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December 10, 2019 posted by

Hello, I’m Beverly Scott, General Manager and Chief
Executive Officer for the MBTA. I want to be clear
to start out and say we’re not dancers
and we’re not singers, but I can assure
you of one thing: your safety and the safety
of all of our employees and our passengers
is number one for us. So what we simply
ask of you is that you just join along with us and share it with
your kids and their friends. ANNOUNCER:
Ladies and gentlemen, make sure every ride
on the T is a safe one. WOMAN:
Señoras y señores, haga que cada trayecto en la T
sea seguro. MAN:
請確保每次搭乘 T時都保証安全。 Now, watch me bounce
while I ride it out Do the safety bounce
when you ride it out Bounce while I ride it out Do the safety bounce
when you ride it out Look before you step–
see the curb end? Peep the yellow line–
the gap is not your friend Bounce when you ride it out Ride it out So you’re running late when
you finally catch the train And the doors start to shut! Bam! Dead in
your face again! Don’t be a fool,
get hurt today When you know another train
is on the way Just bounce! When you ride it out Now watch me bounce,
while I ride it out Do the safety bounce
when you ride it out Bounce when you ride it out Do the safety bounce
when you ride it out Look before you step,
see the curb end? Peep the yellow line–
the gap is not your friend When you ride it out Ride it out Wheels on the escalator
drag you down Hands on rail,
feet on the ground Please don’t litter,
don’t hog those seats Hands off the driver,
last but not least Hold on to your kids,
don’t yell on the phone Let others off
before you get on And bounce
when you ride it out, Do the safety bounce
when you ride it out Bounce Bounce Come on let’s go. We’re on this ride together Going where we gotta go Let’s all stay alert And let safety flow We’re on this ride together Going where we gotta go Let’s all stay alert And let safety flow Safety first,
safety first Wanna get there?
Put safety first Safety first,
safety first Wanna get there?
Put safety first Safety first,
safety first Wanna get there?
Put safety first Safety first,
safety first Wanna get there?
Put safety first. (cheering and applause)


78 Replies to “Safety Bounce Video”

  1. Craig Brauckmiller says:

    …and how much did this abortion cost the tax payers of MA? Seriously, instead of spending the tax payer's money on crap like this, how about you improve on-time performance, customer service, cleanliness of the buses and trains, add more service out in the areas outside of 128? Seriously, WTF?

  2. Shawn Tempesta says:

    Willing to bet little to nothing – a school project.

  3. Shane Kirby says:

    I am going to guess a trivial amount compared to the MBTAs budget.

  4. Tim Savage says:


  5. Matt Vanaria says:

    I am currently 'safety bouncing' at my seat as we speak

  6. ATS10690 says:

    The video was paid for by Titan Advertising, the company that is contracted to manage the MBTA's advertising. The actors in the video are volunteers. The message of safety first is a good one.

  7. Commentator says:

    Walkiong off the train @ Harvard where this was filmed a week ago I witnessed, A man drink a bottle of hand sanitizer lying in a pile of filth. Then no more than 100 yards away was a homeless women passed out, gut hanging out, empty beer cans, Pissing herself leaking through the bench in a puddle of shit and piss below the bench.. While 2 MBTA police officers ate Pizza in the window of Orbitz.Meanwhile we are rapping and dancing spending funding on a LOW QUALITY SONG!At least write a good song!

  8. edhead35 says:

    Some people have way too much time on their hands. The MBTA is a joke

  9. AmandaSpinella says:

    I love Boston and the MBTA. Thanks for this fun and informative video!!

  10. evilbaldman says:

    Wow, Inspector Gadget must be having some rough times.

  11. rancho68 says:

    Well isn't that great that she's a PHD who gives a crap!! What the hell are they doing wasting money on this crap for really? This is disgusting waste of time and money this state sucks so bad.

  12. Danny Horgan says:

    This was great! The lady with the shorter hair can really sing.

  13. Zachary Burt says:

    Where can I download the MP3??!!!! Need to get this on my workout playlist son!

  14. jim nastic says:

    Amen…buncha clowns….get robbed and gropped ….wtf, what has the is country become..look at these immigrants WTF

  15. mikvance says:

    $70 bucks a month for my Charlie Card and this is what you do with the money? Buy another bus next time!

  16. Carrera says:

    im here for the comments

  17. Matthew Zhou says:

    Of course, it's $345 a month for our friends from Wickford, RI.

  18. ChumpTroop says:

    Is that Inspector Gadget?

  19. Catamount90 says:

    Didn't know peewee herman could dance.

  20. ShindentheGreat says:

    Someone didn't get the message that this isn't Sesame Street in the 1990s

  21. bbashn says:

    The MBTA has HUGE budget problems! It makes sense to drop money making a ridiculous video!!!!

  22. sindel desanges says:

    I love Bostonians, especially all the people who commented on this video. You are all so positive and kind and know how to keep the fun in everything -_-

  23. Tyler Matthews says:

    The advertising agency paid for it's own services, or do you mean the MBTA contracted Titan Advertising to manage the project?

  24. neddy1081 says:

    This video is a fucking disaster. Real good use of taxpayer funds.

