also Kurecik. If the threat of sanctions is implemented
against us, we’ll respond to them in the framework of reciprocity.” This move comes at a time when there is an
increasing probability of American president Donald Trump approving sanctions against the
country. The potential U.S. sanctions against Turkey
is primarily due to its decision to buy S-400 air defense system from Russia. Viewers may note that sanctions against Turkey
were passed by a U.S. Senate committee and it is currently unclear if President Trump
would sign it. Incirlik is believed to house roughly 50 nuclear
bombs. In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
Turkey’s S 400 deal with Russia may result in the U.S having to remove nukes from Turkey’s
soil? Let’s get started This video is sponsored by the free-to-play
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using the link in the description below will also get a free premium tank or aircraft or
ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. The existence of U.S. nuclear bombs in Turkey
has never been officially acknowledged by the Pentagon. But it’s widely accepted that there are
around 50 B-61 gravity nuclear bombs at Incirlik Air Base. A draft report published earlier by the NATO
Parliamentary Assembly confirmed that several European countries store hundreds of United
States nuclear bombs. The document was published on the Assembly’s
website in April but changed on July 11. Belgian daily De Morgen claimed that it managed
to get a copy of the document before its final paragraph was replaced. According to the outlet, the document previously
read, “In the context of NATO, the United States
is deploying around 150 nuclear weapons in Europe, in particular B61 free-bombs, which
can be deployed by both US and Allied planes. These bombs are stored in six American and
European bases: Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Büchel in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi-Torre
in Italy, Volkel in the Netherlands and Inçirlik in Turkey.” Keeping B61 in NATO countries provide the
U.S operational flexibility in case there is a Russian attack through Europe. The B61 nuclear bomb is the primary thermonuclear
gravity bomb in the U.S. cache and is designed to be delivered by aircraft. It is a low to intermediate-yield strategic
and tactical nuclear weapon featuring a two-stage radiation implosion design. The weapon is 3.56 m (11 ft 8 in) long, with
a diameter of about 13 inches. Its basic weight is about 320 kg (700 pounds),
although the weights of individual weapons may vary depending on version and fuze/retardation
configuration. The B61 is a variable yield, kiloton-range
weapon. Tactical versions (Mods 3, 4, and 10) can
be set to 0.3, 1.5, 5, 10, 45, 60, 80, or 170 kilotons explosive yield. The strategic version (B61 Mod 7) has 4 yield
options, with a maximum of 340 kilotons. The U.S. military theoretically has sole control
of the bombs. But as viewers can understand no security
is infallible in a foreign land especially if the administration becomes hostile. S 400 Triumph is an anti-aircraft weapon system
developed by Russia’s Almaz Central Design Bureau in the 1990s as an upgrade of the S
300 family. it has been in service with the Russian armed
forces since 2007. It is designed to defend against aircraft
including 5th generation stealth fighters, bombers, AWACS, cruise missiles, and ballistic
missiles. It is considered one of the most powerful
air defense systems in the world. The radars of S 400 have a range of around
600 km or around 370 miles. The main radar is complimented by target acquisition
radars some of which are touted to have the ability to detect stealth aircraft. S 400 deploys multiple missiles to cover its
strike envelope and can hit targets at a range of up to 400 km or 250 miles Because of its capabilities, S 400 has the
potential to change the tactical balance in a region. In July 2017, Turkey reportedly signed the
deal to acquire the S-400 air defense system from Russia. It took delivery of the S-400 in July this
year. As per reports, Russia and Turkey are in the
final stage of negotiation on more S 400 batteries. Turkey has insisted that since it currently
has the Cold War era surface to air missile system, it requires an upgrade and S 400 fits
in perfectly. It is to be noted that Turkey had repeatedly
asked for the Patriot Air defense System from the U.S but was rejected by the Obama administration. The Patriot PAC 3 is being offered to it now,
but Turkey is no longer interested in it. Erdogan was quoted by NTV as saying: “One
S-400 is worth three Patriots. If the conditions are even equal to the S-400
(deal), we would buy Patriots, but if they are not, then we have to think of our interests,” There are 3 main reasons for the opposition
of S 400: 1. NATO as an organization likes to have interoperability. So, the Russian system will be out of place
and reduce tactical flexibility. 2. When Turkey operates the jets in the airspace
which is monitored by S 400.S 400 will be able to gather technical data such as radar
signature of F 35s. This could potentially pass onto Russian hands
and could undercut the main advantage of F35s that’s ‘stealth’. 3. S 400 could be hooked to Turkish air defense
as part of an integrated air defense setup. This could be a major security breach as having
the S-400 linked into Turkish defense networks could potentially give Russian analysts access
to sensitive information that passes through the cloud-based, multi-national Autonomic
Logistics Information System (ALIS) of F 35s. ALIS has critical mission data and flight
routes. Several important people have expressed reservation
when it comes to F 35 sells to Turkey if it acquired S 400 US Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, the head
of US forces in Europe, told a Senate Armed Services Committee, “My best military advice
would be that we don’t then follow through with the F-35, flying it or working with an
ally that’s working with Russian systems, particularly air-defense systems, with what
I would say is probably one of most advanced technological capabilities.” NATO Allied Air Commander Gen. Tod Wolters
had stated, “Anything that an S-400 can do that affords it the ability to better understand
a capability like the F-35 is certainly not to the advantage of the coalition.” S 400 has not been used in the battlefield
to take out a target till now but it is still proving to be a major headache for the U.S
and NATO. It is turning out to be a great tool in the
hands of Russian President Putin to drive a wedge between the U.S and its allies. On 5th Oct 2018, during India-Russia bilateral
annual summit held in New Delhi, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi & Russian President
Vladimir Putin finalized the deal of S 400. India will get 5 regiments of S 400 and the
contract is worth 5.5 Billion USD. The delivery is expected to start in the next
year. Just like Turkey, sanctions against India
will be very detrimental for Indo – U.S relations. It remains to be seen how the U.S handles
the situation



