Safety Snippet – Risk Assessments and Johnno at the Front Bar

September 16, 2019 posted by

– G’day everyone, Damian
from Sirens Consulting here. We’ve got a safety snippet on risk assessments,
pre-controls, post-controls. So one of the best examples I can give is, here I’m standing on the famous corner in Frankston with the four pubs, and we all know the four-pub
corner here in Frankston, well, if you live in
Melbourne you do, anyway. So the best example I can give you is, if I went down to the corner here and I got Johnno from the front bar, and I brought him into your business, and I just said to him, “Hey
Johnno can you dig me a hole?” or, “Hey, Johnno, can
you pick that product “from over there?” or, “Johnno, can you do “whatever your business does, “it doesn’t matter what
your business does?” That’s pre-controls. Now what is it that separates Johnno, who I’ve just got from the front bar here to you, or your workers? That’s post-controls. So, Johnno’s probably wearing, you know, singlets and thongs,
all that kind of stuff. Well, do you wear thongs or a singlet? No, you wear PPE. Has Johnno been trained
how to use a forklift? Probably not, maybe he
has, maybe he hasn’t. Have you? Yes, you have. There’s another control. There’s two controls straight up. Do you have a speed
limiter on your forklift? Yes you do. Or if you’re using an excavator, do you have an exclusion zone? Do you have a key locker? Do you have a pincode? Do you have the fancy little lights, that are put two or three
meters away from your excavator? Do you have all those
different little things? They’re what we’re talking about, when we talk about
pre-controls, post-controls. So just remember, Johnno
at the front bar, you. Damian at Sirens Consulting.

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