25 Replies to “Social Security Changes Coming In A Couple Months – Trump’s Move Will Affect Millions”

  1. fawn999 says:

    it's all those Fu** alian immagrants that's taking all the money..we need to get these lazy mooches out of here. they start on welfare and move on..

  2. long drink of silence dude says:

    Legally SS is a tax . it is not a right it is an entitlement . Just because you put huge amounts into it means you have no right to it and that is the law.

  3. JJ G says:

    Social Security is the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world

  4. Faye Akers says:

    Thats funny i dont get that amount i only get 577.00

  5. Lonnie Beal says:

    The demon-rats put SS in the general fund in 77', Bush jr. Wanted to lock it down so that only those who paid into it could collect, he was stopped. If politicians had only SS the program would work fine.

  6. Ted e Reed says:

    Social security should pay the last working day of every month. Rent's due on the 1st. How longs this been going on? It pays on the 3rd. I wrote a letter to every president since Bush senior. Good luck..

  7. Mark Staggs says:

    The government is for them only who works for the government they are thieves murderers and are not for the people and stupid people take time to vote for these bastards that rob is every day at least al Capone fed the poor that's more then these ass holes do the IRS cheats people and there is nothing the people can do I accept quit voting for these crooked bastards people we need a revolution to hang these corrupt pigs

  8. Reg Jones says:


  9. ALWAYS EMANON says:

    Mr. President would you use your power an do the right thing an stop playing the victim.
    An end this BS at the border. Shut it down. You do have the power . Stop playing with all these illegals on the dole for welfare.
    Why is the AG in the triangle of insanity trying to cure the problem of MS 13. When it’s not our country.
    What your going to send our sons an daughters to fight for these peoples rights an they won’t do it them selves. While our’s die so they can live. Are you sure you want that on your head ? Close the border an stop all immigration at this time an for as long as it takes to stop them from coming.
    Your not making this better your now part of the problem.

  10. Alex White says:

    I am actually thinking about respectfully giving it up.I CANNOT FIND WORK.they think I am too crippled with a cracked skull and they tell me marijuana is NOT enough,I guess..or something.idk that is honestly about all I can get out of south river and the other two facilities. They refuse me service after inform them of the fact I grow my own marijuana because of the injury.supposedly a KNEE cracked it I had fallen and smashed my own face off. Concrete at a downhill angle when the cop not tazering me either kicked or kneed me while I was already unconcious. Excessive force.too me.so

  11. Barney Potter says:

    Trump has very little to do it was scheduled .are we supposed to give him a big Mac for not fucking it up

  12. toni dean says:

    I Worked For 38 yr Now Disable Due To Job Injury .I Paid A Lot In To That System. And They Give Me What They Think I should have,,,no

  13. Yvonne Mckay says:

    Thanks you stupid trump supporters you will suffer with this. Greedy idiot in office

  14. Lee Zadroga says:

    Dont understand why someone who never paid into social security. Would receive a check every month?? And why would a non citizens receive a check from social security ?? Maybe if they didnt receive a check , people (citizens that paid into social security by working for years) would receive a check that would actually help them. Instead they are made to feel like they are on welfare !! Thank you. Mr. Trump. For helping and understanding the American people., we know how hard you are working for us !!!

  15. Cristobal Rodriguez says:

    More money for the RICH

  16. Delayne Kirksey says:


  17. Catina Carter says:

    Trump is all for the rich point blank period..he going to make sure the rich is good… But the hell with the people on ss ssi… That is totally wrong.. People have worked and paid in to it… There are people that still strugles mth to mth just to survive… There are people working 2 n 3 jobs to maintain…its truely sad…

  18. Catina Carter says:

    Vote blue in 2020.. As long as trump in office he will do more harm then good.. American people united we stand divided we fall..

  19. PittBird says:

    Gail S. Ennis is charged with protecting the public from the truth about SSA medical kidnapping and depopulation (of "useless eaters", so designated by the IRS), most notably the medical kidnap (via life-support) and murder (via organ$ harvesting) of Pittsburgh's Rita Joanne Conley (from 2/1/11 till 9/10/11), for the 10th Anniversary oF David Rockefeller's 911 2001 SCAM!

  20. ronk70 says:

    It is sad that in this day we are now giving social security to people who have never contributed one penny to the system, we the american people know who they are, this is a travesty going on in this country. I have worked some 51 years and then I see people getting it for free. Whats wrong with this picture????

  21. Cosimo Kramarawicz says:

    Now you are fucking with the wrong crowd. We have nothing to loose.

  22. Tony Santillanes says:

    Take your SS at 62, get while the getting is good. Life is one big casino. Hits and misses, wins and losses, politicians and crooks, taxes and death. The only thing you can plan on is change, the change in your plan, and your plan to change!

  23. B. Lipkowitz says:

    If his changes don't help the recipient to the same benefit his tax cuts helped the wealthy, it's too little. NO ONE can guarantee they'll live another minute, !et alone an longer.

  24. joe cohan says:

    never saw it….

  25. Helen Robins says:

    We have paid in to social security for years with no raise yet the government can take our moneu and give the illegals a wellfare check also food stamps free housing take your money from congress and the presdent you make more then we do we dident work to give it the illegals

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