Self Defense Techniques (Realtor Safety Class)

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but one of the things I talk about a lot of realtors is big jewelry this can be use to chunky hello this is this isn't weak this is solid I haven't used it to grab it choked right away to drag you anywhere I want so be careful with Julian you could have something like this make sure it's a breakaway and go ahead and do free oh really oh my god they're kill me with the groin stretch my hand slides up over the shoulder rubs just so you can feel it knows it doesn't matter which finger just give it an eight straight to brunch at the droid Oh get away okay oh yeah yes that is good slide up over the shoulder grab underneath your nose straight back bitch yeah okay good put some more power into it how are ya I don't know you're not from now oh oh yeah you see I it's my legs coming straight up and bringing stand straight down oh nothing very simple come in this way very simple that's the first thing yes so I'm going to grab her she's gonna step in I went ahead I got a good face no he's with that foot my elbows up whether it's in her chest whether it's in a face I'm just springing forward inverrary I see I'm losing all my power instead of switching all the way over just really you going this year yeah there you go okay so I grabbed you let's go but the idea is that that they're even doing in open houses like where somebody will like if she's the real turn from oh hey so i'm really interested i haven't pre-qualified yet or maybe I have I pre-qualified for up to a million dollars i have seventy percent down it was there somebody else might walk in you know okay i was looking while she's busy with me cuz she's thinking money money money yeah let's do this yeah somebody else is pretty cool and boom they're also sending their kids into open houses with parents and while the kids are sending the kids to go in and take stuff 1223 and the idea is just to go ahead and at least get it away so if you hear i can at least push it head but in some pop it straight out come in you know i can do a lot of different things from here get my knife out the idea is just to kind of a Down East block your wife's name for help help you know as soon as you see an opening right here finger straight all right hello I'm labor our barracks and I am a realtor it's also really good to learn self defense tips for safety issues and I'm kind of going to know that and can defend yourself no matter the size or weight it's really good hi my name is fam don't you wonder who in north laguna niguel the class really helped me for safety preparedness as i always do an open house and i highly recommend it please do it's for your safety hi my name is Luca I work with Paris's yeah she became today's topping that you learn how to defend my good ol I don't want holding open houses or showing the cable property is Danny just have you never know version every counter so in this class I left feeling or confidence I know how to in Western Europe you know reserved right away yus around a little more confident so being able to gauge you are under but they walk in the house yo self defense and so I recommend it for anybody who you uh you know out there doing open house or working in villages yeah I am Joan sturgeon with Carrington real estate services and today we learn some self defense classes from TL which was just fantastic and I'm so glad that I went today because I learned some real sample technique that I think is going to shower me and my fellow sister realtor and I recommend all realtors to do this because with what's recently happened to the gal over and live in and they go but it really it's it's simple to learn and it's very empowering so thank you

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    Good stuff..

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