Security Awareness Videos by Habitu8 (Trailer)

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(female #1) Wiki says she’s 5’10”. (male #1) Well, Wiki’s wrong. (male #2) It’s the wrong Don. Wrong Don. (male #3) How did you know I got promoted? -LinkedIn. -We’re connected? (female #2)
A social engineer is basically just someone who’s good at lying? (girl) I’ve always been an overachiever. -You know my kid? -Ah. (male #4)
Look, I was going to call you and I swear, just right after we got this signed. -After? -Before. (male #5)
I just got our metrics from the last phishing training, we’re under ten percent click rate. (female #3) You stupid thing, I hate you, I hate you! (female #4) It’s the CEO of the company. (male #6)
I need you to send me a wire transfer for $25,000. (male #7) I only accept cryptocurrency! (male narrator) Oh, come on! (female #5)
I’m an NDA, I can’t tell you anything! (male #8) This is legit, it’s got that portrait feature! Here, snap the shot. (male #9) No passcode? (laughter) (male narrator)
This is Darren, he connects to free wi-fi hotspots. -There’s no password though. -Passwords matter. Can we hold hands, can we say that together? (all) Passwords matter.

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  1. Mikhail Chervinchak says:

    awesome_) good filming

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