Snake Catchers: Protecting The World’s Deadliest Snakes

December 1, 2019 posted by

COMM: Australian Barry Goldsmith is a professional snake catcher and has be wen handling snakes
for forty years. 00:20
COMM: He runs his business, Snake Catcher Victoria, with his wife of twenty eight years,
Karen. Who also shoots most of their video. 00:28
COMM: They love the reptiles so much that even when they go away they’re not far from
the action. 00:35
COMM: In Indonesia they spent some time with Bali Reptile Rescue, a small dedicated group
of volunteers who aim to educate the public about snakes, as well as rescue and relocate
them. 00:54
COMM: Master snake catcher Putu Edie shows off his skills when they’re called to collect
a King Cobra, the largest venomous snake on Earth from a rubbish tip. 01:03
COMM: Rubbish attracts rodents. The rodents attract the rat snakes and spitting cobras
that eat them. They in turn attract the King Cobras which feed on them. 01:30
COMM: Later that day they’re called to rescue another King Cobra which has been sighted
near a hotel. 01:44
COMM: This snake has injuries, which they treat with antibiotic cream, before releasing
it back into the wild. 01:53
COMM: An important part of Bali Reptile Rescue’s work is education as the population expands
and the forests are cut back man and snake are coming ito contact more often and they
want to show the people they don’t have to fear and kill these snakes unnecessarily.
Especially as King Cobras are listed as a vulnerable species. 02:12
COMM: In fact Putu Edie is so confident around these snakes that he even kisses one before
releasing it.


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  1. GCN says:
    See the snake games .

  2. Mr Right says:

    I am back

  3. Mr Right says:

    Bro ,thumbnil is not fair

  4. freelander world says:

  5. Alfakir elakhwal says:

    Subscribe beck to me ..

  6. Original Aio says:

    This man has the Balls of Stainless Steel

  7. Annie 2848 says:

    Snake abuse he is sticking it in a bag like what

  8. Aaron Vincent says:

    Serach vava suresh 😎😎😎

  9. Lyrax song says:

    its nice to see only in a video but not in real life,, im scared to death.

  10. Drum lession for beginner says:

    Jay goga maharaj hahahsha

  11. Viral Life KH says:

    wow, cobra…

  12. Claudia Diaz says:

    Crazy man, he has a death wish!

  13. Arjan singh says:

    Snakes are very beautiful but dangerous.

  14. KillshockHD IsToxic says:

    King cobras aren’t the deadliest snake it is the inland taipan

  15. Justin Jones says:

    I wonder how many people try to do thi and misjudge the snake and get bitten?

  16. Deepak kp says:

    i liked snake videos

  17. Ly Mizan says:


  18. Srikanth A says:


  19. Video world says:

    Man caught snake with bare hands

  20. Karan Kumar Karan Kumar says:


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  22. simpleLight 09 says:

    Im never kiss the cobra ever

  23. aloH :v :v que we te gustan las patas .V says:


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  26. Masters Gaming says:

    The most stupid creature in the whole world lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. 메기 says:


  28. Bugembe Ronny Wasswa says:

    I hate snakes

  29. Elias Abdallah says:

    أقعى خطيرة

  30. OldManSkimpy says:

    Wow he kisses the snake.

  31. Thicky Minaj says:

    Maybe this comment wont be important for the majority of people here. Some of you will ignore it, most of yall wont bother to read and it'll go unnoticed along with other comments maybe I'll be criticized for this but i just want to let yall know I'm selling potatoes

  32. yadav Anup Deva says:

    its snake name please

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  35. Michele Frisoli says:

    For a country who defends snakes but eats dogs you know that Indonesia is inferior to European civilisation

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    con gì cũng sợ con người

  41. Shafi Kolleri says:

    Please watch snake master Malayalam

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  43. Đôrêmol TV says:

    Ghê cơ

  44. Shajahan Sharaf says:

    Did you hear about the Indian snake catcher VAVA SURESH …

  45. MAZ JOKER says:

    Kull ei

  46. Dominique Echevarria Echevarria says:

    Ihate snakes they represent the devil!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Nuna Hembram says:

    Very danger bit sanak

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    very good

  51. Gene Paulk says:

    Every thing God made has a purpose !!! If you live where snakes are you will see snakes !!!!

  52. jayabal d says:

    beautiful creature in the world.

  53. bùi yên 12 says:

    Đi mà hôn loại phun nọc ý, lúc đó tê tê

  54. Vidyut Kumar says:

    Don't hurt animals

  55. Shubham Sarkate says:

    They look danger but respect them
    They are one of the most important animals in ecosystem which balances it

  56. Myanmar music new Dawei Dj SR says:


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  58. ALI ADIVARAM says:

    Vava suresh is brilliant snake catcher

  59. Shwe Moo says:

    This is not good idea

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  63. Ahmad Mubin says:

    Ngomong naon niki videonya

  64. Kalaivanan Kalaivanan says:

    Snake is my gods.

  65. Sehal Mohd says:

    Guys plz give a look on vava suresh he has caught more than 200 king conbra

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  67. million 1000000 and billion 1000000000 says:

    Cobra love people kissing him other snake doesh like

  68. nidhin vijay says:

    The vava suresh great snake catcher India and the world

  69. nidhin vijay says:

    He is not using any tools for catching the snake

  70. Dewa Dra says:

    In bali😁

  71. jeremiah jayaseelan says:

    Kissing the snake is hardly educational. Wrong message is being sent. They are dangerous reptiles and should be treated as such

  72. Much Liberty says:

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  73. Robert Euromious Roberto Euronimous says:

    bastante coragem

  74. soğuk ülke says:

    kral kobra❤

  75. Black keribo says:

    Yang dari Bali angkat tangan

  76. Jim Villanueva says:

    The most beautiful snake in the world. The king cobra

  77. cantonment boy icekid says:

    I hate snakes

  78. Rahul Kannan says:

  79. Rahul Kannan says: see this amazing vedio. he is the man who catched more than 35000 snakes especily caught more than 150 king cobras with free hand. his name is vava suresh people call him snake master

  80. Rob Smith says:

    Women absolutely love the one eyed spitting trouser snake…

  81. Dennis Cornell says:

    Very Interesting ! Thank You.


    Brilliant work sir

  83. Shela Rasheed says:


  84. Jasir Mk says:

    indan karala snike masatar vava surash

  85. đời gian dối says:

    Ko biết có độc ko. Chứ nếu rắn độc ở Việt nam mình. Tụi này làm vậy là bị đớp liền đó..

  86. Local Project says:

    Gilak besar bner tuh kobra, gw blom pernah liat kobra segede itu scra lgsung

  87. Shibby Marley says:

    I love barcroft tv they have some excellent stuff on their channel

  88. Muhammed Akram says:

    vava suresh

  89. varun kaniyala says:

    "Vava suresh" is the world famous snake catcher and snake lover… He is from kerala state in India.

  90. Raquel Silva says:

    Cobra é coisa do demônio. Qual serventia deste ser

  91. Premnath k c says:

    Vava suresh noki

  92. Al Iblis says:

    King is king Always

  93. LeSean Walston says:

    I'm gonna try this at home since no one said otherwise 🙂🐍

  94. mohamed riyas says:

    Search "vava Suresh" he is the best snake catcher in India

  95. Anvar Sadath says:

    Vava suresh is better than him

  96. alartairru irru says:

  97. Vinod Vinodd says:

    U know Vavasuresh is an Indian snake catcher

  98. Udayadew chand Soraree says:

    Vary good sir

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