  1. Hour Bee says:

    Another S-400 video..

  2. James Walsh says:

    Nobody actually knows if the thing even works. It might be another Patriot. A total fkn dog in other words. Russia is hardly going to advertise the fact if it is a dog are they? Billions on the line not to mention the geopolitical aspect.

  3. M87 says:

    Turkey is not an ally of the United States.

  4. Madib Fakhri says:

    S400 is better than junks(patriot)

  5. M87 says:

    The idea that we have nukes there in the first place is ridiculous.

  6. † Ranger for Jesus † says:

    Honestly, we need to remove them anyway. Turkey really isn't an ally anymore. 🙄

  7. Fury Of Zion says:

    Its time u.s. should remove the bomb from incirlik, never trust an Islamic state

  8. Lucky Happyman says:

    Of course it is. the S 500 will cause even more problems for the US.

  9. Jessie Stines says:

    If Turkey wants to join a loosing team, then let em!!!!!!!!!1

  10. some1badazz says:

    It's kind of creepy of Russia selling the S400 anti-air weapons to other countries definitely knowledgeable wedge between the US and Russia.

  11. jumpjive3 jump3 says:

    Hey! I have forgotten the names of the S- 400 radars already!

  12. souvick ojha says:

    Ok so two Allie of usa bcme it's rival pakistan nd turkey and both of them already India's enemy no wonder why naturally indo us frndshp bcming stronger

  13. That Montage Nerd says:

    Can we not have a mid-roll every 2 minutes. These have become much too tedious to regularly watch.

  14. thomas gellos says:

    "it's considered one of the most powerful air defense systems in the world"
    It IS thee most powerful air defense system in the world.


