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You’re watching Animal Facts! “Small guard dogs? You’ve got to be kidding
me?” I hear you yelling through the screen. While they do lack the size to actually do
anything about an intruder; it’s not like a Chihuahua is going to tackle a stranger
in your living room, these breeds can warn you of danger and in some cases, because of
a big dog bark, can even deter potential home invaders from entering. At least in their
own minds, these small dogs are huge and in charge. If you’re searching for a small dog that
can not only keep you company but keep unexpected guest from entering your apartment or tiny
home, you might consider one of these “vicious” breeds. Let’s get started, but before we start,
make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell icon to become part of our
notification squad. 10. Miniature Pinscher When you think of Guard Dogs, the Doberman
Pinscher probably comes to mind. But at 8 to 11 pounds, you’re probably not expecting
a Miniature Pinscher to start off any guard dog lists. Although this is a rather delicate looking
toy breed, the Min Pin is a sturdy dog with a dynamic, vigorous personality. The German
word Pinscher refers to dogs that were bred to be guardians and to hunt vermin. Nowadays, the self-assured and muscular for
its size Min Pin is a great watchdog. It’s suspicious of strangers and is typically fearless
when faced with a threat, be it real or imagined. 9. Dachshund Warning: This House is Protected by a Highly
Trained Wiener. The Wiener Dog might be, as the literary critic
and journalist H. L. Mencken said, “half a dog high and a dog and a half long,” but this
small, funny-shaped dog is tough enough to take on a badger. In fact, that’s what it
was bred to do and how it got its name Dachs mean badger; Hund means dog in the breed’s
native Germany. Although the Dachshund loves to cuddle with
its people, the breed is known to be fearless when facing a threat. They are loyal alert
and protective, and have loud, cutting barks of a dog much larger than their size. 8. Chihuahua Yo Quiero you out of mi casa. No, the Taco
Bell dog doesn’t seem like the biggest deterrent, but this little dog can be an effective watchdog. According to breeders, they are protective,
jealous and will guard their person using their yappy bark when they see fit. The Chihuahua is known for being a barker,
but when properly trained the breed is actually an outstanding watchdog. Many Chihuahuas get
away with yapping, but they can learn to bark only when needed and can be counted on to
be dedicated alarms. Chihuahuas are generally very sweet and affectionate dogs that make
great companions with the right training. 7. Boston Terrier You gotta be tough when you grew up on the
streets of Boston, right? This small dog has several traits that make
it a great watchdog, but the most important is that he normally does not bark a lot. A
good trait, as false alarms can hinder overall effectiveness. A Boston Terrier, however, will bark when
it needs to and everyone will be aware that there is something foul going on. They are
usually happy and friendly but they are also known to be protective, and barking at strangers
is part of their job. A job the Boston does happily. 6. Lhasa Apso The Lhasa is a really good dog, happy to sit
on your lap and to alert you in case it hears any strangers, and to guard you like a Rottweiler
if the situation calls for it! The Buddhist Monks of Tibet would have been
proud of the little guard dog they created. Despite its fierce personality, the dog is
small, only about 13-15 pounds. The Lhasa is not tiny, though, and knows it—not some
animal that can be pushed around. The Lhasa is a little wolf! “A wolf? Sure don´t look like no wolf.” No, actually the Lhasa looks more like a little
wooly Ewok, but according to some sources, they were bred from a species of wolf found
in Malaysia about 4000 years ago. And, you just don’t go messing with a wolf, protecting
its family. 5. Scottish Terrier Terriers, in general, are excellent watchdogs,
bred to hunt vermin and to act as property guardians. The Scottish Terrier maintains
a true terrier temperament; strong-willed and confident. They are wonderful watchdogs
and typically reserved toward strangers. Unfortunately, although they have a bold boisterous
bark, they do not bark with a Scottish accent. A shame really. That said, they become very attached to their
families and make great active family companions. 4. Toy or Miniature Poodle Both the Toy and Miniature Poodle are listed
here because their temperaments and watchdog capabilities are both excellent. The size
difference is not huge; Toys being roughly 10 inches tall and Miniatures 10-15 inches
tall at the shoulder. Poodles are extremely alert and intelligent
dogs. Their heightened sensitivity helps them detect when something is wrong and they are
very obvious in communicating this to their owners. They are prone to barking and easily
trainable, so owners can get their Poodles of any size to bark in certain situations
in order for them to announce new developments around the house and yard. 3. Miniature Schnauzer Miniature Schnauzers may be smaller than their
Standard and Giant counterparts, but they are no less courageous. The breed was originally used as a ratting
dog and has a strong-willed, terrier-like personality. They make great watchdogs and
take their job very seriously. Miniature Schnauzers like to bark. They are
not big (usually less than 15 pounds), but they are almost never timid. Miniature Schnauzers
are usually easy to train and will usually back off when told to. 2. American Eskimo Dog Most American Eskimo Dogs are conservative
with strangers, keen of eye and acute of hearing, and serious about their watchdog responsibilities,
though not usually progressing to the point of aggression. Their high-pitched and loud bark can be quite
effective as a warning, as well as being extremely annoying to intruders, and the neighbors and
everyone else involved. Barking is common among American Eskimo Dogs.
They can be trained to obey a stop barking command, but rarely can the desire to start
barking be trained out of them. 1. Miniature Bull Terrier Larger than most dogs on this list, the Miniature
Bull Terrier weighs in at between 23 and 33 pounds. Not a big dog by any means, but still
larger than most of the toys and terriers on this list. And it packs a lot of muscle
on its sturdy frame. The Mini Bull Terrier is devoted, friendly
and playful. Like many Terrier dogs, the Miniature Bull Terrier was bred to be a vermin hunter
and has a fierce fire when it comes to its job of watching over its loved ones. But is
also friendly with strangers in the appropriate situations. They are not as protective as some of the
other dogs on this list, in fact, they may be a little too friendly for the role of “Guard
Dog”, but they are alert and inquisitive and make excellent watchdogs, alerting you
to someone at the door or in the yard. And that, after all, is really what we expect
from these small dogs. None of these dogs have the size needed to be fierce guard dogs,
but rather act as alarms and deterrents to would be invaders. And to wake up the big
dogs that we’ll be covering next time. So, which breed guards your home? Let us know
in the comments below. If you like this video, you can check out
some of our other videos here. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell
for more amazing canines. And as always, catch ya next time.


