Safety Harness Procedures During Silo Cleaning Projects

November 10, 2019 posted by

The MoleMaster Services Corporation. More than a quarter century of safety, dedication
and service. Hi. I’m Steve Schoonover, safety and operations
manager with MoleMaster Services Corporation, the silo clean-out specialists located here
in Marietta, Ohio. Since 1986, MoleMaster has been the industry
leader in silo cleaning, having completed thousands of projects throughout the United
States as well as 32 different countries around the world. Here at MoleMaster, safety is always job one. Today, we want to review proper procedures
for inspecting, donning and wearing of a wearing a safety harness. Before donning the harness, the first step
is to check when the last competent inspection was completed and confirm that the time frame
is within the manufacturer’s requirements. Once done, the safety harness should be thoroughly
inspected for cuts, abrasions and wear and to ensure that the steel is not rusted or
pitted. All safety labels should still be attached
and legible. Snaps should be checked to make sure they
latch and release, and any other safety items recommended by the manufacturer should be
checked. Next it’s time to don the harness and connect
both leg straps, making sure they’re snug. The final step is to connect the chest strap. If fitted properly, the D-ring should be located
between the shoulder blades. MoleMaster Services Corporation. Silo clean-out and safety specialists.

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