  15. halburd1 says:

    kick them out of NATO turkey has gone full mohamad murder cult

  16. Eet given new name in eternal life Holy ghost says:

    Russian waters
    Russian lakes
    Russian flowing waters
    Russian breathing
    Russian president
    Russian power unto christ jesus

  17. Kauppi1 says:

    If even the EU understands that Turkey is not a suitable member for security reasons, NATO should start to understand this ASAP…

  18. mrthunderbird5 says:

    USA corporation just put its foot 🦶 right up its own ass 🤣😂😆

  19. Games Master says:

    Fck USA who only think for its purposes if other countries try to strengthen their defences USA gets pain in its a.s.s Hole

  20. Jim Baker says:

    turkey is against the west, allways has been, allways will be,

  21. Fenway Park says:

    You know, for a country ( Russia) that can’t or could ever make a aircraft carrier, begs to wonder on any of their so called military. Hell, Turkey gets one, we break it down to see if it even ticks.

  22. terry broderick says:


  23. helinick81 says:

    @6:50 you got it backwards… patriot costs as much as 3 xs400

  24. terry broderick says:


  25. shaquille mccray says:

    NATO needs to remove Turkey

  26. terry broderick says:


  27. shaquille mccray says:

    S-400 is nothing but drone food.

  28. Carin Hall says:

    I've said it for years, Turkey is the lynchpin on which NATO rests. Turkey goes and so does NATO. Thank God.

  29. one above all says:

    How classic, anyone not using US items is not an ally of US

    Retarded lmao, how typical of us to always see US as the "king of the Earth"

  30. Florida Huntsman says:

    Turkey, shouldn’t be trusted ,ever! Be like Vlad !

  31. morning glory says:

    Do you have another content
    rather than just s400?

  32. Hessley Laurent says:

    He forgot a 4th reason, the S400 can't be shut down by an imbedded Off switch like a Patriot in case US decides one day to do to Turkey what it did to Iraq missile systems it got from France.

  33. grim reaper says:

    The truth is There’s nothing else turkey can do if US was to sanction them..close the base US will open a new one on turkey’s door step like Greece etc…

  34. Fenway Park says:

    Jesus, you ignorant and mean ignorant anti US, look what goes with one aircraft carrier. Two subs, Two destroyers, one cruiser, a floating arsenal. You antifa snowflakes vote for gayor Pete. MAGA 🇺🇸🖖

  35. Nationalist says:

    Turkey, overrun the base and take the nukes!!

  36. Toby Tran says:

    America needs to teach the traitor turkey an appropriate lesson, chasing after Russia.

  37. Derf says:

    Set the self destruct if they try to take em

  38. Hugh Jarsol says:

    Bullies don't like it when others have friends… Guess which ones the Bully!?

  39. Imagination Is Power says:

    Russia's S-400 system is saving country's from being attacked and robbed by the United States of global terrorism. Best thing to happen to this world.

  40. Dr Bendover says:

    didn't think about that, yeah take those nukes out of Turkey then kick them out of NATO:)

  41. Act1veSp1n says:

    I think ya'll forgot to mention the coup and assassination attempt on Erdogan in 2016 – that was the reason for all this "tension" and Ergogan working with Russia now.

  42. ALB437 says:

    Move the US bombs to Greece, as Turkey is probably already expecting Putin to take over the two air bases

  43. Richard Patton says:

    We all keep talking (naturally) about these weapons systems and using Russia as the primary adversary. How long are we going to continue to pretend that the child in the White House doesn’t agree? We all simple citizens know the truth, what should a channel like this do? Keep ignoring the most powerful man in the world because we all now he’s retarded? Pretend he doesn’t exist or talk or tweet? We all keep talking about this stuff pretending that the actual president of the US agrees with common sense. Which he doesn’t. It’s kind of surreal how we all keep sweeping this under the rug

  44. IloveDoubleD says:

    You really need to work on pronunciation.

  45. W P Harrison says:

    They should have removed the nukes long time ago. Erdogan may confiscate them.

  46. Baldevbhai Panchal says:


  47. miamistorm says:

    If Turkey's military doesn't step up to the plate and resolve the 'Erdogan' problem than the US must use the CIA to resolve the problem. Let us all remember how Turkey refused to allow the US to open up a northern campaign against Sadam Hussain in the second gulf war. Turkey's no longer an ally but rather a headache for NATO and the US.

