Sagittarius-Rejection Is Your Protection Blocked From The Past-July 19 Mercury Retrograde

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all right sad oh my god this is moon cello welcome to my channel which I love it to tutorial you know welcome back your returning I can't even get it out such a serious level rising Venus and Mars don't tell you I just got the folded out of like really cuff like funny conversation and so I was still remembering the events of that conversation so and so explaining why idiot I'll try to like just be like okay I didn't hear that like but though y'all y'all reading is actually on a more serious note like yeah it was funny whatever but I could be reached for a personal greeting by going to my website pound just click the description box below do click on the appropriate linking it detective where you need to go messages may or may not resonate for you if they go cool if they don't they're not for you know before out the gate while was shuffling for y'all I was seeing this energy where I kept hearing blocked from the past so immediately when I started asking spirit with that man as soon as i spoon block from the past like whatever this is like this could be you trying to go back to the past or someone from the past could be coming in it's like wait a minute wait a minute who sent you what's you doing you think you're going back there you think you going back to the bay and you're not welcome here you're not welcome here my child you know or this could even be a level of defensiveness even because you about things from the past or if you're on the other side of it where maybe you're getting growth since growth does come through like harsher energy usually you could be going back to the past and the doors being shut in your face I also heard pinned in a corner so you could be a sedge or someone around you if it's not you such someone could be pinned in a corner where they're having to be forced to kind of face themselves or in a corner where they're alone because I saw a level of alone or it could be very well that you're just in a place where you don't want to be Bobby you want to be left alone and you're blocking out the past or you could be going through both of these energies it could be that too but I'm seeing with sergey's whatever that means to be blocked from the past I also was picking up wild shuffling there can be some sad G's who have some old people from the past trying to come in and maybe maybe you're attempting to open that door back up or people want to open that door back up with you but the universe may be blocking it either for your protection or they're blocking you from it if you're on the other side of it where these people don't want to deal with your ass and because of this you're having to look at yourself and see why doesn't anybody want to deal with me if you're one of those sizes that's been on the path where you know you you're going through some growing pains or having to get some some karma it's karma season or or you're a person that's putting a person in that place where they have to look at themselves because because you're shutting them out either way you could be either shutting out the past or people are shutting you out because you're the past and they don't want to parts it's gonna be either way I'm also picking up this energy here where if it's not basically the energy is I'm seeing some really stressful energy so you could be in a place of stress because of people from the past coming in they could be trying to get you into old cycles of things you used to do these could be karmic partners of people from karmic relationships toxic family members and friends or whoever or who are trying to get you back into a place of where you used to be if you were a statue that led a more unhealthier lifestyle with people maybe you are always on a water path or maybe you always are doing with these people fighting with these pee or maybe they had you in a situation where you you you were doing things that weren't healthy or things that weren't weren't for your best interest or things that were maybe even stunning your growth whatever that may be but the issue is you're being blocked from it so it's not an issue if you're on a side of it where you know you've conquered these things and these are things you don't want to go back to then you're gonna be a sad in a place of strength where you know I'm not going back to that get the out of here I'm not about to go back to my old ugly saggy self that I was doing with you I'm beyond that Congrats in and kudos if you're one of those sad G's on that pack but if you're a size on another path where people are like oh you better get out of here with that nobody want to be bothering with you in your mess then you're gonna be that sedge that's on that path where you're having to get clarity or comes to realizations of why people don't want to deal with you or you're making people see themselves and see why you don't want to deal with them and if whatever side of the spectrum you're on when I say that boom it's a balancing and with this devil card here there's definitely some karmic business whether it's karma being served to a person from your past or whether you're basically getting karma dish to you going back to someone else's past whatever it is someone's not taking it well whoever it is that's getting rejected or receiving this rejection energy because of this it's it's causing people to have to see things that they may have not have wanted to see or it's it's I'm just getting this stark reality so if you're a sedge that's on the darker side of it where you're happy to you know basically contend with whatever this is you're gonna be getting to a place where you have to like face some truths you didn't want to about yourself and about your demeanor and about your behaviors or past behaviors with people if you're on that side of it if you're on the other side of it then you either are giving lessons to people through your behaviors you're making people like basically deal with themselves and deal with things about themselves that they want to do it or maybe even fix or change if it's not you that's happening to make these changes either way there's a form of growth going on here and these are growing pains these aren't gonna feel good Ralph never typically does feel good because we have to go through the bumps and bruises and go through some darkness to get to the lighter side of things where we can take what we've learned through those hard and challenging times and be able to come out on the other side of it you know a more illuminated individual this is what's going on from these edges that I'm picking up on on this path there's definitely some things that either you haven't seen or these there there's some self this car textbook tar means either self-limiting thoughts or beliefs that are keeping you trapped so if it's not that you have a behavior pattern or habits or addictions or unhealthy way of being that is keeping you trapped from being able to be successful if it's not that then it's it's gonna be that your people are probably trying to put you back into this place where you're trapped with unhealthy people there's like a strong bond or a strong hold on you that's that's trying to this could even be like a spiritual battle that you're going through a battle with that with darkness into