11 Replies to “Singareni Siren | Safety first, Safety always | Safety measures & Rescue at SCCL mines”

  1. Aravind Ilapuram says:

    Keep making videos sir..

  2. ŤøgethĘř fØreVęr says:

    When will be #Welder external Notification sir


    SINGARENI telangana kabati Telugu lo esthe baguntadii

  4. gajula srinivas says:

    Only video……. Antha……….

  5. bachelor food channel says:

    Badili worker results evvandi sir

  6. Jalpa Janu says:

    A wonderful video 🤗SCCL RESCUE 👏🏻

  7. dattatreyulu jammalamadaka says:

    Wonderful. Very much heartening to see SCCL is focusing on hazard identification and elimination of potential risks. Great job. Kudos to the mining professionals headed by technical Directors

  8. mining technical says:

    Please give update on jmet notification

  9. Nikhil nayak says:

    Also give information about upcoming notification in sccl.a lot of students waiting …

  10. Nikhil nayak says:

    Keep doing videos on mining works,very useful information
    Thanks for this valuable video

  11. All in one updates says:

    Jmet notification information

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