Safety concept for machines and plants with COMPLETE line

December 4, 2019 posted by

What I really like about the COMPLETE line products is their uniform design. The idea of the grey base color is that it does not detract from the components with special function. Like these yellow modules here. But Simon, what is their special function? Well Sascha, the yellow products at your control cabinet have a safety function. Safety modules are designed to stop hazardous events and reduce risk for the user to an absolute minimum. But I think, the best way find out about safety functions is to check it out yourself in practice. So, let’s go! Sascha, if you are to put your arm into the machine you could get seriously injured. But our safety components stop that from happening. Why don’t you try it? It doesn’t work! It doesn’t work. The reason why is that we have a safety position switch which is monitoring the door and if you are to open the door the machine will be immediately stopped by a PLC. Wow, very impressive. A reliable safety concept is absolutely necessary to avoid hazards with serious impact. Oh, it looks like Sascha is still checking our safety functions. If you are interested in more information about safety, then check out our video series. Sascha will continue to check out the control cabinet next week – do not miss this!

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