SIAN “I will protect you from water ghosts, SEUNGJAE”[The Return of Superman/2018.05.27]

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(Our happy moment) Are you done? I have a little bit left. (You can do it!) Are you done? Let’s go. (Their friendship blossoms in the restroom.) (They’re feeling extra cheerful.) Close your eyes. (They wash their bodies first.) – Who can lather? / – Me! Here you go. (They’re washing themselves.) (Splashing) Sian, isn’t it fun? It is. (Seungjae is looking after his dad.) (Jiyong is getting clean thanks to Seungjae.) (Seungjae makes sure to rinse his dad’s face.) That feels great. Can we go into the tub now? You might slip, so step on this. Sit here. It feels great. It feels great. (The water feels nice!) Are you happy to be in the water? Yes. (If you like it that much,) (I’ll attack you.) Sian, you too. Close your eyes. – Stop. / – You, too. Here. Stop it. Should I stop? (Sian stops Jiyong.) (Giggling) Do you know how to do this? Can you ride this? (When Sian went to the bath with his dad…) (This will float on water!) (Thanks to Donggook, Sian almost drowned.) (It’s an unforgettable memory.) – Seungjae. / – Yes? Try riding this. (He gets on without any suspicions.) Jump with your feet. (Is he really riding it?) (Of course not.) (Are you serious?) Did you slip? – It doesn’t hurt. / – Really? What’s with your face then? (Seungjae has it pretty tough too.) Sian, can you dive? I can dive. Watch me. Try it. (One second) (Two seconds) You could stay under a little longer. – What about Sian? / – Try it. I can’t do it. Can’t you do it? I’m older than you. No, you’re not. You’re the same age. We’re both five, but I’m older. Why are you older? I was born earlier than Sian. – Who? / – I was born earlier than Sian. – It’s only a month more. / – Me? You were born in October and he was in November. (November, Sian, October, Seungjae) One, two, three. (Attacking) (Failed) You’re really good, Seungjae. You might even go to the Olympics. Do it just one more time. Ready, go. (Seungjae goes underwater again.) (They start playing pranks again.) No. (Spitting) (He’s the happiest right now.) No. It wasn’t me. It was you. – No. / – It was you. It was your dad. That’s not true. – It wasn’t me. / – It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me either. I swear it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t Sian, and it wasn’t me either. Could it be the water ghost? (It must be the water ghost.) (Shivering) (Water ghost?) – Is there a ghost here? / – There’s a water ghost. (Didn’t you know? There’s a water ghost.) The water ghost lives in blue water. (Grabbing) I’m scared. (Grinning) Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. (He can’t hear a thing.) Dad! Dad! Dad! What? What is it? You coward. Did you pee or not? – I didn’t pee. / – Are you sure? – I didn’t. / – The water is yellow. – Dad, I want to leave. / – Okay. (Stop it, Dad.) Dad, I want to go. If you promise to sleep early today, the ghost will go away. I promise to sleep early today! Are you that scared of the water ghost? Seungjae, are you scared? (Seungjae, are you that scared?) No. (Acting strong) It’s because we finished our bath. If you guys stick together, they can’t kidnap two people at once. You should hold hands when you go around. Seungjae, you’re not scared, right? I’ll protect you, Seungjae. (Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.) Gently. Be gentle. Be gentle. (Don’t be a crybaby.) Does it feel good? It feels great. You have to scrub my lower back too. That’s right. Be gentle. Now turn around. Sian will do Seungjae’s back, okay? Scrub his back. Where should I scrub? Can you do my arms? (Sian, that’s…) My arm. Close your eyes when you wash your hair. Scrub more. – That’s it. / – More. Scrub more. Here comes the water. Here comes the water. (Groaning) One more time. (Do his eyes sting?) One more time. Dad, please be gentle. Does it feel good? Sian, do you feel good? (The two boys finish their bath.) Let’s go. We’re done. Let’s have banana milk. Let’s eat eggs too. – Enjoy. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Dad! We got eggs and salt! Wash up fast and come out. (Cracking) It cracked. – Let’s eat the eggs. / – Okay. It’s delicious. It’s delicious. (They enjoy milk after their bath.) (He feels like the world is his.) (He can’t stop smiling.) (Seungjae eats well.) (This is how you eat an egg.) (I won’t let you win.) (Eating) (Sian and Seungjae are looking rather ugly.) (Why did you put it in your mouth at once?) (This is nothing.) (Did you know? You’re an amazing boy.) – You. / – No, you. (You’re more awesome.) (Take my heart.) (Take my heart too.) (They’re complimenting each other.) Let’s get dressed. I can dress myself. Sian, I took it off by myself. Whose is this? It’s not mine. Is it yours? It’s Dad’s. This is Dad’s too. This is mine. It’s mine! Mine… This one is mine. (Seungjae is good at dressing himself.) My pants. My pants. – That’s mine. / – It’s mine. It’s mine. Look. (Isn’t it mine?) – Let’s switch. / – Okay. Are we switching? It’s because we’re friends. This smells like you. It smells nasty. (He expresses his love in a rough way.) (They successfully changed outfits.) Did you get dressed too? – Yes. / – What? (Of course. I’m a big boy now.) (They’re like old men.) You’re all grown up. Are you using moisturizer? – You’re handsome. / – You’re all grown up. Let’s go. – Sian, come beside me. / – Okay. – I’ll turn it off. / – Okay. – Goodnight. / – Goodnight. (Goodnight, Dad) – Shall I share a secret? / – Yes. You should sleep here tomorrow night too. (Giggling) (Kissing) I became your twin brother. I’m so happy. I’m very happy to be your twin brother. (They can’t stop giggling.) – Sweet dreams, Sian. / – Thank you. Sweet dreams, Seungjae. Sian. (They actually spent the whole night saying that.) Seungjae. Seungjae. Sian. Sian. Seungjae. Seungjae.

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