Sneak peek at Enforce Tac & IWA Outdoor Classics 2019

June 13, 2019 posted by

cheers guys it's beer time but it's also a trifle at time and that means that it's also Eva time we've been really busy over the last 12 months and developed lots of new tactical gear which I want to show you here you can see the new generation of the hunter full zipper is little brother the hunter sweater force a new generation over here a couple of camouflage prints come camo Phantom leaf and the winner of our 2018 camouflage contest prime one but now I want to show you something really special meet the new striker what was the peep and why is it blurred as a kind name there's coach asked me a selfie on a tour anyhow guys everything will be live a diva on our stand so come visit us see everything with your own eyes touch it and you know see you a diva Cheers


41 Replies to “Sneak peek at Enforce Tac & IWA Outdoor Classics 2019”

  1. Marcello Dentici says:

    Hi, can you tell me the model of the jacket you are wearing?

  2. The Laughing Man says:

    UF PRO is legitimately one of my favorite outdoor & tactical gear companies. Now if only I had the money to buy more of their products. 🙏🏽 💰 💰 💰

    P.S. Great video guys, I literally laughed out loud when that guy in the beginning dabbed.

  3. LeBronzeOlaf says:

    Ja zabrijo ovo neki Americko a ono slovensko.

  4. IridiumFlare says:

    Hey UF Pro any chance you can invite me to the IWA? It’s only a short train ride away 😀

  5. Oreomeister says:

    Does the steel grey bdu replace frost grey? I hope both can coexist – I prefer frost grey.

  6. Jose Olivo says:

    Gotta love the gear, and their videos 😁😊👍

  7. Christopher Woo says:

    Is this company in Germany or in UK Britain

  8. Mercenário says:

    Brasil! Os melhores produtos do mundo são UF PRO, com certeza.

  9. Scare Crow says:

    How can there be a new gen for the Striker XT when Gen 2 is already perfect?

    The only improvement would be either active camouflage or 100% bullet resistance

  10. Utek says:

    Pička ti materna!
    Evo dečki pozdrav iz Slovenije
    😎 👍
    Awesome new stuff, keep up the good work!

  11. isac mateus says:

    Strike piiiiiiiiip

  12. Viking 87 says:

    Best Intro Ever – lol
    Phantomleaf looks simply the best!

  13. Chuck Mellette says:

    UFPRO is some of the BESY kit I have used in 40 years of professional fighting. Just wish they would expant into fat american sizes. Where is the Medic video #3 quiz?

  14. JinougaTARON says:

    i use the Gen 1. Sweater almost every day. Awesome piece of equipment.

  15. ThePubgPan YT says:

    What I want to be when I grow up in the army is
    Elite ops, Sniper, or infantry
    I always wanted a jacket like that

  16. ThePubgPan YT says:

    Wait so ur old

  17. zondy008 says:

    Got my patch from Uf pro. Put in on my EDC bag. Love this company and what they offer

  18. John Jairo Becerra says:

    excelente presentación y estilos, uniformes únicos

  19. Nakkimeister says:

    I need some striker gear in m05 camo 🤤

  20. Louis Neumayr says:

    I think maybe After IWA there will be a big order placed XD

    A Schäufele da kommt der schwaab raus XD

  21. Tactical Brotherz says:

    All the best

  22. Marcio Aguiar says:

    Show! Tem loja da Uf Pro no Brasil?

  23. Σάββα GT-R says:

    The color of the new hunter jacket looks like steel grey, wich was introduced with the new delta ace plus from last year. The P40 urban pants in steel grey would be nice Armin.

    Cheers! 🍺

  24. zoo says:

    Macgyver lookalike.

  25. KE Dragon says:

    My Next Gear is UF Pro, Marc is my Momant

  26. Dunecigar says:

    The lighter side of UF PRO. Love it.

  27. Michał Majchrowicz says:

    I will came. Beware 🙂

  28. Keeping Focus says:

    0:40 Di… did he just dab?!

  29. Verithiell says:

    Hmm, hmm, new hunter jacket you say? Well, my old one is far from being worn out yet, but still… Haha, you can never have enough good jackets I guess, especially if the side panels have been improved, as the old ones tend to fuzzy up a bit with use and wash.

  30. ABC CDE says:

    Lets get some support for more medical vids! Those were really awesome to watch.

  31. Oreomeister says:

    gen 3? hot weather variant? FR? blehhhhhhhhhhhhh

  32. Tristan Gallini says:

    The blurred equipment wouldn't be gears in pencott m…, right, or … maybe it is … 😉 awsome whatever it is tho !

  33. why too says:

    hey sir, it is an honor to be a soldier! I wish I can defend my country, so I can fulfill my integrity as a man, but yet I am teenager right now. Keep posting educational videos about tactical defense, offense , and first aid that we can learn. Bravo UF PRO!!!

  34. Mendel says:

    viva la figaa

  35. null says:

    Sense of humor is always welcomed

  36. GreyManPrepper says:

    did he just dabbed at 0:40 ?

  37. SLO 84 says:

    Good luck 👍

  38. fabio renner says:

    i like it 😀

  39. Rick Ls says:

    Con camo looks good

  40. Rick Ls says:

    I love the UF Pro gear

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