Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Introduction for Carers

May 20, 2019 posted by

safeguarding adults is an approach that we use agencies use to help the most vulnerable people in our community to become safe to be maintained safely and where they have been harmed or they may have been abused it's a way of actually making sure that any investigation that happens is done a way that helps them to be safe but also make sure that they feel part of that process Oh it's generally accepted that there are seven types of abuse physical abuse hitting slapping grabbing psychological abuse threats teasing intimidation financial abuse taking somebody's money pension their assets or property neglect failing to give care food or treatment sexual abuse a sexual act without consent inappropriate touching institutional abuse a person has no choice is not respected they are not treated as an individual discrimination being treated differently because of age disability ethnic background or sexuality the definition of a vulnerable adult is given as someone who cannot protect themselves from significant harm or serious exploitation the national policy guidance called no secrets gives more information about what and who a vulnerable adult is

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