45 Replies to “Senate addresses Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency and data privacy”

  1. Omar Aziz says:

    Eh…they seem to be mostly asking questions on "money laundry" Of course it's not going to be used for money laundry given how many eyes will be kept on it. The MAJOR ISSUE is Facebook's evil policy of destroying competitors. ALLOW COMPETITORS TO THRIVE. That's the main thing

  2. Mihai Cristian says:

    WePower WPR Energy Blockchain And IoT- Penetrating New Blockchain Communities In North America, Europe And Asia

  3. Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

    Libra and FB are seperate entities. Congress should stop conflating the two.

  4. Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

    Congress must differentiate between currency cryptocurrency & digital assets

  5. Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

    The same questions asked about Libra should be asked about XRP & XLM

  6. Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

    Libra is NOT Cryptocurrency It is a digital asset The difference is critical

  7. Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

    FB is spark for Libra but Libra will be a seperate entity where FB is one of 100 members of governing board. FB however will control the wallet Callibra which will be set up like other wallets that are licensed money handlers that follow KYC & AML

  8. Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

    My question is how is Libra different from XRP XLM or other competitors – what are its pros & cons?

  9. Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

    USA behind eightball – It will now lead or follow – it cannot block world wide phenomenon

  10. Crypto Mom Still Standing says:

    1) There is universal real crypto which no one controls like Bitcoin – its like the Internet – a base where no KYC or AML necessary and it is incensorable 2) There is corporate fake crypto Libra Goldman Sacks coin which is used for efficiency but is censorable 3) Govt crypto like Petro – totally controlled & censorable 6/ Corporate crypto is a means to an end – it provides education and a means to onboard the poor and unbanked – who will eventually drift to real crypto

  11. EchoRhythm.TV says:

    Am I the only one who think its weird for an actual desk to be sitting in the middle of the room? But this is the first time I clicked on a Fox News clip…pardon my ignorance

  12. L McEntyre says:

    uah auh uuwww…the the the,,,,hahaha…buy BTC…

  13. NEmaFA says:

    2050… Stores: “sorry, we only accept Libra money”

  14. Snowolf1984 says:

    imagine the amount of alcohol Mr. Marcus needs after this hearing

  15. Shahadat Hossain says:

    Libra is kind of corporation money. Not really crypto currency, that is like public money. Crypto is open source, censorship registrant, decentralized, open to all public lager. . Neutral. Libra has nothing of those

  16. Cyber Security University Student says:

    Whats up with Mr Brown's voice…. is he a smoker.. feel as though I need to cough to clear my throat when I listen to him talk… COUGH COUGH. Great point Mr Brown made at 25.10..

  17. MAX WEST says:

    wait i thought they banned all terrorists on Facebook? they didn't? xDD

  18. Adam Malin says:

    47:52 lol "gold standard for banking" is such an ironic statement.

  19. Ishshews says:

    hahahahhaa crapo boy!!!!

  20. XRP Masterpiece says:

    america is a nation of drooling idiots. america is stealing identities and spying on its population far beyond facebook… and:they use facebook to do it too! duh…. crypto is the only salvation to the toilet flush of fiat economy

  21. Gil Hofman says:

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely

  22. Nico Prange says:

    They hate facebook and tech companies but many of them use an apple watch and probably facebook, too 😀

  23. Mike D says:

    I won't trust facebook anymore.

  24. Simon Richard Dent says:

    My friend is always complaining about hacks and viruses. I told him stop using Facebook. He is hooked on gambling on Facebook: that makes Facebook a business viable to taxation and business law regulations that includes being held accountable for spying, the removing any Right views, interfering with presidential elections, freedom of speech, interfering with political views. I am sure there are other laws they are breaking. I don't use face book period or google, though I do use google email though my web browser giving .. That .. I have never had a problem ever since dropping Google as my search engine.

  25. josefina Samvelyan says:

    haha I would never give my money to Facebook

  26. xcalibus says:

    Do not be fooled! The people grilling FB are not any better

  27. Swedy Senior says:

    No trust facebook. They proved no being trustworthy

  28. tony stark says:

    Senate is bunch of morons no wonder the us economy is going down the toilet

  29. Johnny Broker says:

    Stinks, right from the beginning.

  30. kwadwo amankwa says:

    Hypocritical politicians now act like they care about people. They just don't want people to crash their banking system.

  31. Peter King says:

    Goal NO.3 NOT compete with any sovereign currency

  32. Peter King says:

    Goal NO.2 fully cooperate with regulators

  33. Peter King says:

    Goal NO.1 low cost way to move money globally

  34. Husen Wang says:

    It's sad to use blockchain to protect dumb people who don't even know that what it is, let them die with the devaluing fiat.

  35. Andrew Pratt says:

    How is Libre different from Bitcoin and supposedly better for the end-user? Apart from Facebook branding of course.

  36. William says:

    I noticed Bitcoin isn't at the hearing

  37. Andrew Pratt says:

    Flagrant displays of BS. Perfect summary from Senator Kennedy.

  38. Coco puff70 says:

    there doing this so they can crash the economy and trump won't get re-elected FACT

  39. PunisherOfDeath101 says:

    This is bs and is not going to be good. Facebook is a terrible company. I am against Facebook getting any more power.

  40. DJ Harris says:

    MR Brown for president.

  41. Allen Maring says:

    i dont know why but i have the feeling all this is just a EU currency

  42. DJ Harris says:

    Facebook need to be phased out. split up. or heavily regulated. they certainly do not need to be a bank.

  43. Allen Maring says:

    HMMMM so there will be a property tax for using Libra and then have a sales tax on top of that did i hear that rite

  44. Allen Maring says:

    this is so unbelievable Facebook will be able to decide what is acceptable for someone to buy and from what merchant and what will happen if Facebook decides to suspend you account

  45. Ash Vecchio says:

    So the US government/NSA who illegally and unconstitutionally collect everyone's data, phone calls, texts, emails etc now care about user privacy!? Lmfao. What hypocritical fools.

    These parasite pricks don't care about terrorism. As they're the terrorists destabilizing the world with sanctions, wars and proxy wars. They only care about the IRS being able to keep stealing everyone's money.

    Welcome to dystopia. Libra is the SDR and we all know it. The irony is the USD will continue to be used for global under the table illegal activities and it will be the ONLY 100% private currency in the US.

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