Speed reduced in I-25 Gap Project for safety

July 12, 2019 posted by

you're going to have to plan a bit more time to get through the gap on i-25 starting tomorrow but those are the projects say it is all for your safety News 5s Colette bordelon live for us along County Line Road right now and Colette the speed limit typically 65 they're not for much longer crews are working right now to take down all of the 65 signs along the highway and the new speed limit it's going to be 60 miles an hour those with the project say the new speed limit signs will be electronic since those signs can be changed so easily crews can reduce the speed limit when they need to but that top speed it's going to be at 60 for the next few years accident data along this 18 mile stretch hasn't been analyzed just yet so it's hard to save crashes have increased since the construction began but we do know they were on the rise before any of this work started and how drivers are behaving behind the wheel is still the biggest safety concern for those with this project one of our biggest issues is the speed differential in here so some people are trying to do 80 miles an hour and some people are doing the speed limit and that speed differential is what can cause a lot of other problems and more serious accidents the project isn't even a year old yet and it's expected to be completed by 2022 so in the meantime those with the project say it's hard to estimate how much time to give yourself when hitting the road but you can always check code trip to get a general idea always watching out for you southern Colorado club portal on news 5

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