100 Replies to “Small Guard Dog Breeds – Tiny Watchdogs”

  1. Animal Facts says:

    What dog breed guards your house?

  2. Max Covfefe says:

    YAY for mentioning the Lhasa Apso!! I got one of these dogs, and he thinks his #1 goal in life is to alert the family every time he hears anyone near the door. I once had a mystery breed dog that was a terrible watchdog. He alerted me even if leaves were blowing across the lawn. It was like, "OMG! Come look! It's snowing!" Or "OMG! Come look! There's a plastic bag blowing across the street!" but my Lhasa KNOWS if it's more than a bag. He yells about i like, "Neighbor just got out of his car! Wanna know what he's wearing?" And I just tell him, "Thanks, that's all I need to know," and he goes back to sleep. That said, my Lhasa is also willing to eat said neighbor's face. We're working on that. In the meanwhile, please don't ring my doorbell.

  3. Gary Slade says:

    Jack Russell terrier 👍

  4. 20angeleyes20 says:

    A chihuahua protects my home and my bedroom. He barks when cars pull into the driveway, when he hears people on the porch and when/if a cop come's to the door.

  5. Dale Simons says:

    I have a smooth coated, Black and Tan dachshund named Harley. She rarely barks unless someone that she doesn’t know comes near the house 🏡 She is a real lap dog and though she weighs just 11 pounds she’s a SERIOUS bed hog!

  6. Deutschland With Natalie says:

    My eskie Stan must be the exception to the rule. He'll bark when a stranger is at the door. But as soon as I let them in the house he immediately wants all the love and attention from the stranger. And it took a few months training on walls for him to realize not everyone we pass by wants to say hi and give him attention.

  7. Ryan Anderson says:

    A chorkie named Halo, and a.half black lab and half blue healer named Star!

  8. Szabina Barros says:


  9. randall davis says:

    I've seen many of these breeds used as guard dogs for truck drivers who just need a small dog that will wake them if someone tries to break into their truck while they're asleep.

  10. Cristiano Suzuki says:

    fail. yorkie.

  11. ebjay1 says:

    Lhasa Apso, best watch dog ever!

  12. Roberta Lee says:

    Some of those Westhighland Terriers or Scottish terriers or a similar breed will guard it's territory and can do some serious damage if it bites you. Having had a Scotty, I would depend on them to let me know someone was around and so will a mini schnauzer. That little schnauzer is very protective and is currently doing the job now. When she is outsider She protects 3 yards and will not even let the postman come to the door. He drives in and blows his horn. She will not get near the vehicle.. Now that is a lot of cheap protection for my home and the houses on either side. My neighbor's are greatful for her protection and one neighbor even cooks her 2 slices of bacon each morning.

