Safety And Security | Lights Are Going Up Before The Storm

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– [David] Can barely see your face. Do you see ’em? That’s really cool, huh? It’s all blue. (upbeat guitar music) (laughing) Braylee, I’m putting up
Christmas lights today. (gasps) I’m putting up J Bray, Christmas lights. Yellow bus. (keys jangling) (babbling) Yellow Bus. (upbeat guitar music) So today’s gonna be a very eventful day. Winter is coming. I want to make sure I get
all my outside stuff done before the snow comes. Updated forecast gives
us a winter storm watch. And Braylee is gonna be happy about it. For everybody saying stay safe out there, it’s probably not gonna be that bad. Well it’s gonna be the first
winter storm of the year You know how– (banging) The first storms of the
year are always the worst because people aren’t used
to driving in the snow. Even I’m not used to driving in the snow. So I’m like cautiously cautious driving. I’m putting up lights
today, I’m pretty excited. I have a plan now. I thought of a plan as
we looked at the house. I really need to take
care of the deck stuff before it snows. I need to get some of
that stuff to the garage. What an eventful day! We have AM snow showers. Wednesday we’re good
but then, here it comes. Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow. You know what tastes good? Pumpkin spice coffee flavor. Gets me in the Christmas mood. This is the stuff we use to
ensure Braylee does not leave our home unattended, unintended? – [Stacy] Unattended not unintended. – Unattended. First we have this latch up here. When Braylee’s here, we always
make sure latch it this way. Like it’s pretty hard to do. Slam it in there. Yeah that way there’s no way that she can open the door and get out. Especially, say she wakes up before we do and gets out of her room. She has no way to get out of the house. Out of the front door. If we’re not to notice that
she woke up or something. The secondary front door
is a child thing here. She has not figured out this kind yet. She figured out the one with the holes. The ones that don’t have
these little push button. But, she hasn’t figured this out yet. So she’s not able to open that. And then for the garage
door we have the same thing. – [Device] Garage door. – Our security system told
us that it was open any door. It does alert our phones as well. Anything’s ever open even
windows, anything really, we will know about it. And that way we can keep
Braylee safe inside. Just because if she gets out she is not going to stick around. And it also you know added
security benefits right? We have a secure house. She hasn’t tried to unlock
the sliding door yet. But once she does figure this
out we’re going to probably put a bar lock or something
up here in the corner, but for now she doesn’t
even attempt to open it. And then if it does get open. (door sliding) – [Device] Sliding door. – It’ll tell us. She gets older we’re
gonna have to reevaluate some of these things that
we have on our doors. But for now it’s what works. If you guys don’t know Vivint, we use a security system Vivint. They do have a program called “Vivint Gives Back.” It is where they provide their service for a lessor cost than
what it would be normally. I don’t know what their
exact costs are now ’cause their costs are always
changing for everything. If you are looking for some
type of security system, “Vivint Gives Back.” I don’t know if they’ve
gotten better or worst but, since we’ve gotten it as far as pricing that’s something definitely to check out. And to make it easier for you
guys, I’ll just put the link in the description of the video. So now that I really
sidetracked from the lights, going to the lights. I don’t know how well
this is gonna to work but I’m going for it, see what happens. All this is gonna go up
on the side of the house. We’ll see how it turns out. (holiday music) Welp, there’s the puzzle piece. On to doing more lights now. I’ve put up so many lights so far and I have so many more to put up. So many more to put up. (holiday music) This is so much fun, I
love putting up lights. Christmas. Well I was out there for about three hours and I ran out of lights. I had this plan how it was all gonna look and I ended up not having enough lights. Might have to go get some more. Not very many more. Usually I get a couple
new strands each year, add to my collection. It’s gonna look good. My puzzle piece last year was on the roof and you couldn’t really see it
unless you’re in a helicopter so this year I put it
on the side of the house and I think it’s gonna
look so much better. I’m gonna make this video that I’m making, go get Braylee, come back and finish the video, that’s my day. (singing) We were just waiting for it to get dark so I could show her the puzzle piece on the side of the house. And show you guys the puzzle
piece on the side of the house. The big reveal. Got you in your warm pjs
and we’re gonna go outside. (babbling) Can barely see your face. Do you see ’em? That’s really cool, huh? It’s all blue. Ah yeah, looks pretty
good at night huh Braylee? Does it look pretty good? Good job putting it away.
– Dinner’s ready. – [David] Dinner’s ready, shoes. Shoes, hey, stop, shoes. (shoes banging) Good job, line them up. Good job, can you line
up your other ones too? Can you line us those ones? Good job! Yeah, turned out pretty good. – [Stacey] Awesome. – I’m liking it, hope you like it too. It like makes the whole
side of the yard blue. Yum, meatball sandwiches and fries. Welp, that’s it for today guys. Subscribe to our channel for
more and we will see you later. Braylee can you say peace? – Peak. – [Stacey] Peak. – Say peace.
– Peak. (urban music)


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  1. Neil K Walk says:

    I usually hold out until after Thanksgiving but it’s late this year and I need the cheer. The weather is supposed to be mild here this week so there’s really no better time.

