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October 22, 2019 posted by

Good afternoon, everyone. Safety Net is just our way of
saying it’s time for us to get off up off our bottoms and actually do
something that matters. We all operate in our little silos we all think we have
our little niche carved out for us, but we all have to be involved in every
aspect of this. And we’ve got people dying. And I can put people in jail.
I can do that. But I’d rather not. I’d rather not go to the hospital to take
reports. I’d rather not walk with the coroner up to somebody’s house. What I
want is I want for this to stop. Safety Net will allow us to bring needed
resources and answers to people who need it most. To people who are suffering.
Sometimes people don’t know what to do. And yeah, you can go on the internet or
you can look at a piece of paper and it’ll give you a list of services that
are out there, but sometimes you need a face-to-face. Sometimes you need somebody to come and talk to you. To not necessarily point you in the right direction, but turn you in the right direction. And that’s gonna take all of us. I don’t know everything. But there’s people in this room, and people out there who know just about everything. And I have to quit sitting on information. I have to learn to share. And with my Public Safety partners, Sheriff Witt, the US Attorney, Commonwealth’s Attorney, County Attorney, Fayette County Public Schools,
we’re used to sharing information. But now we have to be willing, when we
see things that are wrong, that are going wrong, we have to be willing to step
outside and bring other people in. That means the community out there has
to be willing to bring us stuff, too. Anita Franklin says this all the time, you know, when she talks about the stop snitchin’ culture. It’s time for us to realize that
silence leads to violence, and it’s costing us lives. Young lives, people who won’t be able to attend their high school prom. People that won’t get married. People that won’t see their grandchildren. That’s what that’s costing us. So it’s time to get up and do something. When we hear something or see
something, we’ve got to say something. Not after it happens, but before. And that’s what Safety Net is geared to do. It’s when we recognize something, somebody needs something, we send it to their house. We send it to their front porch, we
send it to their living room. We get in there, and we work with them. That’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to work with our community because a community should
work for each other to make sure we all survive and we all have happy and healthy lives. Thank you. The important message of Safety Net is we are a community. We are all in this together. And every person here is going to be
important in this initiative. This is about our community, our people, our neighbors, our friends and making us stronger. And taking this next step to
safety, particularly among juveniles.

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