Spanberger Talks 5G, Cybersecurity, and Congressional Pay

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welcome back to the daily briefing on this busy political day joining me now is Virginia Congress Democratic congresswoman abigail spam Berger she's a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and it's great to have you here and I want to get to some foreign policy but could I just ask you about the news of the day and that is vice president former Vice President Joe Biden in Iowa today take a listen to a part of his speech just a moment ago I don't think it's naive I don't think it's all fashion way of doing things that says the system has to be restored you know – I think it's time – you know he says let's make America great again let's make America America again congressman if I could get your reaction to all of this political news today and Joe Biden trying to draw a distinction between him and President Trump well I appreciate you playing that clip I actually didn't see any of his speech I was on the floor voting you're not you're doing your jobs ago exactly exactly but you know I think the notion of of strengthening who we are as an American people and standing up for our values I was just with the largest congressional delegation in history at Normandy for the 75th anniversary of d-day and the overarching theme of that entire event was the beauty the strength and the resolve of the American people and and our desire and the sacrifices that so many thousands of Americans have made to uphold our democratic values and so the notion that we are a strong country and that we need to you know make America America I think that that is what he's talking about is upholding our values and recognizing the strengths that we have as a country and a people then I think those are good comments do you think it's unhelpful to Democrats trying to get things done in Congress for him to say that President Trump is a genuine threat to our democracy well you know I think there are so many presidential candidates and all of them are saying any variety of things at any moment of the day and so I think that most of us because there is such a loud massive amount of comments coming from the presidential field that it does most of us are just focused on getting things done and working together here in the house move on to foreign policy then let me ask you about the upcoming talks with between President Trump and Prime Minister XI of China there's a big issue on trade and also about technology and concerns about national security take a listen to the huawei chief security officer this morning on mornings with maria at the level of national security significance there was no evidence presented by the u k– by the United States to Germany or the UK or rather our allies because there is no evidence there are proven risk mitigation mechanisms as evidenced by Nokia and Ericsson that can address the risk and the DNI has said they can find the backdoors by testing we're open to that based on your background and expertise where do you think the United States should come down on this and these talk when these stocks happen in a couple of weeks so I think it's incredibly important and given my background I'm a former CIA officer I think it's incredibly important that we focus on what risks may exist and that we have a clear idea of what our strategy should be to combat those risks I when we're looking at a company that does have strong relationships with the Intel services in the military services of a foreign adversary nation we need to recognize that that company may present challenges to us and there are potentially of hacking information sharing or general compromised of the security of Americans information to combat this or to address this I have proposed a bill a bipartisan bill with two other Democrats and three Republicans a companion bill that was submitted by Republican Cornyn senator Cornyn the Senate side that would make it necessity that we create a plan for dealing with the production of foreign 5g technologies and to ensure that we are able to protect the American people and understand and and deal with any potential risks that may arise because of those foreign made components or technologies and could I get a quick comment from you just about this idea the Democrats are going to pull back the idea of a pay raise for members of Congress congresswoman Alexander Ocasio cortes she is for that but that is now no longer going to happen do you think that members of Congress need to have some sort of a raise in order to keep up with inflation as she says so I was one of the members who signed on to an amendment that would keep that freeze a freeze in place back in 2009 was the first time that we froze those cost-of-living adjustments that's been frozen every year and I was one of the members of Congress with bipartisan Democrats and Republicans who chose to say let's keep that freeze in place in my position on it is it's a it is a divisive issue and there is a lot more that we need to be doing and delivering for the American people and if we're talking about anybody getting a pay raise at this point in time it should be minimum wage workers long for most members are calm nurses teachers and we should fall last on the list all right congresswoman Abigail's Bamberger of Virginia we'd love to have in you thank you

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