Smith vs. Zietz vs. Andre – Seeding Round, Heat 2 – Corona Bali Protected 2019

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Jordi's Smith now next-door neighbors to John on the North Shore of Oahu making that move last year Sebastian's eats in the water wearing the blue jersey coming back to compete after welcoming his baby girl into the world so he's got a new spark about him seeing him free sir Johnson Andre another great comeback story the benefit of been getting here I'm sitting around really good income it's you know a high seed going into the ground 30 yeah I think it's I think it's a good thing all right well you can go free safe now as much as you want your extent for the day well done John really focusing on his surfing Zeitz got to start doing the interview yeah beautiful turn there from Sebastian Z's blowing the tile out losing the pins into that little way back snap it they kind of wiped up a lot of speed but and then going for another one on the inside Jordy Smith in motion nice clean car blows the tail out pull wrapping cut back for Smith little twisted rat motion on the inside corner and buries that tail through the inside section Smith on the board a lot younger down you see him coming out of the water how'd you like the first thing eautiful turn straight into that snap through the lips are a great combination there to keep this wave off and then stuck with it you know it's not really much on offer but you can see how he's just twisting and carving all the way through the inside wants to be the Intimidator in the Red Bull locker room he wants to beat guys before the heat starts here comes daddy andre little Spieth flowed off the top into a quick card lining up the end section squared up vertical and stays on his feet right to have him with us again this year let's have a look here more of a speed flight and there's a nice earring remover so Jetson Andre one of those guys that he'll plant his feet on the board's own when he won't move them amazing is his warrior status still growing on tour here's Jordi Smith carving a little lay back car to change it up the South African shams it off the lift there and winds up for the end section pin throw reverse complete for Jordi drives off the bottom and then beautiful wrapping turn they'll love that which put him right in the spot so the whole wave really made sense you've read it incredibly well that is part of the road of being a professional surfer big frontside swooping cut back with a release for sea bass famous for never holding back you know with the smaller size fives gonna be real difficult on the backhand it's a really match up in the front side of thank-you pots back to this one seats nice powerful cars waves slowing down on it so it's gonna go down on that didn't have anything left to really lay that rail down once again he comes daddy on the next one big crushing vertical in the pocket drills the lip again right into a bottom turn it can't shut it down the Jets are done right you can see he is sorry disappointed with himself right they'd always just about to call that the best wave of the heat the first one what's the percent right in the pocket nice and vertical and again the second maneuver right to the star this up again live throws the fins out onto the lip hook survives that one so he still had some energy trying to recover from that fall I got the taste of Changu and Corrales surfing against the big best junior 's in the world and now in the big stage Smith carve and ends up kind of slipping off towards the inside corner here and on the way back out Smith will take this wave under priority I'll just feel out that board again nothing happening to his top two Sebastian a former Triple Crown champion rolls in big blasts been flying out the back climbs it sinks on the landing so Chad sent sea bass even Geordie on the way of previous having a tough time without end section how does that feel this morning so swinging on the inside Geordie gets started beautiful carved at tail release Jackson finishing will catch the talented Shorty's rise about half a foot section majority still crushing it we've done several look at Georgie's wife Yeah right and that's what we want to see to putting every single thing into it and then Angie said as this wave got smaller and smaller we kept maneuvering all the way through but look at the stone yeah just pushing on that back foot stands that back leg now releases the fins and allows that board to drift re-engages it keeps himself over the board let's have a look at Dodson's wave first Joe as keeping himself very busy trying to find that 6.11 Apple narshall manoeuvres they're just milking it through nothing real special on this wave nice connecting through the inside of the fire that's it back to live seats with a lot of momentum ripped through that forehead car he's gonna lay it down again back into the pocket but that rebounds gonna take him out they're really trying to force it through the end section but it wasn't really walling up for him you know there's no right way or wrong way to do it you know everyone's different everyone rides way differently I mean the judging is evolving as we go as well but I'm liking what I'm saying here comes Jordy looks like he wants to really felt the lip winds up a beautiful town car ride off the vertical and sets that rail again on the inside nice clean form we'll clean up a messy inside corner but the section out the back was as beautiful as it gets and this size of surf at Corrales Jordi Smith let's have a look nice fire line and then just really tears out waving to pieces finishing off nicely so a good rhythm good good manoeuvre choice everything just set up well for Jordi he's looking sharp here this morning and he's gonna be hard to beat I mean I'm trying to think of a lot of people picked him in their teams well if he didn't and this is just a sign of what's to come here from Jordi the bigger and better kids we're gonna see more of that I mean upstairs felt the power a spend sea bass with 10 seconds to turn this thing around wrap and cut back melts it off the lip chasing the 5.78 for Jackson's spot he'll kind of lose the handle on the inside corner first couple turns were explosive with the finish it would have been in the conversation to possibly get into that second spot but seabass 4.27 coming through stays in third Johnson Andres seconds taking the win is Jordi smithy moving right into the round of 32


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  1. Porter R. says:

    wsl please tell me the board jordys riding I'll pay you. Not lookin like eps this year

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  3. reeseman58 says:

    Jordys frontside turns are always ridiculous!!!

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