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hey chat up and girl a big world is out that way anyone to live in every day you will it takes you makes you wanna say and it's a beautiful [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] honey my name is Sammy I'm here today to teach about the rules of the school bus this is me back in 1997 when I was part of the very first safety safety safety bus video a lot of things have changed since then but the rules are still the same safety never goes out of style let me show you James is going to be my helper today as I show you all the rules of the school bus I getting ready for school make sure you wear the right clothes depending on what the weather is snow rain or sunshine have everything you need to take to school in your backpack so you don't have to rush around looking for things at the last minute before you leave the house tuck away are put inside any backpack drawstrings or scarves that may get caught on the handrail or door when you get on the bus remember to have your bus pass you need to show it to the bus driver each time you get on the bus leave yourself enough time so that you are arriving at your designated bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time going to the bus stop walk on the sidewalk for your safety remember to be at the designated bus stop at least 5 minutes before the school bus is scheduled to arrive if you have to cross the street on your way to your designated stop be sure to cross at a corner or crosswalk use the safety rules that pedestrians use point pause and proceed when you get to the crosswalk stop and point your arm across the intersection pause and wait for all the traffic to stop once you have made eye contact with all the drivers proceed across the crosswalk [Applause] waiting at the bus stop line up in single-file to wait for the bus no pushing or shoving when you are in line and do not play on other people's lawns or front step wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the bus driver opens the door before you step towards the bus be sure to check for the route number before you get on the bus if you're unsure ask the bus driver to get on the bus you have to go through the danger zone what is the danger zone the area directly around a school bus even when it is parked is called the danger zone it is called the danger zone because bus drivers have a hard time seeing little people or objects that are very close to the bus this might seem surprising because you might think that when you see the bus the bus driver can see you but that is not always true hold onto the handrail every time you board the bus Morty Thank You Morty be sure to show your bus pass to the driver and then go straight to your seat and sit down because if you stop to talk or stand blocking the aisle some of the children behind you will get left in the danger zone riding the school bus the correct way to sit on the bus is to sit straight on your seat keep your feet on the floor put your backpack on your lap and face the front of the bus look for the emergency exits and know how to use them if the bus driver tells you to go out the emergency exits go quickly and quietly and in single file when you are talking to your seat partner on the bus use your inside voice no shouting or yelling show consideration for the comfort and safety of others the driver should be able to hear the dispatch radio and the outside traffic they should not be distracted while driving the bus driver is in full charge of the bus they have one very important responsibility your safety you should not eat anything or drink anything on the bus do not stick your hands out the window and do not throw anything else the window getting off the school bus stay in your seat until the bus is stopped moving and the doors are open leave the bus in single file starting with the children at the front and don't push or shop remember to use the handrail and watch out for that big step when you get off the bus you have to walk through the danger zone again so as soon as you step off take five giant steps away from the bus if you drop something and it rolls inside the danger zone or under the bus don't ever go back for it ask the bus driver or another adult to get it for you go straight into your supervised area or school and have an awesome day going home from school right after school quickly gather your things then follow the school rules that your school has for the students taking the bus if you miss your bus going back inside the school and ask an adult what you should do look how all the children are walking safely to their bus we have many students at MIT Catholic schools we use the yellow school bus here's one of our schools where there are nine yellow school buses – a lot of buses see the bus supervisors who are there to help students they are the ones in the bright orange vest getting off the school bus at the end of the day do not get off the bus until you are very sure that you are at the right stop never be afraid to ask your bus driver to help you get off the bus at the right stop if you aren't sure wait until the school bus comes to a complete stop before you leave your seat use the handrail when you're getting off the bus when you get off the bus you're in the danger zone so make sure you take five Giant Steps away from it stay in the safe zone until the bus has left or pulled away from the stop never cross the street in front of the bus if you have to cross the street on your way home be sure to cross at a corner or a crosswalk never cross the street in the middle of a block thank you James for helping me today with this video and thank you everyone for watching remember always follow the rules of the school bus and be safe you you you


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  1. Денис Тихонов says:

    Америка супер рулет

  2. Roland Couillonneur says:

    My bus has 12 rows and I sit on 9 row and I’m only 3rd grade in back on the right

  3. ASD - Bus 10 says:

    when i get off the bus my bus driver speeds over the speed limit before i can even take a step.