  2. Janelle Rubi says:

    love you bunches wee family i had a shit day today and was up until 5am this morning having seizures

  3. sassy Amy says:

    Ha0py Thanksgiving week 🦃♥️🦃

  4. Life on Low Batteries says:

    Love the puzzle piece! Super cute! Also super cute to see Braylee put the caps on the ends of the markers as she's using them.
    We've got a snowstorm coming in tonight. My college campus is already closed until Noon tomorrow.

  5. Love On The Spectrum says:

    How heckin' lucky am I that I got behind and have the treat of three videos in one day?? Thank you, Wee Fam!!!

  6. poptartsag says:


  7. Lindsey Snyder says:

    Omg B's hair in those little pigtails 😍she's so cute, I can't wait for videos of her playing in the snow! Also, how does Braylee do with thanksgiving? I know she's not a meat eater but will she eat mashed potatoes or other sides?

  8. WikkidVyxen says:

    Omg thats so awesome!!!! I LOVE the puzzle piece! Will be looking forward to it each year now!💜💜💜💜💜💜

  9. Barbi Howell says:

    Looks awesome can’t wait to see the rest 🥰

  10. sassy Amy says:

    Oh I really love the puzzle piece you just bought extra time 4 the CHRISTMAS Decorations.. 🎇✨🎇

  11. Forever Geralyn says:

    Love the puzzle lights, love the Wee Family! Once again, thank you for sharing your day and bringing sunshine into my world. Braylee's singing lifts me every time, thank you Sweet Braylee. x

  12. GLENNA Harris says:

    Love the giggles…sooo magical to hear. You done a great job with the puzzle piece, brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears not sad ones. Love you guys so much and Braylee has my heart wrapped so tight that no matter how bad my day is, or how much pain I'm in, or how depressed I am all I have to do is see her face, hear her giggles or singing and it's makes my days better. You guys are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Pam Humler says:

    Love the puzzle piece. That is awesome! Great job!

  14. Annie Fritz says:

    Love the puzzle piece ❤🧩❤🧩 were under the winter storm also in the upper peninsula of Michigan tuesday night going in to Wednesday calling for 13 plus inches. Not looking forward to it at all. You all stay safe & warm. 💖💖💖

  15. Wendy Tomada says:

    Nice job on the lights!!! B gets her artistic skills from Dad!

  16. Nora Beard says:

    It's amazing how much progress she has made since I started watching you guys

  17. Jana Leonard says:

    The puzzle piece is awesome !!! With Braylee. great job with your jacket, awesome receptive skills too!!!

  18. Omega 345 says:

    Been Waiting for a new vid yaaaaah love it

  19. Becky Belmontes says:

    The lights are AWESOME!!!!!!! You know I NEVER knew that the puzzle piece sign stood for autism until I started watching you, Fathering autism and Lauren ! I love learning new things like that.

  20. Natasha Okah says:

    The puzzle piece looks awesome!!! Snow + thanksgiving break = FUN!

  21. kori sullens says:

    That is awesome!!!! Good job on the lights I love it 🥰

  22. Rene Cates says:

    Awesome job on the lights. Told Ralph to get ours done before snow got here and now snow is here and no lights. Guess someone will freeze now. Lol

  23. jennifer dumond says:

    You did a fantastic job on your puzzelpiece! Braylee sure looked like she approved of it too! 😊

  24. beccasmama63 says:

    those little lights you put up on the eaves looked like indoor lights. I thought all outdoor lights were the bigger ones???

  25. PotatoQueen1989 says:

    The puzzle piece was awesome ♥

  26. ashleigh nicle says:

    I am getting A weighted blanket for Christmas

  27. Sharon Beauford says:

    Love the puzzle 🧩 piece, I was thinking yep needs a play arrow in the middle and it would match your sweatshirt. Seems odd to read all the winter storm warnings for the northern states, when good old Florida this week is actually having a bit of fall weather…40’s at night, low to mid 70’s day. I live for this weather if we could just have a few months of it. I think we made 32F on 2 nights last winter 🥶

  28. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    🧩❤🧩❤ wow!!!

  29. rob pontin says:

    Potato wedges 🙄

  30. Denise Espinoza says:

    Light it up blue💙 🧩 looks awesome u guys I love it, and I hope it snows in Texas this year 😁

  31. Ali Marin says:

    That puzzle piece was phenomenal! Does anyone know where they got B's coat, I'd love one for my daughter too?

  32. Terri Wagner says:

    Love the puzzle piece 🧩

  33. Erin says:

    It’s almost here ❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️

  34. emma kidd says:

    Those lights look great, well done fella…since you love putting up Christmas lights could you pop on over and do ours too? ta 😉

  35. Karen Brearley says:

    Great job on the puzzle piece lights , and Braylee using 2 markers at once . Wow

  36. DaRk HoRsE says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Wee family..Enjoy the day…so much to be thankful for…hug

  37. anne kennedy says:

    love the lights so pretty she looked so happy another great video

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