Safeguard Yourself From Indentity Theft While You Travel This Summer

September 13, 2019 posted by

HI it’s Jean Chatzky..The sharing economy has been terrific for our wallets. We can rent a place to stay through Airbnb and maybe save some money on a hotel or we can rent our place out when we’re on the road and make money that way. Similarly sites like Uber can help us because we can just hire a ride. We don’t need to rent an entire car. At the same time, though, the more we share the more vulnerable we may be to identity theft. Research from LifeLock shows that a quarter of American adults have already been victimized by identity thefts. You can set yourself up to not becoming the next victim by taking some precautions both before you leave home and while you’re on the road. Before you leave home make sure that you’re not leaving identifying details and pieces of paper around for people to see them. Forty percent of people tell us they feels comfortable having a workman in their house while they’re not there. By the same token, another forty percent of people say they regularly snoop when they’re in other people’s houses. That’s the problem with getting mail, opening it up, leaving all those credit card bills on the counter. That information shouldn’t fall into anybody’s hands but yours. Similarly, before you leave home on vacation you want to do a couple of things. You want to slim down your wallet. There is no need to take every credit card and piece of identifying information with you. Take only what you’re going to use. Put the rest in a safe or a safe deposit box so that it will be there when you get home. Cancel the newspaper, cancel the mail and the deliveries. While you’re on the road be similarly careful. About a quarter of all people tell us they’ve left things like a cell phone or a wallet in an Uber, in a taxi cab. You have got to make sure that your phone is both password protected and that you can shut it down from a remote location in case this happens to you. And as for all of those photos that you are going to take on your vacation, it’s great, but hashtag later gram. Take the photos now, share the photos when you get home. The more you’re out and about on social media the more vulnerable you are to identity theft. For more information go to

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