  4. Waifu Geolyte says:


  5. EDD - [eddsworld] says:

    Edmonton… The good ol, capital of Alberta. I've been there too many times.

  6. Hydro Bread54234 says:

    School Bus Safety in Roblox: Wait Until it stops before leaving, don't use items that will make bus crash, Stay In seats when moving.

  7. Wilmer Delcid says:

    There's a girl at my bus stop that can't stop talking

  8. Evelyn Alcantara says:

    Those students are not safe they are not wearing seatbelt.

  9. Tommy K says:

    The last time I was at the intersection I put my arms out for the traffic to stop but instead a hawk flew up and landed on my arms..damn it!

  10. Cassea Lapia says:

    Love you too much of a new one for you can do that and

  11. Marie Meek says:

    As a bus driver
    We don't have bus passes ..(10,000 kids in our district .)
    We don't point hands to cross .
    We always Stop 10 feet from a corner unless in the country we stop at their house.
    We cross kids in neighborhoods at the corners…Stop only if they live on door side on busy roads .

  12. The Lapitans says:

    Do NOT listen to the video it's STUPID

  13. The Lapitans says:

    Why do they let adults in the bus?

  14. Sadanand Choudhary says:

    Hey man who was in a

  15. Burma Calloway says:

    My bus is verry different first it's loud and when the buss stops and hits the brake were all like ok it stopped and we all stand up

  16. Burma Calloway says:

    What school has bus passes we don't

  17. fargeeks says:

    Since when was it required to have a bus pass to ride a school bus?????

  18. olive I'm a canimal says:

    Where is evacuation?

  19. olive I'm a canimal says:

    What's the music called?

  20. 강혜윤 says:

    스 마트폰 바꾸고 싶은데
    문득 내가 좋아하는 사람이

  21. Littlegirl___9 says:

    OK I go on a school bus the kids push every time

  22. Gordon the Big Engine says:

    Safety matters in Alberta

  23. Barkat Lone says:


  24. sdeanne Critchley says:

    Your all wrong you not allowed to say that we need rules

  25. Pink Lady says:

    School buses in USA still have NO safety belts. That is very disappointing. I am from Ireland. Here, we last had a school bus accident about 10 years ago. Some kids died and that prompted our government to pass bill on making all safety belts obligatory in all school buses. Within a week, school buses here were all installed with safety belts. Not a very difficult to do. See our school bus safety videos from Ireland.

  26. Lazaro Barrera says:

    I have 11 buses in my school

  27. Thgjhnfn Jackson says:

    Bboeeoe Is
    We'd be
    Tanto t

  28. Tracie Blair says:


  29. Ice wolf 25 says:

    No no no no no Mom I hate child safety because I don't care about the school bus and your stuff it's dumb because I don't like that you are so mean and and stupid and stupid I hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you to death that's why nobody likes that even Maddie B he just plays cool MattyB MattyB MattyB all this is boring that's why I don't watch this stuff it's so better than my games I play and I don't care about this. So you can put what do child safety to you do I don't care bye that's why I don't like you I don't care about you that's why I don't sound on You video and watch this back by you are so stupid you are so boring nobody likes you for 1 424 344 for 5 for 647-484-9410 411 412 413 that's why I know why you don't want nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody like like like like like like like like like like like like like like you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you owe yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah peace little girl you are so stupid peace little girl you are so stupid oh yeah it's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday cuz you're at the weekend that's why you always like her done piece meeting Jake Paul even take Paul and Logan Paul is better than you be a jake pauler NBA Logo game that's why we do Jake Paul and be at the Rose Bowl game oh yeah okay dude by piece but butthead stupid you are dumb you are dumb you are about to head to my house now be quiet school school school school that's why nobody likes you and so dumb………………………………………………

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