Safety Starts at the Entrance – Door Entry Security Systems by Isotec

September 23, 2019 posted by

The way you design, structure, and staff your
building influences the way people feel and act within it. You can create comfort, increase productivity,
form relationships, and improve business opportunities. Now, imagine the impact you can have by making
sure you have an environment where everyone feels safe. Entrances that protect employees and patrons
from tools of physical harm, intimidation, or technical sabotage can protect what matters
most. Isotec’s safety entrances let you take a
proactive approach to protecting what matters by detecting, isolating, and preventing identifiable
threats from ever entering your building. Our configurable systems are built inside
frameworks that become part of your building’s aesthetics. They discourage predators by eliminating the
element of ambush, while welcoming patrons and reassuring them of their safety. Our systems don’t take breaks or sick days,
they don’t flinch or blink, and they don’t make judgement calls. Isotec Safety Entrances meet your security
needs because they don’t miss a thing. The simple, open design of our ballistic resistant
doors, magnetic locks, and configurable metal detection algorithms provides failsafe security
with one hundred percent performance objectivity. Your customers, visitors, and employees deserve
safe spaces. So, ask for the only company in the US solely
dedicated to door access control systems and certified by the Department of Homeland Security. Ask for the company that assures excellence. Ask for Isotec.

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