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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, do you know if the bus is
still arriving anytime soon? [GROAN] I wish there
was another way. Hey, Jack. Ryan. What’s going on? What’s going on? I’m having such a
frustrating morning. The bus is late. I’m late to work. But this looks like
a great option. Yeah, it’s fun. It’s easy-to-use. It’s convenient. And I don’t know if
you’re in a jam right now, but I could get you out of it. I don’t think my bus is
going to get here on time. You have a few minutes to
spare for me to get a lesson? Yeah, man. Let me show you. First thing you
need is a helmet. And luckily, I have
an extra one with me. Ryan, so you just happen
to carry an extra helmet in your backpack? Can’t be too safe
with these scooters. We at Consumer Reports have been
reporting on these things a lot recently. And last year alone, we
found at least 1,500 people were injured riding these. Oh, wow. And studies are showing
first-time riders especially are getting injured. OK. So let me show
you some pointers. First thing, this is your brake. Brake. This is your throttle. Throttle. It’ll take you right off. OK. Just step on, and
then hit the throttle. Off you’ll go. That sounds simple enough. It’s pretty easy. Let’s do it. OK, here we go. Hey. Hey, Jack. How far are you going? [MUSIC PLAYING] So awesome. Hey, you really took off there. Oh, yeah. By the way, I love
these scooters. How do I get one? You can buy them. Are they affordable? Yeah, a few bucks
up unto $1,500. It’s comparable to a good bike. OK. And what’s the best use of them? If you live in a city, and
you have a commute that’s about a mile or two long, it’s
pretty easy to use for that, just because it’s
quick and short. Obviously, scooters
are a lot of fun. And teens probably want to
ride just for that reason. If you live in cities where
there is e-scooter shared programs, it’s kind
of really easy. You just download
the app for one of the companies that
makes them available, and then you just find them,
unlock them, and then get up and go, and then leave
them wherever you end up. So where can I ride these? Down the streets, sidewalks? Check your city’s
regulations on this, because it varies
wherever you live. But if you have bike lanes,
that’s the safest bet. Now, what about battery life? The manufacturers say it
starts around 15 miles, depending on the model,
and on up from there. And can you plug
them into a wall? Generally, you can
plug them into outlets. Again, check and see what the
manual says for your model. Is there anything else
I need to know, Ryan? Yeah, some of the
rental companies, they say it’s safer to
ride during the day. Most cities, they
have regulations about how fast
you can ride them, around 10 to 15 miles per hour,
depending on where you are. And if you’re renting
them, or if it’s your own, you should try to
park it nicely. Don’t just leave it in
the middle of the sidewalk so people can trip over them. Be courteous. I think I might
actually get one. And by the way, speaking
of ride sharing, I think I’m going to
give this another ride. Thanks a lot, Ryan. Jack. Hey, Jack. Jack. Jack. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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