Skout the protection Doberman.

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  1. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    My dogs are naturals. I have not bred the protectiveness out of them. Please check out my FACEBOOK. I think you will enjoy it. Thanks. LONESTAR DOBERMANS

  2. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    Lonestar Dobermans and
    Debra Dickey

  3. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, in general the females are more protective. But I have some males that are the same way. Please check out my Facebook. I have a pair of females with me in the same pickup. Wow. I had to get off that street quick.
    Lonestar Dobermans

  4. Ashley says:

    his bark made me lol! Good job Dobe!

  5. viannafin says:

    Will dobermans bite an intruder without command? I mean do you have the power to make him not bite even though he's protective like this?

  6. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    It is all how they are trained and their genetics. In this case if we tell SKOUT it is okay she would be quiet but my daughter was allowing her to react this way. She never tells SKOUT it is okay but rather gives sounds of fear. This is how all my dogs react. If I were not there they would bite a stranger that did not back away. If we are there & tell them everything is okay they do not bite or growl. If you were to grab me they would attack naturally without command. Thanks for your question.

  7. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    Thanks, She is fun to take to town.

  8. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    WRX831: Wrong wrong wrong. First HE is a female. Second she is protective (guarding my daughter who is making the video) and third she is NOT dog aggressive. If you saw her you would know this. She is very impressive! I'm sorry that you wasted your time commenting on a video with false claims.

  9. mrdat says:

    @callalily271 Just like in a lot of things in life, if you aren't a responsible owner, you are neglectful. My dobie sounds like that when someone is outside the house and she's inside. She's protecting us. But if that same person comes to the door and I let them in, she's fine because she knows I'm allowing them in and they are not a threat. I've had her bark at people in public that did have, what she thought were, attacked-ful actions towards me. Otherwise, she couldn't care less about you.

  10. syl casa says:

    where are you that is making her go that crazy? Is someone "pretending" to try to get at your daughter? Or is your dobie that aggressive with objects and people?

  11. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    She is not aggressive, she is protective. This breed was bred to have this disposition. They are very loving and affectionate.

  12. xxxthanatosxxx says:

    Makes me miss my Dobe!!! He used to be so protective over my kids! Love these dogs and can't wait to find another.

  13. winrx says:

    Nice to have a bodyguard like that : )

  14. LOKISlog7 says:


    Nice Dock and Crop to standard. THUMBS UP to your loving and responsible ownership.

  15. yokophoenix says:

    @ebraDickey1 even protective bahaviour has to be controlled and this is NOT under control… the dog does not really know the right situations where she should react like that and u would know that if u visited a school for protection dogs… she might be not agressive but with a single word she should be quiet cause U are the one to decide whats dangerous and what not! and this is her deciding… so might not be dangerous but its a bad excuse from ur side…

  16. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    She was given "her word" and that is why she is reacting like she is to this "dangerous threat". She is 100% in control and very focused. She is working exactly like she is trained. If I had asked her to lie down she would have. She is calm and friendly until a threat is revealed. Then she will emit loud warning barks and keep herself between her handler and the threat. Only when the threat attacks, or when commanded, will she attack. I raise service and protection dogs. Dobermans since 1976.

  17. Alejandro Nunez says:

    she is one hell of a dog !! (:

  18. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    I have had Dobermans since 1975. I have a degree in Vet med and have placed numerous pups and dogs for service and therapy work. I specialise in protection Dobermans for personal protection. I raise quality dogs and have very good references and many repeat owners. I am sorry you are having a bad day but it doesn't help to act up and act a fool.

  19. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    Congrats. Please go to my Facebook and post pictures of your new baby. If you ever have any questions please feel free to email or call me. My Facebook friends also are good about answering questions. Take care and good luck. Deb Facebook: Lonestar Dobermans

  20. camelsandfriends says:


  21. CaciumKid99 says:

    What a sweet bark he got this squeak in his bark

  22. edesir says:

    A few months ago I took my girl out on a road trip and while sleeping in a rest area, she went into protection mode. She scared the hell outta me. 🙂

  23. onlywhenprovoked says:

    It would be cool if you posted a video showing some actual control over the dog, rather than a clip that makes her just look vicious. That's why you're catching so much flack here, there is no evidence of training here, what so ever.

    I know I'd love to see her respond to commands and show your control over her. More people need to see that kind of thing in order to offset all the "vicious dog" stereotypes and misconceptions people have.

  24. joey richard says:

    "Personal Protection Dogs" attack and release on COMMAND. This dog needs a firm handler who can teach it proper obediance training. These sort of videos are the reason people believe this to be a vicious breed.

  25. Pitayad1 says:

    Yes, mine are all loving as well. But I see a red zone case. This harms all us doberman parents and dogs. You don't need to crank her up. She would do fine naturally.

  26. eazi love says:

    you accept this behavoir wow

  27. Loyal Dobiedad says:

    Beautiful Dobie! Congratulations. Can you believe all of the know-it-alls who post here, but have no skin in the game?

    30 years with Dobies, 20 as "Guardian Angel" in Doberman Rescue.

    Keep up the good work.

  28. Shovelware says:

    Better ceep that dog away from me….if it comes near me and acts like this….It'll be dead in 2 sec….just to protect myself.

  29. Shovelware says:

    @unc159753 Not before I put a bullet in the head 🙂 The dog is a strong beast, but the man is smarter. dumbass.

  30. Loyal Dobiedad says:

    @Shovelware But then you'd have to deal with that Dobie's dad, which would have a very poor outcome for you, I suspect.