  25. meggani says:

    Titan Advertising manages the advertising on the MBTA. Titan Advertising also paid for this video.

  26. Tyler Matthews says:

    Ok cool, so the MBTA essentially is paying for a contract with Titan who the MBTA will exclusively advertise with, and not covering the actual cost of the video itself.

  27. Zoom TAD says:

    Good video. Lets all stay alert, put safety first, and bounce

  28. thehnl says:


  29. thehnl says:

    is this what the bombing led Boston to?

  30. BeestOfTheEest says:

    you obviously work for the MBTA…. your vids are all about trains

  31. celsius233 says:

    None of those facts make it any less awkward to watch.

  32. 20041027redsox says:

    Why don't they use this effort to fix service and the crappy trains.

  33. meggani says:

    Titan has the rights to sell advertising on the MBTA (wherever you see ads on subways, busses, etc, that is managed by them). They charge customers a fee, and the MBTA gets 62% of the fee. Titan gets the rest. So yeah, they did not cover the cost of the video. That would have come from titan's cut of advertising revenue.

  34. Matthew Manuele says:

    Where did you get the business man costume?

  35. newtotech mom says:

    ……Really? SMH….

  36. underroad says:

    Damn, look at Charlie busting a move!

  37. Dave Morrison says:

    I'm going to put out a video called "Make the trains run on time, yo!"

  38. NintendoGuy810 says:

    The T should make more videos like this, so that more people can ride the T.

  39. GetLeVeLed says:

    WOW! Thanks to this video, now I won't trip over the curb anymore! What a waste of time and resources…

  40. pretensionrepulsion says:

    But almost all of the MBTA bus drivers are assholes…

  41. trippe2k says:

    I want my tax money back!

  42. Ashton Stone says:


  43. HRPoodersmith says:

    what's bounce?

  44. nodisplay n'ame says:

    OMG that was horrible.

  45. Jay Conde says:

    My kids say this is the worst video EVER!

  46. Donkey Kong 64 Instruction Booklet says:

    man i can't wait till i can afford to not live in this city anymore.

  47. kdchmln says:

    Why is that woman singing over all the rapping?

  48. Jordashe says:

    This would be about 20% cooler if DJ Nitetrain were participating.

  49. sheena pierrelouis says:

    You know the girl in the white shirt in the video well that's me ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. sheena pierrelouis says:

    Now I'm a star lololo

  51. chris says:

    Someone PAID for that?

  52. chris says:

    Hey Beverly, how about we don't make stupid videos promoting common sense and do something constructive instead? Perhaps take some WD-40 to the Green Line? Maybe some preventative maintenance on the Red Line so we don't have to plan on a daily break down?

    I'm sure I don't have all the details, but this video seems like an unnecessary waste of resources. Especially when the transit system seems so poorly managed and maintained. As GM of the MBTA I would expect you to have higher priorities.

  53. TrippingThru says:

    You're kidding, right? Must reiterate what others have said: this really seemed like a good user of resources at this time? Pathetic.

  54. LemonScience33 says:

    I think this is kind of cute! The random talented volunteers in the video make me smile at my city. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Filipe Vieira says:

    I wish it was a better song and more swankified. The highlight of this video is the man in a tie turning a bus wheel at 2:58.

  56. plutonianextract says:

    this is terrible… even for a city ad… really awful.

  57. Justin Ricci says:

    Very cool video

  58. Mardoche Bastien says:

    i wouldve loved to be in this video the people looked so chill and like they were having fun..let me know if you guys make another video lol

  59. intrepidfox37 says:

    Lol WD-40? Jig-a-loo is a better lubricant in my opinion.

  60. intrepidfox37 says:


  61. Justin Ricci says:

    Wow! Some people have no sense of humor.

  62. exactspace says:

    What a horrific mess

  63. john carrasquillo says:

    good song

  64. Poo Poop says:

    that white lady is almost a good singer

  65. Isabelle Quarles says:

    this is a DUMB video, reply 2 me if u agree

  66. Charles Randolph says:

    Gee, they should have just hired Disney to make a video…

  67. Isabelle Quarles says:

    blah blah blah, theย T sucks, and u made a suckish video

  68. Justin Ricci says:

    @tkandme3 where is your proof of that. How do you know that?

  69. Jordan Alther says:

    This is what the T is doing with their money now? What a joke.

  70. Dan says:

    That backflip though

  71. Monk Man says:

    This is our useless "T"… which doesn't run in the snow due to the fact that the money it takes in is not enough and the additional money it gets from the state is blown on huge pensions and crazy wasteful garbage… like this video.

  72. Chris Brown says:

    Thanks for spending money on useless shit while the prices of your trains skyrocket to a rate that is no longer affordable, fucking scumbags.

  73. Nexus FX says:

    wat dafak

  74. The All Day Railfanner YTB says:

    1:06 that guy running into those closing doors doesn't seem to match with the rest.

  75. The All Day Railfanner YTB says:

    0:54 that train going frontwards with the rear lights on at the front looks kind of weird.

  76. DoctorMac says:

    I'm sure Nicki Minaj can outperform these hooligans.

  77. pilot 0439 says:

    this video is actually good now because people falling between the gap and the train

  78. MBTA SONIC 2019 says:


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