S. Korea to embrace innovation without red tape to become world leader in AI

December 19, 2019 posted by

the government announced a 10-year
strategy to develop artificial intelligence to boost a sluggish economy
and improve people’s lives the plan is designed to help the nation become a
global leader in the field we’ll see young outlines the measures
for us South Korea plans to overhaul its precautionary policies on new
technologies to become a global powerhouse and artificial intelligence
with AI semiconductors at the forefront of that drive the government on Tuesday
revealed its ten-year national strategy for AI development focusing on three
areas the government will boost the nation’s capacity for bottom-up
innovation by supporting those who will lead the economic transformation in the
age of AI businesses that will improve competitiveness and academia which will
set the direction for the future first in order to build a sturdy AI ecosystem
the government aims to nurture core technology such as AI chips that can
support other innovations over the next decade it will invest 863 million u.s.
dollars into next-generation semiconductors to encourage startups and
new ventures the government will expand funding for small and medium businesses
in particular dishing out 4.2 billion dollars in 2020 alone it will also build
an AI hub in the southern city of Kandra by 2024 and make all administrative data
open to the public to encourage the creation of new services such as bike
sharing platforms to support such ventures the government says it will lay
out a comprehensive road map next year supporting innovation without the need
for regulatory permission beforehand and move that appears to heat years of
criticism towards its strict policies on new technologies the country will also
reform its education system to help its citizens retrain and acquire relevant
skill sets from making AI related courses mandatory in schools to
expanding relevant programs at universities and creating specialized
graduate courses Korea also aims to safeguard citizens from the potential
fallout from AI technology it will expand social insurance schemes and
establish a national employment system to respond to the changing nature of
jobs and employment conditions also a is cool standards will be adopted to
protect people’s privacy safety and rice in the digital society
planning to roll out artificial intelligence across all sectors and
industries from smart factories and farms to bio health and military
technology the government expects AI to grow the economy by almost four hundred
billion dollars by the year 2030 Oh Sooyoung Arirang news


2 Replies to “S. Korea to embrace innovation without red tape to become world leader in AI”

  1. Lucky Wu says:

    Great move! I trust that you will see the success you desire. Protecting privacy will be very difficult. If we can't do it now with current technology we use, I doubt it will get any easier.

  2. 김서연 says:

    Oh soo young 's voice, pronunciation and accent is so awesome that I would like to watch her face in the screen. In my opinion, Her ability as a newsreader is enough.

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