  31. Shovelware says:

    @SuperDobieDad Oh really? Poor outcome? Poor you…U need a dog to attack people. LOL. U'll be an easy pray for me dude. 🙂 You gonna need God to survive me.

  32. LunaticFringeHunter says:

    @Shovelware "easy pray"? It's "easy PREY" you ignorant public school educated miscreant, and I'm the last person in the world you ever want to meet up close and personal.

  33. Shovelware says:

    @LunaticFringeHunter Stupid bitch…I want to hear you talk, Dutch, French German AND Spanish…English is NOT my main language dumbass. Stupid fuck…who is the dumbass now?
    Ur the last person? Bring it up dude…hiding behind ur monitor. Threating with a dog. LOL. poor you. Just saw ur pic on ur youtube account. U pathetic. Mr. wannabe "I am big". Back to the school and gym baby boy.

  34. LunaticFringeHunter says:

    @Shovelware What you fail to realize, you half-wit, is that a Doberman is one's first line of protection, not the be-all-to-end-all. We have two 116 lb. male siblings that patrol the property and while you're trying to get one off of your neck and his brother off of your nutsack, we whack you simply enough. Now, back to your into hole you little drooling Orc.

  35. Shovelware says:


  36. Loyal Dobiedad says:

    @LunaticFringeHunter I hesitate to butt in on this "hate fest", but let me give you some good advice;

    "Never, ever argue with a fool, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

    Advice given in good spirit with good intentions. Peace!

  37. Loyal Dobiedad says:

    Back to the subject at hand. One doesn't necessarily have to "train" a Doberman to react like this, some of them come by it naturally by way of their "wired in" protection. My best Dobie ever, Gunner, hated police cars and reacted just like Skout without training. Unfortunately, I was never able to get him to do that for unmarked police cars with radar… would've been real handy.

    Anyway, great girl Skout, and good job training and loving her. Keep the Dobie faith!

  38. LunaticFringeHunter says:

    @SuperDobieDad Thanks for the wake up call. Apologies to all.

  39. Chastity Gray says:

    Beautiful dog. A Doberman would be my breed of choice if I wanted a protection dog. Are there different ear crop styles such as the show crop etc?

  40. Loyal Dobiedad says:

    @MsCMMURRAY "…they are awesome dogs. Sad they are not allowed everywhere."

    Whenever we take our two 118 lb. black / tan male Dobies out, no one has ever approached us to say they aren't allowed. : )

  41. Shovelware says:

    @BlindMagSoprano Only a dumb human would say such thing 🙂

  42. Shovelware says:

    @BlindMagSoprano People are not perfect…live with it dumbass.

  43. Shovelware says:

    @BlindMagSoprano Poor you…you really try to own me but do not know with what. lol.

  44. Shovelware says:

    @BlindMagSoprano LOL…getting angry hé? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Poor sucker…..u gt PWND again.

  45. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    This is how a trained or naturally protective Doberman should react to a threat. She is giving a warning which is better than no bark and just a bite.

  46. Frankwolf100 says:

    Too agressive for me!

  47. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    Not agressive at all. She is very protective when threatened. She won't back down. She has nerves of steel. She is very affectionate with family and strangers when there is no threat.

  48. a k says:

    Females have attitudes males are hard headed lol i have a male

  49. Chris Sparks says:

    Skout is such a sweet dog! She was there when I got my doberman from ebraDickey1 and If you ever met her you would say the same thing as I…

  50. Lauren says:

    aquaint your dog with a protection doberman and leave them together; then bring an intruder into view. the other dog shd go into protect mode and your dog could learn from it, wdnt take very long if you did this repeatedly…

  51. Lauren says:

    Family People wanting dobermans must realize this is a GUARD dog; not a pomeranian! Protection work is VERY natural for them, they DONT need any training to do it, and proper precautions MUST be taken to ensure safety. I have had dobermans for 40 yrs.

  52. Zach Zier says:

    Good to see a Doberman with its true instincts intact. Dobermans should never be wussified.

  53. Chris Klakamp says:

    LOL i have 2 that are as Diff. as night and day. Zeus my Male German Doberman is laid back and don't bark or growl much i've on ly seen him ready to kill 4 ppl in the 8 years i've had him and all 4 i found out later were child molesters and Cheyenne my Female American Doberman who is 1 year and 5 months and she don't like anyone.

  54. John Smith says:

    The truth about dobermans they are near the bottom of dog attacks and fatalities. Online there is a 20 yr report US and canada combined the doberman wasnt even in the top ten they were at 11 with only 7 deaths over a 20 year span ! These are the facts compared to trash dogs like pits and rotts ! The modern Doberman is a real aristocrat of the dog family. It is a powerful, beautiful and elegant animal. Pure-bred and well-bred Doberman is a balanced, but a very energetic and temperamental dog.

  55. Tiara👑 ♌ says:

    beautifull dog but when is your next breedign going to be?

  56. Lonestar Dobermans says:

    I have puppies available now. Check out my Facebook, Lonestar Dobermans in Beach City, Texas.

  57. Robin Hood says:

    Same thing my dobe Ares does lol. Not gonna lie the high pitched first few barks had me dying. But beautiful dog none the less

  58. keagan burk says:

    what was she Barking and growling at

  59. keagan burk says:

    any breeders that have pups for sale

  60. FatsDomino673 says:

    Good dog. You get that fuckin' squirrel!

  61. Wilson Hunter says:

    She sounds so girly lol

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