the battle with you know battling your demons there we go that's what it is the if it's not you that's better than your demons and battling demons that are unhealthy and getting away from them or getting away from people that have exacerbated unhealthy patterns in the past with you then you're in a place where you're basically being that light for someone else in darkness it's something like this whatever this is the issue I'm seeing however is depending on what side of it you're on if you're on the side of it where you know I'm clean and I'm clear and I'm done with you may find these people coming back to the past that's trying to like alright rebind you back to some that you've just freed yourself from you may find yourself finding these people burdensome and finding that just the connection in itself is just something you're trying to get away from and then they're still trying to I probably pull you back into this you you're not wanting to go back into or I even heard temptation you may have temptation from old friends old lovers or old people like old circles used along with people and they're trying to get you back into that and and you're having to either develop this strength or that's a it could be temptation okay do I do I go back to that X they weren't healthy in the past we fought a life I caught a case with them I can't go to jail dealing with that eggs but the sex was so good that's just an example y'all it could be if it's not that you know maybe your surge that is recovering from an addiction maybe you had a drinking problem maybe you had a problem with something harder than didn't then that maybe you run across a friend you used to use to turn up weight and do those type of things with and they're like hey we're hanging out here come over here Friday night and you like I already know that I've been clean up in rehab and I mean I miss hanging out with them but I know that crowd I'm good for me I don't want to you know it could be it's it's it's you in a place where you're in it's a temptation it's a battle with it's a battle with the devil I mean it is what it is there's something that's trying to reattach you to something whether it's an unhealthy relationship pattern person or place if you're on the side of it where you know you've conquered this if you're in a place where you're still in the battle of this or in the in the in the thick of this and you're still you know consumed by whatever this is whether this is unhealthy behaviors unhealthy patterns Mayon cheating stealing whatever the situation is if you're a sash on this path I'm realistic nobody's perfect we all got our demons that we we contend with and got our struggles you could be in a place where you're having to realize that I can't be this kind of person anymore if I'm to be successful in my endeavors and the universe may be blocking you from being able to even continue to be that person anymore and blocking out those circles of people and those opportunities to go back to being what basically they want you to be which is on the other side with the other side geez who overcoming and basically conquered these things you're in still in the middle of your battle is what I'm basically saying so um if you're one of those hang in there hang strong we're gonna see what else we get but there's definitely some kind of bondage that side Gees of either newly freed themselves from our there in the battle and they're in the thick of trying to get free from something or or even if you're a rebellious edge maybe you or someone who's willingly wanting to stay in this but the universe is basically closing it out so you ain't got a choice but to kind of get away from this but there may be some harsh realities that come with releasing this or getting away from this it's gonna be a painful basically a painful journey and getting away from these things because there's a lot of realizations and realities that you either didn't see or didn't want to see that's going to be being revealed to you to get you on the other side of conquering whatever this is and you may be one that's kicking and screaming and not taking it well along the way I'm feeling a rebellious energy and I'm feeling an anger energy and and someone being angry so if it's not you that's angry that things that used to work for you ain't working anymore because the universe is blocking it then you could be even angry at people who are trying to even basically lower your vibrations and pull you back into that kind of energy it could be that too so y'all hang in there as soon as I say that the hangman hang in there doc for real because the will of fortune there are good things to come with our overcoming these cycles of these things that may not have been healthy for you or if you've already men then you're on your way to some really good things whether it's abundance and blessings and and getting to a place of strength not about having to rest first and some of this may be painful it or it may even be painful or maybe you're being triggered by things from the past but remember if you're on the other side of it where you've made it excuse me on the other side there we go cuz that's the good side this is the kind of not so this is the rougher side but the ones who have conquered it congratulations know that through this if you're battling something that you are protected and that you will beginning to you know getting to your blessings if you are asaji on that path like I said for those who are still in the thick of something rough y'all hang in there yeah y'all's is coming too just not at the same time as the other side geez this is really how I'm reading it it's kind of like black and white right here so let's see what else we got all right for this it's time to go in the elements so I'm gonna go ahead and break down how this works if you're new hi and welcome but it's time to go into elements you and water science fire earth air however the cars fall I'll give you give you a snippet of it here if you're watching on YouTube if you find the snippet I give resonates and know that I do just cut it off so you can go to the other side if you find it resonates you there's the description box just click back a link to it for the extended reader go below so you can get the rest of that clarity if you feel you need more of the message for you and that element so I'll go ahead get started all right so those are the little water signs cancer scorpio and Pisces I'm seeing that energy here where man whatever this is this is done you may have had to shut the door on on a water sign if it was a connection that was unhealthy I am seeing here where there's a reconciliation at play so if it's not that you're reconciling with a water sign after some kind of heartbreak or breakup or disagreement that's a possibility if you want to do that or if you feel you're led to do that or if you feel this is a person that can be a healthier person for you remember we're thinking about the dynamics here between temptation to something that's unhealthy and getting to something that's gonna be a lot more healthier so you'll have to decide whether this is going to be a healthy water sign on your path with you or that's meant to stay on your path with you if it's an unhealthy connection with these being a major arcanas right next to each other to judgment and death to me that's a reiteration that there's no