  48. knowledge says:

    defense updates channel u do understand that if russia wanted to get its hands on f35 stealth info it can without the s400 y i say this china hacked the info for the f35 stealth and much more so to say s400 will learn from this its funny when the info for f35 its out there google it and china steal f35 blueprints from lockheed

  49. Danny Treffers says:

    Us should start stop eating Turkey with Thanksgiving. That would teach them!

  50. ALPHA and OMEGA says:

    Hey Defense Updates, when are you going to make a video on how S-400s are thought to be a joke ????????

  51. Alf Beef says:

    Pull our troops out of turkey and kick turkey out of NATO! Why is a NATO member buying weapons from its enemy?

  52. Ryan Dawson says:

    Obama fucked that all up for us SMH 🤦‍♀️.

  53. trankt54155 says:

    More, more and more of more about S 400…..

  54. general dealing says:

    If anyone wants to try soviet air defence systems they can try into the Russian air space ask the US since 1960 they have manufactured all kinds of stealth air craft and tried to penetrate the soviet only to get surprise everytime till today,read history and u shall understand how US pilots are terrified of soviet ADS

  55. Kagbaranen Zoranen says:

    Erdogan's Islamic mentality and extremism has created more problems for Turkey, which Russia can't defend when the time comes. The boastings of Putin and his weapons shall only be shortlived .

  56. Rama Primus says:

    More news China launched another aircraft carrier. FK VACHINA

  57. riccccccardo says:

    I’m 400th 👍🏾

  58. Mikhail Zavarov says:

    The only party that complained about secuirty risk was the Pentagon , NATO command made no such concerns on the other hand. You're just spewing Raytheons propaganda hook line and sinker without even bothering to add anything else

  59. john brown says:

    Turkey in no way can be trusted. Even their national flag screams radical islam traitors. Same ole smiley face, stick a knife in the back ideology. Just take a look at that flag they fly. It bolsters the largest crescent moon of any islamic country. Not only that, they hate Christians and in their country they keep the throne of satan. They had it shipped there from Germany. It is also biblical written in Ezekiel 38 that they are one of the countries that will invade Israel along with Iran, which is Persia, Russia, which is Magog, Ethiopia-Northern Africa, Libya and Gomer=Germany Tarshish, and Togarmah which as mentioned before is Turkey.
    The turks are backstabbers and will only sign up for what suits them personally. They are not an ally in anyway shape or form. I was stationed there. I know.
    Why the S-400? To have a slight chance to shoot down the F-35 which they dont have, and to sell them anything 5th generation is a Huge mistake.
    We need our nukes back, and Eardagon needs to climb in bed with putin and stay there.
    I think anyone that thinks russia is some kind of big badass with a big badass military is stupid or they just have no idea.
    Russia (had) one aircraft carrier, yes had, it caught fire while in port day before yesterday by accident and it was completely destroyed.
    The only thing that keeps russia itself from not being completely overrun are their many nukes they posses, which half are probably duds. Yes russia is a joke.

  60. Harold Lebo says:

    Now that it looks like both turkey and India are getting the S400, what then would happen if China also signed up for the S400

  61. billy belk says:

    During Desert Storm wasn;t it Turkey that blocked the arrival of the 4th inf. division that was coming down from the north and then had to be rerouted to the south thus delaying a large military force. they aren;t trust worthy and they have proven it.

  62. Alexander Green says:

    Its clear the Turkish have been a green snake in a green grass

  63. Alexander Green says:

    Let them detonate the booms accidentally in Ankara pretending it was by accident

  64. Roscodot Emmas says:

    USA is afraid of Russia and China activities. Causing problem for allies who is willing to unite with

  65. Old Kid says:

    Without those airbases there is no reason to have Turkey in NATO. Boot!

  66. nesseiht gnay says:

    turkey wouldnt even let the US take they're own nukes back. because turkey is scared that other countries is going to nuke turkey and turkey wont have none to use.

  67. Jon Shaffer says:

    Fuck turkey up the ass!

  68. JC 90 says:

    If NATO and russia are in war..101% that turkey backstab the NATO and go for russia..🤣

  69. Kyuho K says:

    To be fair, its not really in US position to sanction another nation for buying other country's arms.
    Their greed to control the military market by selling overpriced weapons by economical threats are quite disgusting to say the least.