  13. Roberta Lee says:

    Currently a mini schnauzer and she guards 3 houses when she is outside. Won't even let the postman get out of his truck. He must blow his horn when Eloise is on duty.

  14. memnok magee says:

    we had a toy manchester terrier great watch dog and could get real viscous imagine facing 150 pounds of those things instead of a rottweiler you can defend yourself defend yourself from any large dog by stomping a paw flat before it drags you down not much you can do with a pack of those things swarming you like a thousand hornets

  15. Mango Potato says:

    I already have a Boston terrier 😜😜

  16. MoldyWater05 says:

    My friend has a chihuahua/min pin mix but for some reason she sounds like a rottie or german shepherd and it's so weird.

  17. Michael Long says:

    As a paper boy back in the 50s those little dogs were the only ones that bit! Right thru the blue jeans.

  18. Kim Lowe says:

    Mini schnauzer

  19. Randy G says:

    I had a Pomeranian and believe me if someone or something came around the house she would let me know. Still miss that little stinker. Be a year this month since she passed away.

  20. Linda Costa says:

    Our dachshund, Butch, was the most loyal and fearless pooch. We will love and miss him always

  21. Tim Barnett says:

    My chihuahua has stood between me an local black bears seven times now! Heart of a lion, good thing he not size of black bears, he'd be a monster!

  22. Captain Thunder ceo Nelson says:

    Little miniature Terra

  23. Ryan Barker says:

    My chihuahuas are bout it gangster aren't afraid of nothing they should be the number one little dog, and yes I've owned or know someone who has owned all of thees dogs.

  24. Peggy Winters-Stevens says:

    My Shih Tzu. Is an awesome watch dog!

  25. Scott MacDonald says:

    We have mini pin Manchester mix she has a strong bark. Toy Fox Terrier has a strong bark also and he truly believe he's a big dog. And we have a Boston terrier acts just like you said the Boston Terrier does. We love are little terrier security system.

  26. eloni puppy says:

    Ok this guy ran out of ideas

  27. Emma Green says:

    Jack Russells are good little watch dogs.

  28. Vishakh’s toy fun says:

    I want to have a Dachshund

  29. Oreo The Puppy says:

    My Rat terrier will Attack every stranger that enters within a 60 Meter radius

  30. Jason Reynolds says:

    I have a boxer and a pug!!

  31. Miso Honey says:

    You forgot the PUG! They will lick their victims to DEATH!

  32. Gboy Hizon says:

    Pomerenian is also a good watch dog

  33. Courtney McGraw says:

    Min pin all the way my dog will try and eat your face if she even senses your near

  34. Simona Ionescu says:

    tiny terrors

  35. Nicandro Urrea says:

    I have a boston terrier and he destroys everything and he is just 7 months old 😳🐶

  36. Frosty the ArcticFox says:

    Intense writing down these dogs down so I know which ones to keep if I find any on the streets

  37. Ashley Crossman says:

    Are yellow labs Watch Dogs or guard dogs?

  38. T Ritchie says:

    I heard the word small,but I think most of these are close to tiny.As for our house,we got some kind of 15 pound mixed breed that the wife had given to her in a Walmart parking lot.If need be it can wake me up and distract somebody while I get Mr.12 gauge on them. Now sometime later I will probably get a bigger dog.But for now,the little one will do.I'm trying to decide whether to go German Shepherd size,or something in the 30-40 pound range.

  39. Heidi E says:

    Scottish Terrier is #1 in my heart

  40. Aces & eights AZ HV/AC,Sparky and guns says:

    I vote for the Chihuahua because I have two

  41. Kevin Karlsson says:

    Poodles are incredibly intelligent and almost too much for their own good.

  42. Roderick Hero says:

    My Chihuahua is the alarm, I’m the big dog!

  43. KateMaysy says:

    My chihuahua is over protective

  44. Rebecca Ashley Van Wyk says:

    I used to own 3 wieners but I am down to one and thinking about adopting more 😍

  45. Hombre Pobre says:

    i you use those dogs as your watch dog be sure to protect them because they are not actually protector but just to alarm you. if i were a thief i will just kick them off and they're gone. i will take all of your treasures in front of those over grown rats,,,,, but a crossed breeded miniature bull terrier+pitbull is more dangerous because they posses power.

  46. Davidowski 22 says:

    No corgis ?