coming back from whatever this is whether this is you that has decided to shut out a water sign or vice versa if it's a healthier connection that could potentially you know have potential then you may move forward with that or you may want to after possibly them being left out in the cold this is a message I'm getting because I feel like this could go either way there's a lot of murky energy between you and water signs with this you're either in an unhealthy connection or wasn't an unhealthy connection with a water sign for in the past or it's one that's presently on your path that you had to end and they may be in their feelings because this is gonna be either air or earth we don't see it could be fire I feel like air we'll see I was wrong it was fire all right for my sad G's that are linked to fire signs Leo Aries and Sagittarius the fighting energy I see here never changes I always see conflict energy but with fire signs I there's always the level of drama in it usually especially if it's a Leo is what I heard but if it's not a Leo it could be an Aries it could be another sad you like yourself I'm seeing them a combination of energies here it could be very well someone has walked away from mystic often to their own new beginning to grow some new things I'm seeing this loving energy here and I'm seeing success and I'm seeing marriage I'm seeing stability I'm seeing all of this and this is either happening with you walking away from a fire sign it's just like coming in and meeting you or it's coming in to meet them after then walking away from you I'm seeing a lot of really successful energy um if it's not that because I'm seeing the tower here so someone definitely could have walked away from this and because of that they have blessings coming in if it's been a more toxic situation in the past another situation that I'm seeing here is it could be very well I'm not picking up reconciliation energy here but it could be that someone desires this after the other walking away for massage she's better linked to air signs Libra Korres and Joanne I was trying to be dark in there any yeah there we go for my surgeries there to link to air signs Libra Aquarius and Gemini here I'm seeing this energy of stress or strife with contact so maybe you reached out to an air sign or our air sign reached out to you this definitely looks like a pass based situation after somebody after betrayals after deception after heartbreak maybe someone regrets doing this to you or you regret doing this to them maybe after indecisiveness some there's some kind of communication that's coming in and an opportunity for healing after maybe going within and seeing the situation differently or maybe someone has went within definitely and sees the situation differently and has gotten some healing but I'm also seeing here with some kind of communication and either as a communication where someone hears something they don't want to hear because of this or because a business could bring you to a place of stress with even hear from this person again or if you're on the other side of it maybe them hearing from you bring stress again with business car it's coming right here back to back to back like this whoever it is is somebody did some major up in this connection and they're coming to either make it right or they're coming in and try to be loving but with this right here this lets me know this is some kind of form of rejection or some kind of stress that came or stressful energy that came with the communication in some shape or form or degree with this I do feel like if it's not someone holding on to the past or maybe not wanting to see this person go and be successful because I do see the king of Pentacles here it's not an earth sign this is someone that's in a place of of stability after possibly dealing with an unstable person so maybe you were dealing with an unstable air sign and now that they're in stability I don't want them to do what John state will ask or vice versa whatever the situation is for my strategies that are linked to earth signs Taurus Virgo and Capricorn I definitely see earth signs or or you someone's born into a new beginning and the other ones not looking happy like happy about it maybe you had to shut the door on an earth sign or they have to shut the door on you with me seeing the world card in the seven wives right here this is definitely something that has closed out and sudden to me with how these are together of well as well as this four cups right here this could have been very well ending that happened that wasn't it maybe the on the best times or someone it could even be a level of someone possibly being bitter about it whether this is you or whether this is them you could be in a place where you've moved on and this are son isn't happy about it or vice versa but there's this energy of this new energy maybe maybe you have to go on to get and happiness with moving on from a from a person that maybe you didn't want to to leave your life but maybe you realize it's best that I move on and maybe it hurts with walking away from this person or maybe it hurts with them walking away from you what are whatever it is there's a level of a painful closure here or it could even be that someone's in their feelings because they're being rejected now that they're in something new I'm seeing where if it's not you sad you could be this earth sign where maybe someone is coming in I heard a murky offer maybe someones coming in to offer something after they've moved on but they're they're keeping the door closed or shutting it out or even just like bringing hesitation to the connection because


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  1. Brittnie Belcher says:

    I wouldn’t say battling but I am aware and definitely trying to understand them and edit my behavior

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    Great reading, thanks so much! You are always encouraging and spot on… love the syncronicities ❤🙏✌

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    If anyone knows what An inversion table is then you know I'm literally inn the hanged Mam position. Yoooo dope 🔥🔥🔥👌🙌💪

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    Libra sun 💋

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    Saggie rising, dodging ex's and my past self situations

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    I'm a year sober had a drug dealer approach me at the park, duck and dodged boi! Bulletproof

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    Yup. This is me. Not going to lie I was doing some toxic shit and I woke up. Now That I’m away from all of that shit it’s like something is trying to pull me back but honestly I’m sooooo done w the fuckery. Karma is real and I’m not trying to deal with that. So happy I’m not living with all that anxiety. I’m cool and calm now. Nothing feels better.

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    Keep up the great work

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    Yooooo I'm so shocked wowww

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    Spot on moon child thank you so much for this clarification

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    Great read i cried all morning then felt better just wondering why 😱😱😱 im handling well just frustrating

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