Security precautions for gaming events

September 13, 2019 posted by

the gaming community has come together following the mass shooting at the landing Taylor Robinson and Eli Clinton Clayton excuse me were killed at a Madden tournament at the landing when another gamer started shooting joining me this morning is the founder of gam games art and music yeah you got it Tom said yes thank you so much sir for coming in each year there is the gam show with video game stations gamer tournaments video game art and more that’s a lot a lot of fun right yeah but I’m assuming and you should never assume but I guess I’ll ask the question moving forward will you be taking different measures or different approaches when it comes to different things when hosting these types of events I think a few things are definitely gonna change and it’s happening across the board like community leaders and event organizers they’re all looking at this and saying you know what what can we do just to make people feel safer you know this has never been an incident in the past and we think there’s a lot of things that we all do right as it is you know we’re always the community is very tightly knit and one of the best things we do is kind of police each other get to know one another so each other’s backs exactly when there are concerns usually we hear about it and so we can actually reach out and talk to someone and give them an opportunity like hey what’s wrong is there something we can do or you know what is it that people feel this that you might be a reason to to have caution but things like you know just using clear bags a lot of things that you see it’s stadium style events I think we’re all starting to implement oh yeah you know and I’m and I’m just want to jump right into this you know there have been a lot of rumors there’s been a lot of speculation there have been a lot of accusations that it was part of the environment that gaming for whatever reason promotes and it does not promote violence Gaming does not promote violence it is it’s like a sport and it’s competitive and there’s a lot of trash talk and then there’s not a lot of trash talk yeah but what is it that you want people to know who are casting spells out there casting rumors or comments that just aren’t accurate about the gaming culture yeah I would say anytime any point of the day you can check online and you’ll see gamers live streaming to raise money for charity to do good things extra life is a huge community here you see people playing Mario Kart even with this horrible event it was around Madden I mean we’ve all been at a Jaguar game people get heated just as if that people are playing hearthstone and cards games and like you know there’s so many things about gaming that doesn’t just invoke violence it’s so many of us use these games as opportunities of commonality so we can actually talk to one another and actually share those conversations exactly bridge those gaps and you know I think that’s really important to recognize don’t just go running your chops about things that just aren’t true listen to people and we have to do a lot more of that really really quick are we doing anything to help with good luck have fun or any-any yes I mean every community here in Jax is doing everything possible to help good luck have fun like people are at the vigil I would say extra life is doing things every livestream are in town if you just search for hashtag gamers give back to glhf you’ll see so many people in town across the nation around the world all trying to raise money for the victims also for cliff and glhf because they’re our home it’s our home thank you so much so thank you really doing a thank you very much

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