  47. Holly Wright says:

    I had a Scottish Terrier when I was a very little and one night my dad came downstairs to go grab a glass of water and it was dead it had cancer and lumps alll over it it was very sad I don't remember much of it but my mom was mostly heartbroken

  48. The Liv&Linds Show! says:

    My chihuahua is as good of a watch dog as my German Shepherd. I think he actually believes he’s a GSD 😂 he’s as brave as they come! He would lay down his life for me, even though it wouldn’t go far lol. There are actually many cases of chihuahuas warning their owners of intruders before they even make it to the door. It makes the difference! Some dog breeds are more timid and get scared but these little guys have a whole lot of courage.

    Btw your attempt at Spanish missed the mark and gave me quite the chuckle lol

  49. S Singh says:

    I call my dog an armpit shark.

  50. Tatijana Caldrmoska says:

    Probably the jack Russell isn't on the list, my jack Russell Millie protect my parents house

  51. Linda Yoder says:

    I have 3 Yorkies and they are very alert t to the slightest noise inside

  52. Amanda Nawrot says:

    My wiener dog it can pee on carpets he amazing I now

  53. Leah Dada says:

    What about Shih tzu’s? My dog thinks he’s a guard dog.

  54. muppet929 says:

    It took a long time, and a lot of work, but my dachshund finally realized she doesn't have to alert the whole neighborhood every time a doorbell rings on a television show.

  55. sebastien gal says:

    I would go with chihuahua…..I got
    2 chihuahuas name alphons and belo they even bark to fallen leaves
    and evil spirit….

  56. idk :P says:

    Oof, I own a jack Russell, Chihuahua Cross (she's in my profile pic) . Who was originally used for breeding. She only barks at small bugs ._.

  57. Stephanie L says:

    My Lhasa sounds the alert and my pit-bull and chihuahua back her up.

  58. mia&ella lopez says:

    my chihuahua is sweet but win somone get in my home he goes mad he will bite he never bits homeless cat

  59. anita tichacek says:

    Dachshunds are fooled mine but they could get my German Shepherds killed…or your big Breeds

  60. D Pedro says:

    I have to put the Miniature Schnauzer at #1. I have lived with them most of my life. You wont find a more loving or devoted dog. Nothing will get close to you with out you knowing it with one around.

  61. Jessica Conner says:

    I’m training my dog to got for the throat… screw biting the arm

  62. David Drummond says:

    My 9 month old patterdale terrier called Leo ,just doesn’t know what fear is. He is well named as he has the heart of a lion, along with a grip that is ferociously strong

  63. Matt Jost says:

    My Min Pin let's me know the second the mail trucks leave the post office….

  64. Tim Coyne says:

    Westies are best and not so stubborn or standoffish as Scotties. Our Lhasa (Tibetan terrier/spaniel) mix rescue was the most steadfast guardian that we have had, not only standing as a presence in entryways but rounding up and accounting for every party throughout the night. At her determining bedtime, with the whole family in, she gives five barks out toward the night and sets up closer to the door than the furthest member. In the yard, during the day, she sits on the outer ring looking outward. Once we settled into a tighter ring (patio table) she would join at peace..

  65. David Arnold says:

    My Scottie Nessie actually thinks she the Loch Ness Monster.

  66. Maria Trakadas says:

    Miniature Schnauzer. He loves to bark and is robust at 25lbs. Very protective.

  67. Jamal Slow says:

    Jack Russell ?

  68. zuzualma1 says:

    Min Pin is the king of toys! Sweet, intelligent and great watch dog. Big dog in small body. Very special.

  69. Alex D. says:

    I trust my chihuahua when he barks or growls love em!


    Wife's grandmother had a Chihuahua that barked at every one, growled and tried to bite most, and had a permanent erection. When the old woman passed away, when the door was opened, he took off, never to be seen again.


    You didn't mention Jack Russell terriorers. I have a Jack Russell/Chihuahua female that, when younger, was an excellent guard dog. Very alert, she missed nothing. Around the house, she out the fear of dog in many strangers and dog. Out in public, very friendly to all except other dogs who had attitudes. Sadly, she is close to deaf at 14 years old, but still a devoted family dog. Never had the Chihuahua "little man" attitude, but wasn't afraid of anything. Just wish she was a bit bigger than her 16 pounds. We have coyotes and cannot leave her out unattended. When I take he out at night to urinate, I am always armed.

  72. Melissa Flanary says:

    My mutts.

  73. Kat Heymann says:

    I wanted a small dog due to my back problems. I couldn't afford a purebred so I got a yorkie poo. She was trained to bark with a knock on the door. Since then she will bark really loud until I go & open the door. She does respond to the quiet command well except when it comes to the door.

