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safeguarding is about protecting people from abuse neglect and exploitation an adult at risk is a person who is 18 years or older who has care and support needs and is unable to protect themselves because of their care and support needs there are many different kinds of abuse domestic abuse financial abuse organizational abuse sexual abuse physical abuse emotional abuse neglect modern slavery self neglect discriminatory abuse that's why safeguarding is so important the West Sussex safeguarding adults board was set up to make sure local services such as councils housing health police and other agencies plan for safeguarding adults who need it we then ensure there's appropriate challenge scrutiny and assurance to make sure safeguarding is in place safeguarding is required to put people at the centre at West Sussex safeguarding adults board we want to make sure this happens we work together with services to try to prevent and reduce abuse neglect and exploitation because not everyone can protect themselves and everyone has a right to be protected where abuse neglect or exploitation has taken place we try to get organizations to respond in a timely and portion of way we work with lots of organizations like councils health the police fire service housing probation charities the voluntary sector and private organizations and services such as care homes home care and other providers here at West Sussex safeguarding adults board we have three main things we must do develop and publish a strategic plan publish an annual report and we must commission safeguarding adult reviews for any case that meet the criteria if you have a concern about an adult you can contact care point by phoning oh one two four three six four two one two one or by using the raise a concern page on our website West Sussex safeguarding adults board everyone's business working together to prevent abuse neglect and exploitation you

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