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welcome back to the show many thanks for staying with us members of parliament are complaining about what they say is poor security in the house after 35 year old man attempted suicide in the house they are concerned about how people are able to walk in and out of the premises without checks listen to boost ourselves and peek live in the park and other and peace access my office explained these are very challenging times in action that our safety prioritize and I want to call on leadership to take our security on sense there is us there's not sufficient to swag a car to attack of 600 we want all the presidents of Parliament to be equally secure with ease with dry clap you to Nevada look there's no way absolutely no way that proxies and wa kafa come from him or the 275 mezzofanti it's not possible and for that matter we have if you don't have a driver driving in and saying you want to enjoy this exam it's not possible where I will well I realize that most members unfortunately who go and abandon Jack house you cannot even find them and hopeless became so so bad that controlling members became a problem so we tried about in this technology such that if you don't have a cow it could be a goner if we breach if we were a good security man move it being a business but then we have not approached how we develop able to assistance I am the owner of but you trace and the passing and cat in the name of some other MP to see that MP and Empress ultimately coming so the first security is we affairs have replaced that are designated for MP for me we assist to enter then let's start our the purpose of me we encounter with best so what we're asking security people to do is to do that those are some MPs you had they justify poco Kapoor is a parliamentary affairs correspondent he joins us from Parliament elegance of what else have they been saying about their security department in the name of coming to look for them and they have good access to the offices here in Parliament they are contracts that I dedicated you know police valiantly the analysts in the job sis understood and without to see on the disparity Hitler Smulian but they are worried because all the individuals are getting access some of you very much restricted areas they complain for example at that cafeteria again technology but also Pedro fine yeah with everything that does not spend some of Duty strength and dignity and EQ and they won't spend enough three teen and other effects of violence have been a security concern I mean how they raise any security concern before this incident incidence that this means reference to justice regarding one earlier in the year like him abstract or Sacramento asked for example was mentioning is an instrument yet really peaceful and demanded that if justice sometimes early last year when those service attack of the source outside the UK Parliament your call and the de Carranza resulting in some injuries right you on the Parliament the l5210 skin content to this first time that is coming up acceptance they think it's also high follow this one destroy yes but they have to do it again some unwanted come inside by this because I think this is that forgive me don't ya the concerns that are coming up and think that on any day MPC 100% fully accessible through the evidence it's not guilty the idea cost me another house and shows that they start Ocala most completely from your country most of what has been happening on the floor of Parliament apart from security that they discuss any legislative matters and the worst thing about it is that they implement it other than fear for the fact of in month yeah to be pissed what is there something as innocent even accounting issues that are being faced the most of success to the root jalisa on the website in turn on window groups across the country and the house participate your report of the Public Accounts Committee habit a year 2016 and I will attend as I eat up a prospectus Joseph thank you for that update just have Appa Kakaako it's a parliamentary affairs correspondent he joins us he joined us all the way from Parliament

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