    "Oh you're buying a statistically better and cheaper system than our own? Oh well, instead of designing and producing better systems on our own we'll just destroy your economy in the international scene to humiliate you."

  70. king Jula says:

    You recognize the hypocrisy of the west? How many times did Turkey ask US for missile defense systems and US rejected them… Then they really need air defense system. S400 is available… If Turkey left Nato it will weaken it… No nato Access to Black sea… Nato would not last long incase of war with Russia.. They Wil be wipe out.. All of us will be death 💀☠️☠️☢️☢️☢️⚠️

  71. Usecriticalthinking says:

    Turkey was never an ally, mofos even attacked Greece which is another NATO member

  72. Dana.k.a.bradpitt says:

    That s400 is becoming a real problem considering India is now going to utilize it also. Hey they want to value the s400 over partnership with the united states then they aren't worth our time anyways.

  73. Ron Lawson says:

    Sneak the Nuclear weapons out NOW !!!!!!

  74. Heneral Luna says:

    Then why the America have nukes in Turkey? You westerners are bunch idiots

  75. Kenneth PECK says:

    yes because those s400 could easily knock out those nukes in the time of need

  76. Tom Goddard says:

    The Trump is the best weapon the Russians ever invented …

  77. C Peterson says:

    S-400 is not a magical missile system.. it can be defeated by many options in the defense tool box. Stop hyping it up to the lay person. Remember this we know about 60% of what the US is really capable of … black programs are real and not available for discussion. Add that to what we know and we’re unstoppable. So many assets available to the 6 branches .

  78. Chicco Luvuezo says:

    If THE F 35 is sooooooo goooood as advertised , so that is an unmissable opportunity to confront it with the S that you put rusky to shame. Why are so scared, come on F 35, you just need to disappear from the radar, where are your sensors…high technology. …Dare,,,,,

  79. Edoardo Ferro says:


  80. Varcolac 02 says:

    Cut the head off of the the Turkey.

  81. Optical Clarity says:

    Not really causing problems for the US. We simply close our bases, take our equipment, and tell Turkey "enjoy being a client state of the Russians. Don't call us. We'll call you."

  82. m kvp says:

    S-400 is vastly superior to all its competitors. Countries are willing to break alliances and receive sanctions just to get them. Latest Russian advances in missile and radar technology are stating to change warfare, and even geopolitics. And people still in denial about S-400… USA mobster gov's bullying days will soon be over when every nerd suddenly has a shotgun.

  83. Gen V says:

    S-400 is made redundant by 5th Generation Airforces which are growing in strength and surrounding Russia. Russia still has no answer for countering superior neighbouring Airforces.

  84. Cliffco says:

    Turkey should be kicked out of NATO. America should have never stored nuclear bombs in Turkey. Turkey will hold these bombs as ransom.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  85. Cliffco says:

    Please no more s400 specs. Junk Russian air defense crap. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  86. P. F. Fear says:

    Just another way Obama and his minions screwed our defense and military posture during his presidency……
    The deal he made with Putin not to put our Air Defense Missiles in the old Soviet Satellite countries ringing Russia……
    Part of his "Hot Mike" blunder when he was caught passing the message to Putin to wait until after the 2012 election for his help for Russia❓😱
    No doubt, thanks Berrie….😕👌
    And they wonder why we elected Trump❓

  87. Doosha Khaboosha says:

    Thanks given 🦃.

  88. Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Murdering Monster Putin is Desperate to reconstitute the USSR and none of Russia's neighbors are safe.

  89. Arthur Momsen says:

    Amazing how the westerns split the safety and security of the nation and make them defenceless

  90. bign3ck says:

    Turkey isn't an allie, never was.

  91. mike obasuyi says:

    Could this all be a ploy by the US to have an ally own the S400 so they can study it? If yes, this is brilliantly played by the US

  92. Mitchell Renton says:

    Why does every video have a War Thunder sponsor? It's really annoying!

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