  74. Shade The Wolf YT says:

    Shiba inu

  75. Jonna Blevins says:

    My Dashund Rascal will for sure let you know if someone is around. Some people are surprised we they see l have a dashundThey think l have a bigger dog than that because of his loud bark

  76. Brad Nygren says:

    American Rat Terrier, Decker size: 43 lbs of hunting furry, and a great couch cuddler.

  77. Cathy Jaggers says:

    Our chihuahua is extremely suspicious of strangers and will glare at them the whole time they are in the house….that is after he finally stops barking. It takes him a long time to get used to someone, but after he does you have a friend for life. Extremely friendly and loyal to us, but also enjoys his alone time. Our other two dogs are bigger, both chihuahua mixes, but at less that six pound tends to be our little alpha. LOL!!!

  78. HHCarolyn says:

    I love your little girl helping you ! She does an excellent job !

  79. Aoife Mae Flanagan says:

    Lhasa’s are great who agrees ?

  80. Britta Kriep says:

    Some notes from Germany: In Germany Pinscher and Schauzer are in the same breeders club, only in 1949 the Dobermann Pinscher breeders formed their own club. When my father, born 1938, was young, middle size Pinscher and Schnauzer had been very popular among farmers. But do not confuse the Zwerg(dwarf)pinscher with the similar looking Manchester Terrier or the Deutscher Jagdterrier ( German Hunters Terrier), also a rather fearless dog. The Dachshund is in Germany also called Teckel or Dackel ( but be csrefull the word ,Halbdackel/ halfdachshund' is a strong insult in Swabia!). My father told me, that formerly people who wanted that their house is well guarded, had two dogs. A small one, who quickly noticed an intruder and bark to wake up the second dog. The second one was a large dog to frighten the intruder. ( Small dogs can not stop an intruder, while large dogs are lazy and like to sleep).

  81. Dayan Bold says:

    you foregot the yorkie

  82. mary m says:

    Chihuahua is an amazing dog

  83. P.J Rosete says:

    I have a Maltese and my other baby is a mix of Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Beagle, Schnauzer, Corgi mix!!! I had her blood work through her vet. She looks like the Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso, she is so smart and beautiful. Her name is Prada and the Maltese is Nickelby he is so handsome they are both amazing. They are so funny Prada totally has a diva personality. Nick is like leave me alone until I get my beauty sleep. I love watching y’all’s videos thank you so much.

  84. breanna hollister says:


  85. John D says:

    I had a fox terrier for 17 years, as a puppy I took him to work with me on a navy base where I was working as a security guard and trained him to bark when the warrant officer would sneak up to check on me.
    At home he would alert me of anything within 10 meters of house, great dog.

  86. mary m says:


  87. Rudolph Gerry Rodriguez says:

    You left out the Jack Russell, I have one, and he is fearless and ferocious!!

  88. Fox Man says:

    min pins should be number one; all the other dogs are chumps!

  89. Er Sturdevant says:

    My mini-schnauzer/Yorkie mix charged an attacking American bulldog…no joke. Fearless.

  90. Er Sturdevant says:

    Shout out to Shelties….excellent watch dogs.

  91. Crysta Leitch says:

    My rat terrier. 🐕

  92. NorthMountainFairy says:

    I watched this to see if dachshund in particular was included. I adopted mine from a woman with other pets who were constantly alpha-ed into submission by this cute little long haired.

    I named her General Princess Leia because she’s tiny, adorable, and a total alpha.

    We live in Alaska, and her big bravery makes me fear the first time we cross the path of a bear with her. There’s a reason we don’t let her off leash out here.

  93. Ryan Oswald says:

    My morkie bites anyone that hits me or comes in to my home uninvited

  94. Forever Diamond Wolf says:

    I have a chihuahua mix with a min pin

  95. luvlay111 says:

    Pomeranian chihuahua dachsund mix – his bark is much bigger than him and has made people and dogs three times his size jump 😂 we don’t have a doorbell nothing makes it down the street without him letting us know (thankfully we live in a quiet dead end street)

  96. Virgen Weed says:


  97. D mo-ra says:

    I took a nap and went to the store and you were only on the second breed speed it up

  98. Linda Daniels says:

    I have two chihauhaus and they are truly very good little watchdogs

  99. Jess Barnett says:

    My old friend had a mini pin and boy was he a security guard. He also had bad separation anxiety disorder. Little Stanley. I miss him. He was a good dog. My dog Rylie is a pomchi and when she could see, she would be just as a good as a motion detector lol!

  100. Carmel Capricorn says:

    Chihuahua will put the 🐾 on anyone when it comes this 🏡. On of the best alarm system ever. THAT'S FACTS.

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