Sanitation Chemicals Storage and Food Safety

October 21, 2019 posted by

Now we’re in a room separate from our processing
plant where we store our cleaning and sanitation chemicals. As you can see behind me, we have
quite a few different types of chemicals in here and we have to maintain total control.
You want to control inventory and access through procedures that are established through the
plant. You can see the chemicals are all labeled properly. We have a compilation of all the
MSDS sheets in a central location in case a safety issue arises. You’ll notice we have
different colored brushes here. These are cleaning brushes that we have color-coded
seven different ways so that we know exactly how they’re used. For instance, our blue brushes
are color-coded for cases, totes, and boxes. Our yellow brushes are color-coded for floors
and equipment. And it’s very important to keep those separate for all cleaning procedures.
In summary, it is absolutely critical to maintain total control over our cleaning chemical storage
area. That means being able to close off access and limit accessibility and monitor inventory
within this area.

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